41719 Mobile Fashion Boutique – A rare miss from Friends?

The LEGO Friends designers routinely knock out some of the best LEGO sets year after year. Which is why it feels a bit strange to say that I was thoroughly underwhelmed by 41719 Mobile Fashion Boutique.

The concept of the set is pretty simple. It’s a fashion boutique trailer being pulled by an electric scooter. I said simple, I certainly didn’t say logical. Why is Stephanie doing this? What’s the business model of driving around selling bows and lipstick? A food truck makes sense. People need to eat. But a mobile fashion boutique?

People often criticise Friends for the overuse of pink in the theme but this set is a great example of what a modern Friends colour palate actually looks like. It’s a vibrant mix of colours.

The included Stephanie minidoll feels a bit lazy. Rather than this common outfit I would have loved to see something more suited to somebody running a mobile fashion boutique.

Camila is also a rehashed minidoll from last year’s circus sets. If you don’t already have a Camila minidoll you certainly wouldn’t complain about what is objectively a nice design, but again it just feels lazy.

This set feels like the Friends team submitted a whole heap of amazing designs and a manager came back at the last minute and said they needed something fashion related. They took a standard Stephanie, added in the leftover Camila from last year, then literally slapped a bow on it and called it a day.

I do like the scooter though.

And then there is the final factor that might save this set for some people – It’s cheap. You can grab this set for about $10 currently. That is pretty good for two minidolls, a scooter and the mobile boutique. This might be redeemed as a great stocking stuffer.

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