Meet the line-up of the next Collectible Minifigure series

LEGO has tonight revealed the full line-up of the next Collectible Minifgure series, and there are some incredible looking characters.

T-Rex Costume Fan
It’s like a LEGO version of the inflatable T-Rex costume seen in so many YouTube videos. What’s not to love
Rococo Aristocrat
Absolutely fantastic hair on this one.
Robot Warrior
I really like the colour combination on this minifigure. The use of rollerskates for the blaster is interesting.
Now you can finally complete that Ghost moc you’ve been working on.
Newspaper Kid
What a great face print.
Is it wrong that I noticed that the orc is ripped? Look at those abs!
Football Referee
The World Cup will be over by the time this minifigure is released, but it feels like a nice tie-in to the event.
It’s a Black Falcon Falconer. Whoever came up with this one deserves a raise.
The koala is going to get all the attention because it’s super cute but there’s certainly something Irwinesque about the minifigure itself
Carrot Mascot
It’s exactly what you expect it to be and I love that.
Brown Astronaut and Spacebaby
Woah Brown Benny Bam-ba-lam!
Rockin’ Horse Rider
I love that the rocking horse is unmistakably based on the LEGO horse.

With such an impressive line-up I can’t wait to see these in 2023. I need at least half of these for my collection. Who’s your favourite?

6 thoughts on “Meet the line-up of the next Collectible Minifigure series

  1. Nicole Reply

    I love them all! But definitely want to get the Aristocrat, Falconer and Rockin Horse Rider for my collection.

  2. Rose Reply

    Oh I really like this series. Love the Irwin tribute here, that’s an absolute winner!!! The rocking horse and rider are fantastic (love that unicorn top!), the football ref is fantastic and I definitely need a bunch of those orcs, especially with Lego LOTR making a comeback. I could go on, I just love almost every one of these. They’re going to be in boxes, right?

  3. Robert Reply

    The Football Referee will be timely addition for the start of the FIFA Women’s World Cup starting in July 2023.
    Co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand. ?

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