76832 XL-15 Spaceship – The other spaceship

Let’s be honest, the Galaxy Explorer is going to be the best Spaceship of 2022. But perhaps you want something to whet your appetite before diving into the rich creamy nostalgia of the main course? An appetiser spaceship if you will.

76832 XL-15 Spaceship is exactly that, and to extend the food metaphor further – its delicious.

The XL-15 is from the movie Lightyear, which is based on the Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear. Honestly the result seems ridiculous when you consider the steps to get here. Part of the equation may be Lightyear director Angus MacLane, who is a legitimate AFOL.

Sometimes I don’t have the energy for a big build at the end of a long day and I seem to think it was about 9pm when I started it. There was a very high likelihood that I wasn’t going to love this build but I absolutely did. It is a fantastic set to put together. The progression of the build will keep you entertained as you see the spaceship gradually take shape.

The finished model is stunning. It’s got undeniable Classic Space DNA. I mean nothing screams classic space like blue with a yellow windscreen.

It’s a very sleek looking spaceship with a great balance between curves and sharp edges. It’s pointy and longer than it looks in pictures. It’s something you’ll want to show off.

Speaking of showing this set off did I mention the included display stand and USC style plaque? That’s right this is basically a $70 mini-UCS Classic Space tribute.

The set comes with three minifigures and honestly I don’t really care about them, because the spaceship itself is so good. They are also licensed movie characters. If you do care about minifigures here’s the line-up:

First up is Flight Suit Buzz. Some people might be disappointed you don’t get a classic Buzz design in this set but I quite like the flight suit. The print is great and useful outside of a Lightyear setting.

You also get Darby and Moe. These minifigures feature more great designs on the torsos and legs. I don’t really get the weird helmets but I haven’t watched Lightyear.

LEGO offered a review copy this set with the only information being “new Disney IP”. I certainly wasn’t expecting Lightyear, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to get one of my favourite sets of the year. There is so much released for the adult market lately and sure it’s all cool but when I find a general release “kid” set that I genuinely loved building and think looks great when it’s finished? That’s the stuff that love.

With an RRP of $79.99 I actually think this is one of the better priced sets out at the moment. But thankfully it also happens to be a general release set available below RRP. Most retailers seem to be offering this for around $69, which I think is great for what you get. At the time of publication Amazon has it for just $59.99 which is a steal. [affiliate link]

This set was provided to me by LEGO. Opinions are my own.

1 thought on “76832 XL-15 Spaceship – The other spaceship

  1. Chill Reply

    Definitely agree with you, this was a very enjoyable build and makes for a great display piece. It also feels quite sturdy, unlike some Star Wars builds, so should hold up even with plenty of play.

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