On sale: 20% off selected sets at Myer

When I see a Myer sale advertised as “select LEGO” I usually assume that it is going to be terrible. Myer LOVE to exclude all the cool stuff. But surprise – this set is actually the opposite. The selected sets seem to include a heap of stuff that is usually excluded.

You can check out the range for yourself here (note the link also includes the sets covered in the Star Wars Day sale).

77015 Indiana Jones Temple of the Golden Idol is tempting at $191.99. This is a few dollars less than Kmart’s price.

If you want to recreate the Peaches song from the Super Mario Brothers movie then 71411 The Mighty Bowser is down to $319.99.

This is a Super Weekend sale and ends 11:59 POM on May 7th.

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