The Amazon Deals page has been updated

If you are a fan of saving money on LEGO then hopefully you are already aware of the Bricking Around Amazon deals page. If not now is a great time to learn because I have spent the weekend making some huge changes. Firstly the Amazon deals page is now better integrated in to the main site, rather than being a separate page. Here’s what else is new:

Improved mobile interface

I know a lot of people read Bricking Around on mobile so I have made the interface more mobile friendly. In portrait mode it will automatically hide columns to fit information on the screen without you having to pinch and zoom around. A simple + button allows you to expand a row to find more detail.

If you rotate your device to landscape it will automatically display more columns.

Default sort

I have applied a default sort of Discount % – High to low. This will display the biggest bargains at the top of the list. You can of course re-sort the table however you want.

Larger Images

I have slightly increased the size of the images to make it a little easier to see what set is what.

Automatic Search

I will now be able to provide a link to a pre-filtered version of the Amazon deals page. For example if I am reviewing a Speed Champions set I can link directly to a filtered list of Speed Champions sets on Amazon.

The best bit is that this is not some super secret back end code. All you have to do is enter your search value at the end of the address bar: SEARCH

You can even bookmark specific options. Want to have a quick link to check the latest Technic deals? You can now.

Right align

This one is just for the accountants that read Bricking Around. All of the number columns are now right aligned.

Special thanks to my friends who helped me test various iterations over the weekend.

3 thoughts on “The Amazon Deals page has been updated

  1. Chris Grigsby Reply

    Thanks Michael. Love what you’re doing here. This is a huge help.
    If anyone has bookmarked the old link it doesn’t work (well) anymore with image issues.
    The new link/page is perfect.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      Thanks Chris. I will set up a redirect on the old page.

  2. Mark Reply

    Awesome work. Now more useful than the brickset one hard locked to this years releases.

    Don’t forget to urlencode those bookmarked searches!

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