10307 Eiffel Tower – Big, grey and $1000

There is a new record for tallest LEGO set with 10307 Eiffel Tower officially revealed today. This new version of the iconic French landmark features an astonishing 10,001 pieces. About 9,990 of those pieces seem to be grey.

The tallest set ever comes with a mammoth price tag to match – In Australia this one will cost you $999.99.

Wondering just how big it is? Here are the official measurements from LEGO; 149 cm high, 57 cm wide and 57 cm deep. Thankfully the model can be broken up into four sections to make it more manageable.

The official release of this 25th November 2022 via LEGO Stores and at LEGO.com/Eiffel.

What do you think of this one? Sure it’s big but to me it doesn’t seem like the most exciting build.

4 thoughts on “10307 Eiffel Tower – Big, grey and $1000

  1. MattL Reply

    The Lego Statue of Liberty (Gustav Eiffel’s other build), is almost in scale with this but a lot easier to dust.

  2. Dave Reply

    Looks amazing, and certainly the best release of the second half of this year, but I think it would probably drive me crazy building it, and keeping everything aligned would be an OCD nightmare!

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