On sale: All the LEGO deals from the Big W Toy Sale

It’s time once again for Big W’s mid-year Toy Sale event. Each June Big W puts out a monster catalogue full of discounted toys with the added temptation of a long laybuy for people wanting to get a really big head start on their Christmas shopping. How does this year stack up? To be honest, it’s a bit lacklustre for LEGO fans. A lot of the discounts are minimal. Also, in years gone by there was some sort of must have exclusive that was offered up during the sale. This is just their everyday stock.

Having said all that I don’t want to put you off checking it out for yourself, so as always you can find a list of the sale sets below. Please note that all of the discounts are based on LEGO’s official RRP for a set rather than Big W’s regular price. There’s an explainer for that reason at the end of the article.

The sale runs from tomorrow (June 11) until July 10. If you do want anything be aware that the online sale starts at 5am AEST.

 Set #NameThemeSale PriceRRPDisc.
10280Flower BouquetIcons$74.00$99.9926%
10313Wildflower BouquetIcons$74.00$99.9926%
10412Animal TrainDuplo$22.00$29.9927%
10414Daily Routines: Eating & BedtimeDuplo$17.00$39.9957%
10416Caring for Animals at the FarmDuplo$72.00$99.9928%
10421Alphabet TruckDuplo$39.00$59.9935%
104223in1 Space Shuttle AdventureDuplo$64.00$89.9929%
10434Peppa Pig SupermarketDuplo$79.00$99.9921%
10435Ariel's Magical Underwater PalaceDuplo$118.00$149.9921%
10795Crafting with Baby BoxGabby's Dollhouse$22.00$24.9912%
10796Gabby's Kitty Care EarGabby's Dollhouse$58.00$59.993%
10797Gabby's Party RoomGabby's Dollhouse$59.00$79.9926%
11037Creative Space PlanetsClassic$36.00$49.9928%
21248The Pumpkin FarmMinecraft$25.00$52.9953%
31136Exotic ParrotCreator$28.00$39.9930%
31151T. rexCreator$68.00$89.9924%
31152Space AstronautCreator$59.00$89.9934%
31156Tropical UkuleleCreator$37.00$49.9926%
31157Exotic PeacockCreator$28.00$39.9930%
40647Lotus FlowersCreator$17.00$22.9926%
40725Cherry BlossomsCreator$17.00$22.9926%
42156PEUGEOT 9X8 24H Le Mans Hybrid HypercarTechnic$229.00$299.9924%
42162Bugatti Bolide Agile BlueTechnic$62.00$79.9922%
42178Surface Space Loader LT78Technic$36.00$49.9928%
42179Planet Earth and Moon in OrbitTechnic$79.00$99.9921%
42180Mars Crew Exploration RoverTechnic$149.00$199.9925%
42181VTOL Heavy Cargo Spaceship LT81Technic$129.00$149.9914%
42603Stargazing Camping VehicleFriends$36.00$49.9928%
42604Heartlake City Shopping MallFriends$145.00$199.9927%
42605Mars Space Base and RocketFriends$109.00$149.9927%
42607Autumn's Baby Cow ShedFriends$10.00$14.9933%
42608Tiny Accessories StoreFriends$10.00$14.9933%
42618Heartlake City CaféFriends$37.00$49.9926%
42620Olly and Paisley's Family HousesFriends$109.00$149.9927%
42624Adventure Camp Cozy CabinsFriends$53.00$69.9924%
42625Beach Smoothie StandFriends$22.00$29.9927%
42630Heartlake City Water ParkFriends$95.00$129.9927%
42634Horse and Pony TrailerFriends$22.00$29.9927%
43217‘Up’ House?Disney$67.00$89.9926%
43230Walt Disney Tribute CameraDisney$135.00$169.9921%
43240Maleficent’s Dragon FormDisney$75.00$99.9925%
43243Simba the Lion King CubDisney$25.00$29.9917%
60407Red Double-Decker Sightseeing BusCity$36.00$49.9928%
60408Car Transporter Truck with Sports CarsCity$109.00$149.9927%
60409Yellow Mobile Construction CraneCity$129.00$179.9928%
60420Yellow Construction ExcavatorCity$58.00$79.9927%
60426Jungle Explorer Off-Road TruckCity$36.00$49.9928%
60429Spaceship and Asteroid DiscoveryCity$22.00$29.9927%
60430Interstellar SpaceshipCity$22.00$29.9927%
60431Space Explorer Rover and Alien LifeCity$36.00$49.9928%
60432Command Rover and Crane LoaderCity$99.00$129.9924%
60434Space Base and Rocket LaunchpadCity$189.00$249.9924%
60437Jungle Explorer Helicopter at Base CampCity$127.00$169.9925%
71453Izzie and Bunchu the BunnyDreamzzz$22.00$34.9937%
71454Mateo and Z-Blob the RobotDreamzzz$22.00$34.9937%
71475Mr. Oz's Space CarDreamzzz$36.00$49.9928%
71477The Sandman's TowerDreamzzz$93.00$149.9938%
71820Ninja Team Combo VehicleNinjago$109.00$149.9927%
71821Cole's Titan Dragon MechNinjago$124.00$169.9927%
71822Source Dragon of MotionNinjago$184.00$249.9926%
75192Millennium Falcon™Star Wars$1,149.00$1,299.9912%
75351Princess Leia™ (Boushh™) HelmetStar Wars$89.00$99.9911%
75359332nd Ahsoka's Clone Trooper™ Battle PackStar Wars$26.00$34.9926%
75375Millennium Falcon™Star Wars$109.00$149.9927%
75383Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator™Star Wars$76.00$89.9916%
75581Minions' Music Party BusMinions$48.00$59.9920%
75582Brick-Built Gru and MinionsMinions$79.00$99.9921%
75583Minions and Gru's Family MansionMinions$129.00$149.9914%
76273Batman™ Construction Figure and the Bat-Pod BikeDC$99.00$119.9917%
76909Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance & Mercedes-AMG Project OneSpeed Champions$52.00$69.9926%
76962Baby Bumpy: AnkylosaurusJurassic World$32.00$39.9920%
76965Dinosaur Missions: Stegosaurus DiscoveryJurassic World$76.00$99.9924%
76966Dinosaur Missions: Allosaurus Transport TruckJurassic World$124.00$149.9917%
77047Bunnie's Outdoor ActivitiesAnimal Crossing$22.00$29.9927%
77048Kapp'n's Island Boat TourAnimal Crossing$29.00$39.9927%
77049Isabelle's House VisitAnimal Crossing$49.00$69.9930%
77050Nook's Cranny & Rosie's HouseAnimal Crossing$89.00$119.9926%

Why are discounts based off RRP?

Big W often prices LEGO below RRP, which can make their discounted prices look less impressive then they are. For example if Big W’s normal price for a set with a $100 RRP is $70 and they are selling it for $50 during the sale, it will only look like a 29% discount, when it is actually a 50% discount compared to what other retailers/LEGO are selling it for,

2 thoughts on “On sale: All the LEGO deals from the Big W Toy Sale

  1. Steven Reply

    Not even 20% off so it’s a pass for most of it. Got Simba and the Source Dragon that’s all.

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