Australia’s Sam Kerr is now a minifigure

Australian legend Sam Kerr is one of several soccer (or football) players to appear as part of a new set celebrating Women’s Football.

40634 Icon’s of Play features an impressive 15 minifigures – the aforementioned Sam Kerr is joined by Megan Rapinoe, Asisat Oshoala and Yuki Nagasato. The rest of the line-up has as an adoring crowd in the stands plus a ref and manager.

You do only get half a football field but there is also stands, a bench area and a podium with a trophy.

If you didn’t already know the FIFA Women’s World Cup is being hosted in Australia (and NZ) this year. In fact LEGO Australia is actually an official sponsor.

No confirmed Australian RRP at this stage but I will share that as soon as it is known.

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