10314 Dried Flower Centrepiece – My least favourite botanical set

What if we took the LEGO Botanicals range and made it dead. Just make everything brown and dull. Wouldn’t that be a great set? No. It wouldn’t.

I completely understand that people have different tastes and interests but I just personally really dislike this set.

The set features a range of foliage in autumn colours. Which is a nicer way of saying the gross boring colours.

The actual flowers themselves are well done.  I can’t deny that. The large gerbera in the middle is done the same way as in the Wildflower set and there is some clever part use throughout the build.

A great example is minifigure epaulettes used to create one of the flowers.

The build is designed to be carried out by two people, which is great if you can find two people willing to spend their time creating a bunch of dull flowers. That seems unlikely to me.

While the Wildflowers (and some other botanical sets) are stems designed to be placed in a vase these dried flowers are built on to a solid base allowing it to be displayed on a table or even mounted on a wall. I really find that this makes the overall end result a lot more cluttered. Everything is quite densely packed on the base.

You can also buy multiple of this set and combine them into a giant ring of sadness. I don’t know why you would do that.

At the end of the day this set does was it says on the box I just really don’t like it. You have the Wildflower Bouquet and this set both priced at $99.99 and both released at the same time. I can’t picture a scenario where you are holding both in your hand and pick this.

I would love to hear some other thoughts on this. If you love it, what is that you love about it?


I’m not telling you what to do but the Wildflower Bouquet is currently $85 at Amazon so you can go and get that instead.

If you really want the Dried Flower Centrepiece it’s also $85 at Amazon currently.

7 thoughts on “10314 Dried Flower Centrepiece – My least favourite botanical set

  1. Louise P Reply

    No argument from me. Agree 100% with your review. The colours are unappealing and blah, especially when compared with the Wildflower Bouquet. It looks like it would smell of dust and old pot-pourri with a hint of mothballs.

  2. Andrew Reply

    OK, I’ll bite :). I picked this up with the Wildflowers and thought it would be the more interesting build of the two – a complete arrangement rather than simply individual flowers in a pack.

    The build isn’t for the faint hearted, it’s very fiddly to get everything where it’s supposed to be, but the end result is a rewarding display piece. We did, however, have several leftover pieces I’m not sure we should have had ;).

    I love the Botanicals for their innovative art use and this one is right up there – wheat made from the small tan Technic gears, for example.

  3. Dave Reply

    I love all of the botanical sets and muted colors are just a different time of the year. As you say everyone has their own tastes and will buy according to them. I not only buy one of each botanical I usually buy multiple of each, based on what price I can get. I am a little disappointed we haven’t seen bigger discounts on the botanical sets but patience is key for discount hunting. If we can get to %30+ I will definitely buy a few. For now I only have one of this set.

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