Should you buy them? The 2023 Speed Champions range

You may have read my Speed Champions review from last year where I made it quite clear that I didn’t know anything about cars and that I wasn’t going to learn. Well clearly LEGO didn’t read that because they have sent me more cars. Am I going to dig in and conduct a heap of in depth research about each of these cars? No. Am I going to get Chat-GPT to write a detailed review of each set? I tried but the results were terrible. It kept saying the cars had display stands and functional steering mechanisms. So instead I’m just going to talk about how weird and/or cool they look. Which I think is fine, because most importantly I am going to be telling you about the build experience and the value for money on each of these sets.

76914 Ferrari 812 Competizione

This one ticks all the boxes for me. 4 wheels – check. Steering wheel – check. Not stupid looking – check.

I also quite like the colour, not just the red of the body but also the highlights in black and yellow. To me red is just a very classic sports car colour. White and grey are boring.

There are still more stickers than I would like but that is always going to be true for every Speed Champions set.

While the car itself is a great I can’t say the same for the minifigure. It’s just a boring dude in grey pants and a black dress shirt. Sure he’s got a Ferrari logo on his shirt but he looks more like a car salesman than anything.

It’s an enjoyable build with some interesting part usage sprinkled throughout. The exhausts are done with stud shooter elements. You can actually make this car shoot stuff out the back. This makes it my favourite so far.

76915 Pagani Utopia

While I don’t know a lot about cars I have at least heard of most of the brands. I have never heard of Pagani. Time for a quick Google.

“The alchemy of pleasure, the equation of beauty …” Um… ok?

“Every Pagani begins with an aesthetic shock. Utopia radiates simplicity. It asserts itself straightaway, affirms and imposes its lines, which are so typical of Pagani but at the same time it is so different from anything they have offered us before.” Right….

Remember what I said earlier about grey and white being boring colours. I stand by it. The shape of this car is cool as heck with it’s batmobile-esque central engine thingy, but it’s just such a boring colour.

There is once again some fun parts usage such as old school car doors being used on the rear, and ice skates on the front.

This set also includes a much better minifigure with race suit Ed Sheeran. Lots of nice detailing on the torso and legs.

76916 Porsche 963

This is the stripiest damn car I have ever seen in my life. It’s like a toddler took to the sticker sheet with a sharpie and nobody noticed. So many damn stripes.

This has one of those weird shapes to it that tells me it is a race car and not one of the rich people cars that some of the other sets are.

In terms of the build this one isn’t super exciting. It’s perfectly fine but it doesn’t have the interesting parts usage of some of the other sets. There’s no “why is their stud shooters?” moment when you tip out the parts.

The included minifigure has the cockiest grin I have ever seen on a minifigure. Why does he look so cocky? I’m assuming it’s because he knows that none of the other cars even come close to the level of stripiness of his car.

76918 McLaren Solus GT & McLaren F1 LM

If you don’t know much about cars you might think F1 in the set name indicates that there’s a Formula One car inside and you might be confused when neither of the cars really look like an F1 car. Well the F1 is the orange one and the Solus is the black and white one.

I believe the F1 LM in this set is based on the vehicle after it has somehow crashed in to a kayak and ended up with a paddle embedded in its sides. I assume the kayaker did not survive this encounter because somehow each end of the paddle ended up lodged in opposite sides of the car.

I looked up pictures of the F1 LM to work out what the paddles were meant to be and I think it’s just a bit of detailing but, and I can’t believe I am saying this, it should have just been a sticker. The paddle is weird and dumb. It also has these angled bits on the side that move around too easily and fall apart.

While the F1 LM sucks, the Solus GT rules. It’s super futuristic looking and just has a really cool shape to it. It’s got triangles that make it look sleek. The rear tail lights are interesting, made with a spear tip element that I think originated from Nexo Knights.

It’s kind of a shame that this is a double set because I hate one of them and love the other one. I guess LEGO knew what they were doing.

As a double pack you get two minifigures. This time we get a female minifigure wearing a race suit, the instructions tell you to pair her with the awesome Solus GT.

The second minifigure just has a white hoody on. This is why he gets the shit car.

Final Thoughts

Speed Champions continues to be one of those themes where what you get is exactly what you expect. Small scale recreations of iconic (I assume) cars. The RRP of these sets is probably a bit higher than I would like but as a wide release range you can get these on sale regularly. You can get most of the single cars for under $25, which I think is great value considering these are licenced sets.

In conclusion, while I don’t really give a damn about cars I do still enjoy the Speed Champions sets. There are certainly a lot of options that are worse value for money.

Buying Guide

There are some current sales (as of time of publication) that will net you some discounts on these sets. Target seems to have the best offers.

76914 Ferrari 812 CompetizioneTarget$23.20View
76915 Pagani UtopiaTarget$23.20View
76916 Porsche 963Target$23.20View
76918 McLaren Solus GT & McLaren F1 LMTarget$47.20View

Amazon does have some bundle deals that include the Speed Champions range. You can find them here.

Also, if you want to make all of the cars as stripy as the Porsche 963 you can grab some sharpies from Amazon.

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  1. Dave Reply

    Brilliant reviews thanks!

    The number of stickers on the stripiest one is off-putting, but I’m tempted to take your recommendation and let my kids go for it with a sharpie.

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