Review: 40651 Australia Postcard (reviewed in Australian)

Content warning: This review has been written in Australian and contains course language.

Old mates over in Denmark have decided to have a crack at doing an Australia postcard. While most other countries they just picked one city, the pack of galahs have decided that they can do the whole bloody country in 191 pieces.

I reckon there’ll be a few Sydneysiders cracking the shits that this set doesn’t feature the Opera House or the Harbour bridge but I say let ‘em have a sook. There’s more to this country than the bloody Opera House.

For this set the designers have gone bush and immortalised some run down piece of shit out in Woop Woop.

Here’s a look at what’s included:

Shed and Dunny

Other countries get their major cultural and historical landmarks. We get a shed and a dunny. Maybe this is meant to be a cool country pub? Yeah nah it’s a shed. Deadset the product description just says “shed”.

Eucalyptus tree

I reckon the eucalyptus tree is a bit bodgy. It’s kind of a forced perspective thing so I’m not gonna chuck a wobbly over it. Sitting atop the tree is a giant cockatoo. Normal sized ones are noisy shits so a giant one can fuck right off. The billabong at the bottom is bonza though.

Qantas plane

You can’t tell at this scale but the bags meant to be on that plane are still at Sydney airport.

Roo sign

Gotta pump up the iconography with the limited part count and what better way to do it than a roo sign. They should have gone for added realism and had a dead skippy on the side of the road and a rooted commodore with a smashed in bonnet.


The set has 191 pieces so the build is a piece of piss. It was released on January 1st so you can grab it from your local certified store and set yourself the challenge of trying to build it before South Africa gets out in the New Years test.

Do I like this set? Bloody oath I do. It’s going straight to the pool room. I like that it shows a different side to Australia than Sydney. It’s not the best representation of the outback but it still feels true blue. Just picture yourself building this set sitting out on a varandah on a nice warm arvo. Maybe a XXXX on the table beside you, or just a couple of bickies. Kookaburras laughing off in the distance.

Hopefully it’ll be readily available and you’ll be able to grab it for a lobster. If ya can’t wait, RRP is $24.99 so slip the bloke or sheila at your local LEGO store a pineapple and grab one for you and a mate.

Let me know what you think of this one. I reckon it’s going to be as divisive as the Potato Cake vs Potato Scallop debate.

Thanks to bloody legends at LEGO for sending me this set for review.

18 thoughts on “Review: 40651 Australia Postcard (reviewed in Australian)

  1. Monty Reply

    I think it’s great. Correction I thought it was great, until I you pointed out it could’ve been a pub, now I feel let down (although perhaps a pub in a child’s medium may not be the best choice).

    Still a pub would’ve been great though. Definitely getting this one!

  2. Andrew Reply

    This gave me a chuckle. Haven’t decided if I’ll get it or not but I enjoyed the review. Bonza job, mate

  3. Chris Grigsby Reply

    Strewth! The humour in this review is drier than a dead dingo’s donga! Fair Dinkum!

  4. Nichole Reply

    You pretty much summed up my thoughts on this set. I saw the giant Cockatoo and thought “great, another thing overseas people will think will kill them”. as if we don’t have Crocodile Dundee and Steve Irwin’s show to thank enough for visitors to think they will be attacked by deadly things from all directions when as soon as they get off the plane, now Lego is piling on!

    Thanks for the great review, was a good laugh, needs a translator for non Aussies though!

    PS that test at the Gabba was something all right!

  5. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    Bought this yesterday (as part of hitting the GWP threshold for the awesome Blacktron set) and it looks really cool sitting on my coffee table. I love it, they did a much better job than if they had just done a Sydney skyline (says the guy from QLD who has no love whatsoever for Sydney 🙂

  6. Paul Reply

    I reckon the shed is meant to have a sloped tin roof. Gives those hinges a nudge.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      Too right mate, must have got bumped when I was moving it around.

  7. griezy Reply

    Strewth!! stone the crows! that’s a bloody big cocky, haha it’s not an outdoor dunny if it hasn’t got at least one redback spider in the dunny and newspaper cut up in squares hanging in a hessian bag on the dunny door.

    brilliant write up in Aussie slang, but who says eucalyptus tree? shouda be gum tree, and wheres the FJ or torana rusting away under the gum tree?

  8. Damien Reply

    Where is the big bloody brown snake? I mean they love the the outdoor dunnys cause that’s where the frogs all hang out. Nothing more exciting than a cold touch of a frog followed by a scream and then all hell breaks loose cause the snake got scared and came out from the shadows in the back.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      Yeah didn’t realise the roof got bumped before I took the photos.

      The Australian is slightly exaggerated for effect but I know plenty of people that speak just like that.

  9. Ocker Reply

    Too right ’bout Sydney chief. It’s a shithole. Nice review, pity about the donga roof.

  10. Bart Reply

    I bought this and have it sitting at work, I do like it but the tree and gallah make me laugh.
    Looking at the house and outhouse, a person would be about two plates high.
    That gallah’s foot is a plate high, that is one HUGE bird.
    For me, this was a great buy.

  11. Charlotte Reply

    Haha what a great review!! And I absolutely know people who talk like that, so you had me laughing!
    I love that there’s an Australia set but I’m not a huge fan of the forced perspective on such a small set, so don’t have this on my wish list. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I visit a Lego store & see it in person.

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