First look at 21343 The Viking Village

Thanks to a French retailer we have a first look at the upcoming 21343 Le Village Viking, or in English The Viking Village.

Official details for the set should be released soon but in the meantime take a look at all this Viking goodness.

Thanks to Google Translate here’s what we know:

  • The LEGO Medieval Village comes in 3 buildable sections with a forge, longhouse and watchtower.
  • LEGO Viking minifigures of blacksmith, chieftain, warrior and archer.
  • Features include blacksmith’s forge with flame function, shields adorned with 2 ravens and 2 wolves of Odin, chief’s throne, a bridge to the watchtower and a cave to the extraction of minerals. And don’t forget the brick-built references to classic LEGO Vikings sets.
  • Buildable Viking Village model features 3 connectable sections and measures over 9” (24cm) high, 18” (46cm) wide and 10” (26cm) deep.
  • Contains 2,103 pieces.

The French price is 139.99 euro, so I suspect Australian pricing to be $250 to $300

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