25% off selected sets at AG Certified Stores

A 25% off sale is always worth checking out, but in this case it is one you don’t want to miss. The AG Certified Stores are offering deep discounts on a range of sets. You might be thinking they are just clearing out the junk nobody wants but you’d be wrong. There are some great sets included.

Yet to pick up the Jazz Club modular? It’s included for $262.49. The flash got you feeling nostalgic for Batman? How about the Batcave for $449.99

There are more offers too so head over to the website to see for yourself. The offers end Sunday night and are available in-store or online.

More details here.

1 thought on “25% off selected sets at AG Certified Stores

  1. Nichole Reply

    Got all excited for 25% the Razor Crest till I tried to check out – none available for delivery! The nearest pick up was in Townsville or Perth, I live near Melbourne…….. Batcave same thing, Ninjago City out of stock, didn’t check the Jazz Club as already have it. Nice that they advertised it as Online or In-Store 🙁

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