Big W Toy Sale – All the LEGO deals (so far)

It’s that time of the year everybody. Big W have released details of their 2023 Toy Sale and I have spent my Friday night writing up all the LEGO deals.


The Big W Toy Sale for 2023 starts on June 13th online, and June 15th in-store. The sale ends July 12th.

Big Ticket Item

What is this year’s blockbuster deal? Well, so far there doesn’t seem to be anything. A lot of the stuff in the catalogue released today is stuff that has been around for a while. Big W has in previous years released supplementary catalogues with bigger and better deals so they may be holding out for that to unveil a big online exclusive.

All the deals

Here is what you really came here for – all the current LEGO deals. As I mentioned there may be supplementary catalogues that feature additional sets. I’ll update if there is.

 SET #NamePriceRRPDisc %
60386Recycling Truck$44.00$59.9927%
60388Gaming Tournament Truck$52.00$69.9926%
603934x4 Fire Truck Rescue$10.00$15.9937%
60392Police Bike Car Chase$10.00$15.9937%
60390Park Tractor$10.00$15.9937%
60382Vet Van Rescue$10.00$15.9937%
60374Fire Command Truck$59.00$79.9926%
60371Emergency Vehicles HQ$69.00$99.9931%
60372Police Training Academy$99.00$139.9929%
60337Express Passenger Train$175.00$249.9930%
71788Lloyd’s Ninja Street Bike$10.00$15.9937%
71780Kai’s Ninja Race Car EVO$10.00$15.9937%
71784Jay’s Lightning Jet EVO$10.00$15.9937%
71781Lloyd’s Mech Battle EVO$22.00$32.9933%
71782Cole’s Earth Dragon EVO$44.00$59.9927%
71783Kai’s Mech Rider EVO$49.00$69.9930%
71787Creative Ninja Brick Box$69.00$99.9931%
71785Jay’s Titan Mech$95.00$129.9927%
71786Zane’s Ice Dragon Creature$109.00$159.9932%
31138Beach Camper Van$65.00$79.9919%
31140Magical Unicorn$10.00$15.9937%
31134Space Shuttle$10.00$15.9937%
31139Cozy House$69.00$99.9931%
31137Adorable Dogs$36.00$49.9928%
10996Lightning McQueen & Mater's Car Wash Fun$36.00$49.9928%
10984Organic Garden$44.00$69.9937%
10983Organic Market$36.00$49.9928%
10990Construction Site$69.00$99.9931%
10982Fruit and Vegetable Tractor$22.00$32.9933%
76944T. rex Dinosaur Breakout$63.00$99.9937%
76947Quetzalcoatlus Plane Ambush$55.00$79.9931%
76946Blue & Beta Velociraptor Capture$37.00$49.9926%
21246The Deep Dark Battle$75.00$99.9925%
21244The Sword Outpost$55.00$69.9921%
21242The End Arena$29.00$39.9927%
76409Gryffindor™ House Banner$36.00$49.9928%
76410Slytherin™ House Banner$36.00$49.9928%
76413Hogwarts™: Room of Requirement$63.00$79.9921%
76420Triwizard Tournament: The Black Lake$55.00$69.9921%
75347TIE Bomber™$75.00$99.9925%
75351Princess Leia™ (Boushh™) Helmet$75.00$99.9925%
75344Boba Fett's Starship™ Microfighter$12.00$15.9925%
76248The Avengers Quinjet$119.00$159.9926%
76255The New Guardians' Ship$119.00$159.9926%
76247The Hulkbuster: The Battle of Wakanda$63.00$79.9921%
76244Miles Morales vs. Morbius$29.00$39.9927%
42130BMW M 1000 RR$269.00$389.9931%
42155THE BATMAN – BATCYCLE™$69.00$89.9923%
42151Bugatti Bolide$63.00$79.9921%
41739Liann's Room$22.00$32.9933%
41742Cat Hotel$40.00$49.9920%
41729Organic Grocery Store$105.00$139.9925%
41728Heartlake Downtown Diner$35.00$44.9922%
41731Heartlake International School$115.00$159.9928%
41751Skate Park$58.00$79.9927%
41735Mobile Tiny House$75.00$99.9925%
41733Mobile Bubble Tea Shop$10.00$15.9937%
43211Aurora's Castle$55.00$69.9921%
43216Princess Enchanted Journey$80.00$99.9920%
43214Twirling Rapunzel$14.00$17.9922%
43210Moana's Wayfinding Boat$40.00$49.9920%
41805Creative Animal Drawer$25.00$32.9924%
41809Hedwig™ Pencil Holder$24.00$29.9920%
41811Hogwarts™ Desktop Kit$55.00$69.9921%
41808Hogwarts™ Accessories Pack$20.00$24.9920%
43217‘Up’ House​$69.00$89.9923%
43212Disney Celebration Train​$47.00$59.9922%
43220Peter Pan & Wendy's Storybook Adventure$25.00$32.9924%

If you’d like to check out the catalogue for yourself you can find it here.

Lay-By and Afterpay

A big part of the Big W toy sale is that it provides people with an opportunity to secure discounts now and pay it off before Christmas. This is going to be more important this year with the cost of living being what it currently is. The Lay-By offer is for 20 weeks to pay off your purchase, which means you have to collect on November 1st.

As part of the sale they are also doing an Afterpay offer. You can get $30 off your first Big W order over $50 using the Afterpay App. This offer is only available to the first 5000 customers. IMPORTANT: The $30 off offer starts on June 5th. That, combined with the limit, means it is probably going to be used up before the toy sale starts.

Everyday Rewards

Big W will also be offering bonus Everyday Rewards points during the sale, if you are into that sort of thing.

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  1. Mark Reply

    First time the Princess Leia Helmet has appeared outside the lego stores and at discount?

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