21337 Table Football announced

It’s time for some tiny soccer! After a period of time so long I basically forgot about the the LEGO Ideas Table Football set has finally been announced.

This 2339 piece set creates a playable game of table football that you can play with your family and friends. The best part is when they loose and flip the table in anger you can just rebuild it.

Included is an impressive line-up of two full team’s worth of minifigures. For those bad at maths that is 22 minifigures.

The set will be released on November 1st and will cost $379.99 here in Australia. Check out the set description and additional images below.

Assemble your own team of champions and let the games begin with LEGO® Ideas Table Football (21337). Focus like a champion to build this scaled-down version of a retro Table Football game, featuring colour-coded sliding knobs behind each goal to keep score. The set includes 22 LEGO minifigures (11 for each team), with 44 different heads and 43 hairstyle elements so you can customise the look of each character.

Play together
It’s 5-minifigures-a-side and there are 2 rods per team to control them. From kids to great-great-grandparents, anyone can join in the fun and share their love of the game. Place the non-playing minifigures in the buildable grandstand and give them flags to create a fantastic atmosphere.

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