What’s new for October 2022

October is one of those months where there are usually a few exciting LEGO releases, and this year is no different with a bunch of cool sets now available. Here’s the details.

40566 Ray the Castaway

Let’s start with something free. This awesome GWP set is available with orders over $199.

21336 The Office – October 1st

This incredible recreation of the iconic sitcom is packed with minifigures. Check it out here.

71411 The Mighty Bowser – October 1st

Want a giant Bowser to go with your LEGO Mario interactive characters? Of course you do. Get your hands on this one here.

75331 Razor Crest – October 3rd

This is the way… to spend $900 on LEGO. Available here on October 3rd.

10308 Holiday Main Street – October 3rd

It’s time to start planning your Christmas purchases and what better way to start than with the latest winter village set. Get yours here.

76215 Black Panther Bust – October 1st

If your living room has been lacking a statement piece look no further than this massive Black Panther Bust. Available here.

Other stuff

There are also some other sets being released from October 1st, including the Avatar sets, Black Panther and some Christmas sets. Check out the new releases here.

What are you planning to pick up? Let me know in the comments.

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