2022 Gift Guide: The Nostalgia Hits

Looking to really get in touch with your inner child this Christmas? Here are a few sets sure to be a hit on Christmas morning.

10300 Back to the Future Time Machine

For me the Back to the Future franchise is a rare example of a trilogy of films that are all fantastic. I know some people don’t like the third as much but I still love it. These films have become true pop culture juggernauts so it makes sense that LEGO would want in on that.

10300 Back to the Future Time Machine is an awesome display piece with the included plaque and minifigures. The biggest challenge is deciding which version of the DeLorean you will build and display.

The build

The DeLorean is a very unique looking vehicle so you really need to get it right. I think LEGO have done a better job with this than past iterations. The scale certainly improves the ability to get all of the angles right. All of the various modifications and references are well done. My only complaint would be too many of those details are stickers. A printed hoverboard piece would have been amazing.

Should you buy it?

Maybe. At this point in time I’d say only buy this one if you are a huge BTTF fan. There have been better deals than what is currently available and while it would make a fantastic gift you are most likely going to have to pay RRP. A good GWP offer might soften the blow a little. RRP is $299.99 and that’s probably what you’ll need to pay currently.

10302 Optimus Prime

It is the collaboration that I never thought I would see. Hasbro and LEGO teaming up to combine Transformers with LEGO. I must admit I was never a huge Transformers fan. I am on record as not being somebody in to cars and that happens to extend to cars that can turn in to robots.

Should you buy it?

Yes, I think this is one that you should buy. The only thing I don’t like about this one is the face on Optimus but the rest of the set is great. It’s also fairly reasonably priced for an adult focused nostalgia set. You should be able to pick this up for between $200 – $250 on sale.

Amazon Australia$210
Toys R Us$210

10497 Galaxy Explorer

While the last two nostalgia hits were based on iconic IPs, this one is pure LEGO history. Classic Space holds a special place in the memories of a lot of LEGO fans. You see a yellow windshield on a blue and grey spaceship and you inner child just wants to swoosh it around the room.

The build

Let’s be honest, the old school classic space sets were pretty simple in terms of the actual build. 10497 Galaxy Explorer has struck the right balance between feeling classic while still having a fairly modern build experience. It really is a set that you want to play with. I strongly suggest using the included minifigures to play out some pretend scenarios. What’s the point of this set if you aren’t going to allow yourself to be a kid again when you experience it.

Should you buy it?

Yes! It’s well priced and genuinely such a joy to own. In terms of pricing you can save a little if you can pick it up from Kmart but if you get the right GWP offer I’d be fine with paying RRP from LEGO or a certified store for it.

10305 Lion Knights’ Castle

In the same genre as the Galaxy Explorer we have the final set in this guide line-up. 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle, an homage to castle sets of years past. While it isn’t yellow there is a lot to love about this one.

The build

I am super biased with this one because it was the Kingdoms theme that really got me out of my dark ages so I automatically love any castle build you throw at me. Trying to step back from my excitement I do think this is a great build and the end result is just stunning. There are so many little details spread throughout the model. Again this is a set that you want to play with. There are 22 minifigures and I know that each one has a story to tell. The guy with the lute. What’s his deal? That’s entirely up to your imagination.

Should you buy it?

I am so torn on this. Yes it’s amazing but it’s also really expensive. $600 is a lot, and it’s currently not available for anything less than RRP. I had hoped that it would appear somewhere at a discount by now but I can’t see anything. The certified stores did have a good offer on this not long ago so it could potentially be worth waiting for a deal but if you really want it I don’t think you’d be disappointed at RRP.

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