Check out the huge line-up of new LEGO sets coming March 1st

March is shaping up to be an expensive month for LEGO fans. Once the clock strikes midnight you will be able to get your hands on over 50 new LEGO sets across a range of themes including newcomer Animal Crossing. You can check out the full line-up below.

Let me know in the comments what you are most excited about. The Medieval Town Square is probably top of my list.

 Set #NamePrice 
10330McLaren MP4/4 & Ayrton Senna$99.99View
10332Medieval Town Square$399.99View
10417Mack at the Race$29.99View
10418Elsa & Bruni in the Enchanted Forest$49.99View
10792Drill Spinner Vehicle$14.99View
10793Spidey vs. Green Goblin$29.99View
10794Team Spidey Web Spinner Headquarters$79.99View
11038Vibrant Creative Brick Box$79.99View
31154Forest Animals: Red Fox$99.99View
31158Sea Animals$49.99View
40670Iron Spider-Man$15.99View
40671Potted Groot$15.99View
40672Sonic the Hedgehog™: Knuckles & Shadow$29.99View
40677Prisoner of Azkaban™ Figures$84.99View
40714Carousel Ride$39.99View
42165Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance Pull-Back$39.99View
42169NEOM McLaren Formula E Race Car$69.99View
42170Kawasaki Ninja H2R Motorcycle$99.99View
42171Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance$299.99View
42178Surface Space Loader LT78$49.99View
42179Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit$99.99View
42180Mars Crew Exploration Rover$199.99View
42181VTOL Heavy Cargo Spaceship LT81$149.99View
43237Isabela's Flowerpot$69.99View
43239Mirabel's Photo Frame and Jewelry Box$49.99View
43242Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' Cottage$399.99View
71810Young Dragon Riyu$24.99View
71811Arin's Ninja Off-Road Buggy Car$59.99View
71812Kai's Ninja Climber Mech$119.99View
71813Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo$199.99View
71815Kai's Source Dragon Battle$39.99View
71817Lloyd's Elemental Power Mech$39.99View
71819Dragon Stone Shrine$179.99View
75375Millennium Falcon™$149.99View
75376Tantive IV™$99.99View
75377Invisible Hand™$89.99View
75387Boarding the Tantive IV™$89.99View
76424Flying Ford Anglia™$24.99View
76425Hedwig™ at 4 Privet Drive$29.99View
76426Hogwarts™ Castle Boathouse$69.99View
76428Hagrid's Hut: An Unexpected Visit$129.99View
76429Talking Sorting Hat™$149.99View
76430Hogwarts™ Castle Owlery$69.99View
76432Forbidden Forest™: Magical Creatures$49.99View
769192023 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car$39.99View
76920Ford Mustang Dark Horse Sports Car$39.99View
76921Audi S1 e-tron quattro Race Car$39.99View
76922BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M Hybrid V8 Race Cars$74.99View
77046Julian's Birthday Party$19.99View
77047Bunnie's Outdoor Activities$29.99View
77048Kapp'n's Island Boat Tour$39.99View
77049Isabelle's House Visit$69.99View
77050Nook's Cranny & Rosie's House$119.99View

3 thoughts on “Check out the huge line-up of new LEGO sets coming March 1st

  1. Erin Reply

    Just ordered the Medieval Town square – for what it’s worth, I used your link????

  2. Robert Reply

    I’m going to incorporate the Ford Anglia into my City… lol

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