All the interesting stuff from the 1HY 2023 catalogue

It is a bit of a New Year’s tradition that I check for the new LEGO catalogue online and thankfully LEGO have made it active nice and early. The catalogue gives a run-down of when things will be in stores (which I will cover separately), but more excitingly it some times gives us our first look at new sets and teases future releases.

Creator is smashing it in 2023

There are some stunning Creator sets coming out including previously unseen highlights like 31140 Magical Unicorn and the aptly named 31137 Adorable Dogs.

I’m a sucker for a good Creator house and 31139 is ticking all the boxes.

Happy Birthday Disney

No specifics but LEGO will be helping celebrate 100 years of Disney in March and April. I assume this means multiple releases or maybe even multiple waves of smaller sets.

DOTS meets Harry Potter

A collision of themes I did not see coming – In March we get a new range of DOTS sets featuring Harry Potter. Could this be a decorate your own wand set? That’d be pretty cool.

Speed Champions

Get ready to put a million stickers on small cars because there are some new Speed Champion sets coming in March

Technic Ford

42154 2022 Ford GT is the latest addition to the Technic car collection. It arrives in April.

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