Welcome to 2023

Tomorrow marks the start of a fresh new year. I want to thank everybody that has taken the time to read Bricking Around in 2022. The last few years have been difficult for me privately and I know that this site has taken a bit of a hit. My New Year’s resolution is to really work on making Bricking Around the best site that it can be. If you want to help with that then the best thing you can do is share Bricking Around content that you enjoy. I have a bunch of 2023 sets waiting for me to get stuck in to so keep an eye out for content soon. You might also see some 2022 set reviews as I try and work through my backlog.

I hope that Bricking Around has helped you get the most LEGO bang for your buck in 2022 and that I can find you some bargains in 2023.

Now… enough reflection, there are new sets to buy!

Below you will find the details of all the new releases available in 2023. What are you most excited about? Regular readers won’t be surprised to hear that I am pumped for the new Friends sets. The Great Wave set also looks incredible.

ImageSet #NameThemePriceLink
10312Jazz ClubIcons$349.99View
10789Spider-Man's Car and Doc OckMarvel Super Heroes$17.99View
10790Team Spidey at Green Goblin's LighthouseMarvel Super Heroes$59.99View
10791Team Spidey's Mobile HeadquartersMarvel Super Heroes$79.99View
10935Alphabet TownDuplo$79.99View
10985Wind Turbine and Electric CarDuplo$15.99View
10986Family House on WheelsDuplo$32.99View
10990Construction SiteDuplo$99.99View
10995Spider-Man's HouseDuplo$39.99View
10996Lightning McQueen & Mater's Car Wash FunDuplo$49.99View
11031Creative Monkey FunClassic$15.99View
21240The Swamp AdventureMinecraft$17.99View
21241The Bee CottageMinecraft$32.99View
21242The End ArenaMinecraft$39.99View
21243The Frozen PeaksMinecraft$49.99View
21244The Sword OutpostMinecraft$69.99View
21245The Panda HavenMinecraft$79.99View
21246The Deep Dark BattleMinecraft$99.99View
31133White RabbitCreator$32.99View
31208Hokusai – The Great WaveArt$169.99View
40615Tusken Raider™BrickHeadz$15.99View
40630Frodo™ & Gollum™BrickHeadz$24.99View
40631Gandalf the Grey™ & Balrog™BrickHeadz$29.99View
40632Aragorn™ & Arwen™BrickHeadz$29.99View
40638Heart OrnamentCreator$19.99View
40651Australia PostcardCreator$24.99View
41723Doughnut ShopFriends$15.99View
41724Paisley's HouseFriends$69.99View
41726Holiday Camping TripFriends$32.99View
41727Dog Rescue CentreFriends$89.99View
41728Heartlake Downtown DinerFriends$44.99View
41729Organic Grocery StoreFriends$139.99View
41730Autumn's HouseFriends$119.99View
41731Heartlake International SchoolFriends$159.99View
41732Downtown Flower and Design StoresFriends$249.99View
41733Mobile Bubble Tea ShopFriends$15.99View
41735Mobile Tiny HouseFriends$99.99View
41738Dog Rescue BikeFriends$15.99View
41739Liann's RoomFriends$32.99View
41740Aliya's RoomFriends$32.99View
41741Dog Rescue VanFriends$44.99View
41742Cat HotelFriends$49.99View
41743Hair SalonFriends$69.99View
41751Skate ParkFriends$79.99View
41754Leo's RoomFriends$32.99View
41755Nova's RoomFriends$32.99View
41801My Pets BraceletDots$11.99View
41802Unicorns Forever BraceletDots$11.99View
41803Extra DOTS Series 8 – Glitter and ShineDots$5.99View
41805Creative Animal DrawerDots$32.99View
41806Ultimate Party KitDots$79.99View
41807Bracelet Designer Mega PackDots$49.99View
42147Dump TruckTechnic$15.99View
42148Snow GroomerTechnic$15.99View
42149Monster Jam™ Dragon™Technic$32.99View
42150Monster Jam™ Monster Mutt™ DalmatianTechnic$32.99View
42151Bugatti BolideTechnic$79.99View
43210Moana's Wayfinding BoatDisney$49.99View
43211Aurora's CastleDisney$69.99View
43214Twirling RapunzelDisney$17.99View
43216Princess Enchanted JourneyDisney$99.99View
60356Bear Stunt BikeCity$12.99View
60358Cyber Stunt BikeCity$12.99View
60369Mobile Police Dog TrainingCity$32.99View
60370Police Station ChaseCity$49.99View
60371Emergency Vehicles HQCity$99.99View
60372Police Training AcademyCity$139.99View
60373Fire Rescue BoatCity$32.99View
60374Fire Command TruckCity$79.99View
60375Fire Station and Fire EngineCity$49.99View
60382Vet Van RescueCity$15.99View
60383Electric Sports CarCity$15.99View
60384Penguin Slushy VanCity$32.99View
60385Construction DiggerCity$32.99View
60386Recycling TruckCity$59.99View
603874x4 Off-Roader AdventuresCity$44.99View
60388Gaming Tournament TruckCity$69.99View
60389Custom Car GarageCity$79.99View
60390Park TractorCity$15.99View
60392Police Bike Car ChaseCity$15.99View
603934x4 Fire Truck RescueCity$15.99View
60394ATV and Otter HabitatCity$15.99View
71037LEGO® Minifigures Series 24Collectable Minifigures$5.99View
71413Character Packs – Series 6Super Mario$9.99View
71414Conkdor's Noggin Bopper Expansion SetSuper Mario$24.99View
71415Ice Mario Suit and Frozen World Expansion SetSuper Mario$39.99View
71416Lava Wave Ride Expansion SetSuper Mario$49.99View
71417Fliprus Snow Adventure Expansion SetSuper Mario$99.99View
71418Creativity Toolbox Maker SetSuper Mario$89.99View
71419Peach's Garden Balloon Ride Expansion SetSuper Mario$79.99View
71780Kai’s Ninja Race Car EVONinjago$15.99View
71781Lloyd’s Mech Battle EVONinjago$32.99View
71782Cole’s Earth Dragon EVONinjago$59.99View
71783Kai’s Mech Rider EVONinjago$69.99View
71784Jay’s Lightning Jet EVONinjago$15.99View
71785Jay’s Titan MechNinjago$129.99View
71786Zane’s Ice Dragon CreatureNinjago$159.99View
71787Creative Ninja Brick BoxNinjago$99.99View
71788Lloyd’s Ninja Street BikeNinjago$15.99View
71800Nya’s Water Dragon EVONinjago$32.99View
75344Boba Fett's Starship™ MicrofighterStar Wars$15.99View
75345501st Clone Troopers™ Battle PackStar Wars$32.99View
75347TIE Bomber™Star Wars$99.99View
75575Ilu DiscoveryAvatar$39.99View
75576Skimwing AdventureAvatar$49.99View
75577Mako Submarine?Avatar$89.99View
75578Metkayina Reef HomeAvatar$129.99View
75579Payakan the Tulkun & CrabsuitAvatar$159.99View
76241Hulk Mech ArmorMarvel Super Heroes$24.99View
76242Thanos Mech ArmorMarvel Super Heroes$24.99View
76243Rocket Mech ArmorMarvel Super Heroes$24.99View
76244Miles Morales vs. MorbiusMarvel Super Heroes$39.99View
76245Ghost Rider Mech & BikeMarvel Super Heroes$49.99View
76247The Hulkbuster: The Battle of WakandaMarvel Super Heroes$79.99View
76248The Avengers QuinjetMarvel Super Heroes$159.99View
76409Gryffindor™ House BannerHarry Potter$49.99View
76410Slytherin™ House BannerHarry Potter$49.99View
76411Ravenclaw™ House BannerHarry Potter$49.99View
76412Hufflepuff™ House BannerHarry Potter$49.99View
76413Hogwarts™: Room of RequirementHarry Potter$79.99View
76420Triwizard Tournament: The Black LakeHarry Potter$69.99View
769172 Fast 2 Furious Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)Speed Champions$32.99View
80040Monkie Kid's Combi MechMonkie Kid$32.99View
80041Mei's Dragon JetMonkie Kid$32.99View
80043Yellow Tusk ElephantMonkie Kid$119.99View
80044Monkie Kid's Team HideoutMonkie Kid$169.99View
80045Monkey King Ultra MechMonkie Kid$229.99View
80110Lunar New Year DisplaySeasonal$129.99View
80111Lunar New Year ParadeSeasonal$159.99View

Let me know in the comments what your 2023 LEGO plans are.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to 2023

  1. Robert Reply

    Hi Michael,
    Happy New Year to you and your love ones.

    You have definitely saved me a few bucks, cheers.

    There’s definitely a lot of sets that I’ll buy this year, too many to list and for the first time I’ll be buying a few of the minifigures. Maybe a guide on how to select particular ones.


  2. Mark Reply

    Thanks for the heads up Michael. I hope 2023 is a better year for you. I’m excited for the new LOTR sets, the Tie bomber and microfighter Slave 1 plus all the HP sets. The Jazz club is also on my list!

  3. Chris Grigsby Reply

    Thanks Michael for the great work this past year. Wishing you the best for the year ahead.

  4. Lachy Reply

    Happy new year mate, I appreciate your site and it’s great getting local news about prices and all that. And your set review are always worth a read!

  5. Nicole Reply

    Happy New Year Michael!

    There are way too many sets this year that I’m going to want to buy. Not good for my bank balance or the lack of space in my home. But I’m very excited to see what’s coming up!

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