LEGO Minecraft returns to it’s microscale roots with 21265 The Crafting Table

Looking at the juggernaut that is LEGO Minecraft it can be hard to believe that it started with a single microscale set from LEGO Ideas. While the minifigure scale sets show no sign of slowing down, LEGO has used the 15th anniversary of Minecraft to reflect on their own history.

21265 The Crafting Table looks like a brick built model of a crafting table from the outside, but spin it around and you will find a detailed microscale world featuring 5 mini build modules that cover 12 Minecraft biomes. These biomes including the Taiga with a dripstone cave, Plains with a village, Ice Spikes with an igloo, Cherry Grove with an abandoned mineshaft, and the Deep Dark with a lush cave.

You will also find 8 microfigures. These seem to be a slightly different scale to the original micro world. The microfigure line-up is Steve, Alex, a skeleton, witch, Creeper™, villager, cow and pig.

Stickers featuring memorable in-game phrases can be added to the front of the Minecraft model. It would be great if these were printed pieces but it seems LEGO didn’t think so.

You can pre-order 21265 The Crafting Table now for $129.99. The set is released August 1st 2024.

The original vs the new

Additional Images

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