August price increases – All the sets that will cost you more

Today is the first of August, which means that LEGO has raised their cost price and RRP on a number of items. It was a closely guarded secret as to which sets would be increased. Now, I am here with the data. I recorded the price of every set listed on the LEGO website on July 20 and then did the same thing today (August 1st). Below you will find all the price differences.

 Set #NameJulyAugustDiffDiff %
10255Assembly Square$399.99$449.99$50.0013%
10265Ford Mustang$199.99$249.99$50.0025%
10273Haunted House$349.99$449.99$100.0029%
10274Ghostbusters™ ECTO-1$299.99$369.99$70.0023%
10280Flower Bouquet$89.99$99.99$10.0011%
10281Bonsai Tree$89.99$99.99$10.0011%
10292The Friends Apartments$259.99$269.99$10.004%
10293Santa’s Visit$159.99$169.99$10.006%
10295Porsche 911$229.99$259.99$30.0013%
10297Boutique Hotel$319.99$349.99$30.009%
10299Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium$549.99$599.99$50.009%
10300Back to the Future Time Machine$269.99$299.99$30.0011%
10302Optimus Prime$259.99$279.99$20.008%
10698LEGO® Large Creative Brick Box$69.99$79.99$10.0014%
10875Cargo Train$179.99$199.99$20.0011%
10882Train Tracks$29.99$32.99$3.0010%
10914Deluxe Brick Box$69.99$79.99$10.0014%
10956Amusement Park$199.99$209.99$10.005%
10963Spider-Man & Friends: Funfair Adventure$79.99$89.99$10.0013%
10966Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island$59.99$69.99$10.0017%
10977My First Puppy & Kitten With Sounds$59.99$69.99$10.0017%
10978Creative Building Time$59.99$69.99$10.0017%
21028New York City$69.99$79.99$10.0014%
21056Taj Mahal$149.99$179.99$30.0020%
21183The Training Grounds$89.99$99.99$10.0011%
21318Tree House$279.99$359.99$80.0029%
21323Grand Piano$529.99$599.99$70.0013%
21325Medieval Blacksmith$249.99$279.99$30.0012%
21329LEGO® Ideas Fender® Stratocaster™$159.99$179.99$20.0013%
21330LEGO® Ideas Home Alone$399.99$449.99$50.0013%
21331Sonic the Hedgehog™ – Green Hill Zone$119.99$129.99$10.008%
21332The Globe$319.99$339.99$20.006%
31109Pirate Ship$159.99$189.99$30.0019%
40478Mini Disney Castle$59.99$69.99$10.0017%
41704Main Street Building$229.99$249.99$20.009%
41716Stephanie's Sailing Adventure$59.99$69.99$10.0017%
41721Organic Farm$139.99$149.99$10.007%
42096Porsche 911 RSR$249.99$299.99$50.0020%
42107Ducati Panigale V4 R$89.99$109.99$20.0022%
42115Lamborghini Sián FKP 37$569.99$699.99$130.0023%
42128Heavy-duty Tow Truck$269.99$279.99$10.004%
42130BMW M 1000 RR$319.99$389.99$70.0022%
42131App-Controlled Cat® D11 Bulldozer$749.99$799.99$50.007%
42139All-Terrain Vehicle$119.99$129.99$10.008%
42140App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle$219.99$249.99$30.0014%
42141McLaren Formula 1™ Race Car$279.99$299.99$20.007%
42143Ferrari Daytona SP3$659.99$699.99$40.006%
43187Rapunzel's Tower$89.99$99.99$10.0011%
43194Anna and Elsa's Frozen Wonderland$59.99$69.99$10.0017%
43196Belle and the Beast's Castle$119.99$149.99$30.0025%
43203Aurora, Merida and Tiana’s Enchanted Creations$89.99$99.99$10.0011%
43206Cinderella and Prince Charming's Castle$119.99$129.99$10.008%
43207Ariel’s Underwater Palace$139.99$149.99$10.007%
43208Jasmine and Mulan’s Adventure$59.99$69.99$10.0017%
60238Switch Tracks$24.99$29.99$5.0020%
60313Space Ride Amusement Truck$59.99$69.99$10.0017%
60315Police Mobile Command Truck$59.99$69.99$10.0017%
60324Mobile Crane$59.99$69.99$10.0017%
60339Double Loop Stunt Arena$219.99$249.99$30.0014%
60351Rocket Launch Centre$229.99$249.99$20.009%
71043Hogwarts™ Castle$649.99$699.99$50.008%
71374Nintendo Entertainment System™$349.99$399.99$50.0014%
71395Super Mario 64™ Question Mark Block$289.99$299.99$10.003%
71738Zane's Titan Mech Battle$99.99$109.99$10.0010%
71741NINJAGO® City Gardens$499.99$549.99$50.0010%
71754Water Dragon$119.99$129.99$10.008%
71756Hydro Bounty$229.99$239.99$10.004%
71765Ninja Ultra Combo Mech$139.99$149.99$10.007%
71774Lloyd’s Golden Ultra Dragon$229.99$239.99$10.004%
75257Millennium Falcon™$249.99$259.99$10.004%
75290Mos Eisley Cantina™$529.99$599.99$70.0013%
75300Imperial TIE Fighter™$69.99$74.99$5.007%
75304Darth Vader™ Helmet$89.99$119.99$30.0033%
75309Republic Gunship™$579.99$599.99$20.003%
75317The Mandalorian™ & the Child$29.99$32.99$3.0010%
75318The Child$119.99$129.99$10.008%
75327Luke Skywalker™ (Red Five) Helmet$89.99$99.99$10.0011%
75328The Mandalorian™ Helmet$89.99$99.99$10.0011%
75329Death Star™ Trench Run Diorama$89.99$99.99$10.0011%
75330Dagobah™ Jedi™ Training Diorama$119.99$129.99$10.008%
75341Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder™$319.99$369.99$50.0016%
75342Republic Fighter Tank™$59.99$69.99$10.0017%
75343Dark Trooper™ Helmet$89.99$99.99$10.0011%
759684 Privet Drive$99.99$119.99$20.0020%
75978Diagon Alley™$599.99$699.99$100.0017%
76178Daily Bugle$499.99$549.99$50.0010%
76191Infinity Gauntlet$109.99$129.99$20.0018%
76193The Guardians’ Ship$229.99$249.99$20.009%
76206Iron Man Figure$59.99$69.99$10.0017%
76208The Goat Boat$79.99$89.99$10.0013%
76388Hogsmeade™ Village Visit$139.99$149.99$10.007%
76389Hogwarts™ Chamber of Secrets$229.99$249.99$20.009%
76391Hogwarts™ Icons - Collectors' Edition$399.99$449.99$50.0013%
76399Hogwarts™ Magical Trunk$89.99$99.99$10.0011%
76948T. rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout$149.99$159.99$10.007%
80033Evil Macaque’s Mech$99.99$109.99$10.0010%
80039The Heavenly Realms$269.99$279.99$10.004%
850996LEGO® Star Wars™ Darth Vader™ Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
853433LEGO® Super Heroes Wonder Woman Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
853449LEGO® Star Wars™ Yoda™ Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
853946Stormtrooper™ Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
853950Spider-Man Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
853951Batman™ Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
853952Superman™ Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
853968LEGO® ǀ Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
853970LEGO® ǀ Disney Frozen 2 Olaf Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
853998Mickey Key Chain$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
853999Minnie Key Chain$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854006Venom Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854043Otto Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854064Captain Marvel Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854071Stuart Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854077Spider-Ham Key Chain$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854078Thanos Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854111Donald Duck Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854112Daisy Duck Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854114Harry Potter™ Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854115Hermione Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854116Ron Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854124The Mandalorian™ Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854153Miles Morales Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854154Carnage Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854155Voldemort™ Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854157Lady Bug Girl Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854158French Bull Dog Guy Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854186Ahsoka Tano™ Key Chain$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854187Grogu™ Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854188Darth Maul™ Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854191Winnie the Pooh Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854196Goofy Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854197Demogorgon Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854198Dumbledore Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%
854203Eeyore Keyring$7.99$9.99$2.0025%

16 thoughts on “August price increases – All the sets that will cost you more

  1. Chris Grigsby Reply

    Not great news, but great work to pull this together. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  2. Becca Reply

    Will stores like Kmart and Target be increasing their prices as well to adjust or will they keep their discounted price?

    • Michael Post authorReply

      LEGO will be increasing their cost prices, so increases will potentially happen at other retailers too.

      • Becca Reply

        Yeah places like Myer that sell for retail have already adjusted their prices. I was just wondering because Kmart for example sells them cheaper, would they be adjusting their discounted price.

  3. Brick Chap Reply

    Thankfully most of these sets either don’t interest me or I already have. Still, right now I’m doing the NEIN NEIN NEIN Hitler meme. I was hoping to get Boutique Hotel for under $319 (in order to get the second floor). Now it’s $350 which is wrong. There’s no way Boutique Hotel is worth $350, that’s just $50 less than Assembly Square (well at AS’ original price of $400), yet BH barely competes in height with the Bookstore.
    I do wish people had protested more against this. Lego increasing it’s prices is nonsense. There’s a global recession happening, the last thing people need is Lego to be even more expensive. Lego will lose heaps of potential customers because of this, all because somebody couldn’t get their third superyacht. Ole Kirk Christansen would have never done this. So much for “Only the Best is Good Enough”, Lego gets more and more expensive each year for less and less quality both in parts themselves (eg dark red colour consistency, transparent parts scratching easily), and the ‘amount of stuff you get’ in each set.

  4. Aidsta Reply

    Why has not some of the bigger sets gone up, such as AT-AT, MF and Titanic etc? Is it because they are retiring soon?

  5. Monty Reply

    The increases seem quite inconsistent. The Haunted House increasing by $100, the tree house, Darth Vader’s Helmet and the Lamborghini just seem insane.

    How on earth are they pricing these? Also bit of a cheek increasing 75342 Republic Fighter Tank™ when it was only available for a couple of hours never to be seen again.

    I did expect adult sets (or sets appealing to adults) to increase, so am shocked to see sets like 43196 Belle and the Beast’s Castle increase so dramatically.

  6. Travis Gillies Reply

    Long time follower, first time poster.

    I am glad I had already purchased most of the sets I want that have gone put. (Colosseum, Assembly Square, Bookshop, Haunted House, Medieval Blacksmith)

    I haven’t got the Boutique Hotel yet, but least only went up 9% …

    I can’t beleive the price increase on the Haunted House though … $350 to now $450 … at $450 I would give it a pass personally if I had to buy now …

    I haven’t got the Titanic yet … seems I might have to get sooner rather than later …

    Happy Building All ! 🙂

  7. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    Thankfully the price rise wont affect me (all the stuff on the list I actually like is either stuff I already bought or like the Technic Lambo, Daily Bugle and Optimus Prime are sets I could never justify anyway)

    The train station hasn’t gone up which is good.

  8. Mark Reply

    End result is they will sell less as discretionary purchases are more and more under pressure. New sets will baseline around these prices.

    Predicting a reduction in themes & releases from next year as as global factors really kick in.

  9. MattL Reply

    Helmets up $10 except Vader at $30? Please explain? Maybe the Lego Memories competition should include “the day I stopped buying Lego” category.

  10. Bryce Reply

    Thanks for your work to sift through all this.

    Some of these are decent % increases. The ones that surprised me were sets that had already been round for a while (Sian, 911 RSR, Panigale, Mustang and probably others that I haven’t really been paying attention to). I would have guessed that most people who wanted one would have bought one already. Is it a thing where if they increase the retail price of the sets, when they write them off, they get a ‘bigger’ loss? That’s a wildly paranoid stab in the dark, I know nothing about tax or retail.

  11. Andrew Reply

    Thanks for all the work on this, much appreciated. Price rises are never good news, but it’s nice to be prepared.

  12. Robert Reply

    Just another thing that is getting dearer along with almost everything else. 🙁

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