On Sale: Toys R Us Toy Sale

Toys R Us have just released a new toy sale catalogue. No you haven’t travelled back in time.

The completely digital toy sale catalogue from Toys R Us features a range of sets on sale with some respectable discounts across a range of themes. You can check out the catalogue for yourself here, or see the deals below. You will of course need to factor in shipping to these prices, but the rates don’t seem excessive.

The sale runs from June 13th to July 2nd.

 SET #NamePriceRRPDisc %
41703Friendship Tree House$90.00$129.9931%
10791Team Spidey's Mobile Headquarters$60.00$79.9925%
75192Millennium Falcon™$1,099.00$1,299.9915%
75350Clone Commander Cody™ Helmet$75.00$99.9925%
75349Captain Rex™ Helmet$75.00$99.9925%
75339Death Star™ Trash Compactor Diorama$120.00$149.9920%
75337AT-TE™ Walker$175.00$229.9924%
75347TIE Bomber™$75.00$99.9925%
42151Bugatti Bolide$65.00$79.9919%
42137Formula E® Porsche 99X Electric$65.00$79.9919%
42156PEUGEOT 9X8 24H Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar$219.00$299.9927%
60336Freight Train$199.00$299.9934%
60317Police Chase at the Bank$110.00$159.9931%
60389Custom Car Garage$56.00$79.9930%
60335Train Station$95.00$129.9927%
76405Hogwarts Express™ – Collectors' Edition$599.00$799.9925%
41713Olivia's Space Academy$75.00$119.9937%
41731Heartlake International School$110.00$159.9931%
75579Payakan the Tulkun & Crabsuit$115.00$159.9928%
75577Mako Submarine​$63.00$89.9930%
75573Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson$115.00$159.9928%

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