You’ll need to spend $310 for this Blacktron GWP

Classic Space had its time to shine last year and now Blacktron is getting a chance to relive its glory days with this stunning GWP.

You can get the Blacktron Cruiser with purchases of $310 or more from or the various certified stores around the country (Dreamworld and AG stores have it).

It’s a steep qualifier but LEGO did raise all their prices to make it easier for you to get to $310.

More details available here:

AG Certified Stores

1 thought on “You’ll need to spend $310 for this Blacktron GWP

  1. Andrew Reply

    Was all set to get the Great Wave and some smaller sets to hit the threshold, but that’s now been delayed until February :(. Can’t justify another major purchase on top of that so sadly I’ll miss this. Looks awesome though.

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