Almost 100 new sets hit June 1st

June is always a huge month for LEGO releases and June 2024 is no different. There are almost 100 new sets hitting across a range of themes.

LEGO City has some incredible jungle themed sets coming out with a range of really great minifigure scale animals.

As usual Friends is knocking it out of the park. The camp sets look great but I really love the castle inspired B&B set.

The big hitter is of course The Lord of the Rings: Barad-dûr™ but other notable sets include Retro Radio, Tuxedo Cat and Notre-Dame.

Over in Ninjago Source Dragon of Motion looks incredible.

The Space CMFs will also be hitting in June.

What will you be picking up? See the full list below.

 Set #NamePriceLink
10333The Lord of the Rings: Barad-dûr™$699.99View
10334Retro Radio$169.99View
10420Ariel and Flounder's Café Stand$29.99View
10424Spin's Motorcycle Adventure$29.99View
10431Peppa Pig Garden and Tree House$29.99View
10432Peppa Pig Boat Trip$39.99View
10433Peppa Pig Birthday House$69.99View
10434Peppa Pig Supermarket$99.99View
10435Ariel's Magical Underwater Palace$149.99View
10439Cars and Trucks Brick Box$79.99View
10795Crafting with Baby Box$24.99View
10796Gabby's Kitty Care Ear$59.99View
10797Gabby's Party Room$79.99View
21061Notre-Dame de Paris$349.99View
21259The Pirate Ship Voyage$24.99View
21260The Cherry Blossom Garden$49.99View
21261The Wolf Stronghold$59.99View
21262The Windmill Farm$89.99View
21264The Ender Dragon and End Ship$129.99View
21349Tuxedo Cat$169.99View
31151T. rex$89.99View
31153Modern House$169.99View
40715Alien Pack$23.99View
40716Alien Planet Habitat$23.99View
40720Mini Disney Sleeping Beauty Castle$69.99View
42618Heartlake City Café$49.99View
42622Adventure Camp Archery Range$24.99View
42623Beach Water Scooter$14.99View
42624Adventure Camp Cozy Cabins$69.99View
42625Beach Smoothie Stand$29.99View
42626Adventure Camp Water Sports$99.99View
42630Heartlake City Water Park$129.99View
42631Adventure Camp Tree House$199.99View
42635Dog-Grooming Car$14.99View
42636Heartlake City Preschool$79.99View
42638Castle Bed and Breakfast$149.99View
43235Ariel's Music Stage$24.99View
43240Maleficent’s Dragon Form$99.99View
43243Simba the Lion King Cub$29.99View
43244Elsa's Ice Palace$169.99View
43244Elsa's Ice Palace$169.99View
43245The Magical Madrigal House$249.99View
43247Young Simba the Lion King$199.99View
43251Antonio's Animal Sanctuary$59.99View
43252Moana's Flowerpot$69.99View
43254Ariel's Crystal Cavern$49.99View
43276Snow White's Jewelry Box$69.99View
60407Red Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus$49.99View
60408Car Transporter Truck with Sports Cars$149.99View
60409Yellow Mobile Construction Crane$179.99View
60420Yellow Construction Excavator$79.99View
60421Robot World Roller-Coaster Park$149.99View
60422Seaside Harbor with Cargo Ship$179.99View
60424Jungle Explorer ATV Red Panda Mission$14.99View
60425Jungle Explorer Water Plane$29.99View
60426Jungle Explorer Off-Road Truck$49.99View
60435Tow Truck and Sports Car Repair$29.99View
60437Jungle Explorer Helicopter at Base Camp$169.99View
60440Yellow Delivery Truck$169.99View
71046Series 26 Space$5.99View
71480Logan the Mighty Panda$49.99View
71814Tournament Temple City$399.99View
71816Zane's Ice Motorcycle$14.99View
71818Tournament Battle Arena$79.99View
71820Ninja Team Combo Vehicle$149.99View
71821Cole's Titan Dragon Mech$169.99View
71822Source Dragon of Motion$249.99View
75373Ambush on Mandalore™ Battle Pack$34.99View
75386Paz Vizsla™ and Moff Gideon™ Battle$59.99View
75390Luke Skywalker™ X-Wing™ Mech$24.99View
75391Captain Rex™ Y-Wing™ Microfighter$19.99View
76270Batman™ Mech Armour$24.99View
76272The Batcave™ with Batman™, Batgirl™ and The Joker™$59.99View
76273Batman™ Construction Figure and the Bat-Pod Bike$119.99View
76274Batman™ with the Batmobile™ vs. Harley Quinn™ and Mr. Freeze™$89.99View
76431Hogwarts™ Castle: Potions Class$59.99View
76434Aragog in the Forbidden Forest™$29.99View
76435Hogwarts™ Castle: The Great Hall$299.99View
76439Ollivanders™ & Madam Malkin's Robes$149.99View
76440Triwizard Tournament: The Arrival$229.99View
76923Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision GT Super Car$39.99View
76924Mercedes-AMG G 63 & Mercedes-AMG SL 63$74.99View
76925Aston Martin Safety Car & AMR23$74.99View
76962Baby Bumpy: Ankylosaurus$39.99View
76965Dinosaur Missions: Stegosaurus Discovery$99.99View
76966Dinosaur Missions: Allosaurus Transport Truck$149.99View
80055Monkie Kid's Team Power Truck$99.99View
80056Nine-Headed Beast$139.99View
80057Nezha's Ring of Fire Mech$179.99View
80058Celestial Pagoda$229.99View
854296Rocket Raccoon Key Chain$9.99View

2 thoughts on “Almost 100 new sets hit June 1st

  1. Erin Reply

    There are some amazing releases – unfortunately most of the ones I like are biggish & detailed and priced accordingly!
    I do like the new City jungle animals a lot

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