10312 Jazz Club is the next modular building

It’s the time of the year when we find out what modular building we will be building in early January. The 2023 addition the line-up is 10312 Jazz Club.

This 2899 piece set includes the titular Jazz Club, a Pizzeria, an office, a Tailor’s workshop, a dressing room and a rooftop green house on the lower roof.

In addition, the set comes with eight minifigures including a Jazz Singer, Bassist, Drummer, Pizza Chef, Pizza Delivery Driver, Club Manager, Tailor, and a Magician.

The Jazz Club has an Australian RRP of $349.99 and will be available on January 1st 2023.

While I can’t point out a particular problem with it, this one hasn’t grabbed me on first impressions alone. I’d love to know what you all think of this one.

Also, LEGO have confirmed that this set will feature the ugly white instructions that appeared in 2022. Here’s the statement on that…

As our fans have noticed, the covers of building instructions for many of our sets underwent a re-design this year with exception of our LEGO® sets for adults. Starting from 1HY 2023, building instructions for adult sets will also feature re-designed covers with lighter background prints. The redesign of building instruction covers is connected to our move to paper-based bags in our boxes. A lighter background print ensures that we maintain our very high quality standards. In this case, that the visual appearance of the paper-based bags is not impacted by potential ink marks caused by friction between building instructions and bags during transportation.

Check out additional images below.

3 thoughts on “10312 Jazz Club is the next modular building

  1. sterow Reply

    Hard to compete with the hotel which was a high watermark IMO.

    From what we can see the interiors look underdone compared to their recent standards; and then the exterior, while fine, isn’t spectacular either.

    On a positive note I like the little forecourt to the pizzeria; little spaces like this add liveliness to the modular street.

  2. Andrew Reply

    Possibly unpopular opinion. I like the white instructions – I am colourblind and they are easier to tell colours apart.

  3. Dragan Reply

    I can’t say I like the black boxes for any of the creator sets. For Space or some other themes, possibly. If you compare to the earlier boxes like the bookshop or the assembly square, they are more fun, lively and look much nicer than the black themed boxes.

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