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LEGO Announces New Art Range

Are you a very serious adult LEGO fan, looking for some artwork to class up your house? LEGO has you covered with this new range of artistic creations.


The LEGO art range is a collection of 48×48 stud mosaic builds that will each set you back $200 here in Australia. Each set has parts to build a few different variations – for example the Iron Man set will allow you to build on of three suits. The Iron Man and Sith sets allow you to create larger mosaics if you choose to buy 3 of those particular sets.

To enhance the building experience each set comes with a podcast to listen to while you create your set.

If that wasn’t enough to get you over the line each set includes a new double width brick separator!

Check out more detail and images of each set below…

Mickey & Minnie or a Crocodile – Which July 1st release are you excited about?

There are just a few hours left in the first half of 2020, which means that two big exclusives will be available very soon…

43179 Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters


10277 Crocodile Locomotive


Which of these sets are you most excited about? Anybody planning to get both?

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No General Release For Monkie Kid In 2020

In the new LEGO catalogue for the second half of 2020 there was one whole theme that seemed to be missing – Monkie Kid.

I decided to get in touch with LEGO Australia to see if there was a particular reason for that. It turns out that there is… Monkie Kid will not have a regular retail release in 2020.


What does this mean? If you want to get some of the Monkie Kid sets you are going to need to head to directly [affiliate link] or head in to your local LEGO Certified store. It also means that there isn’t much chance of getting these sets at a discount.

I was informed that currently there are no set plans for 2021, so future waves may or may not be released. Also it’s possible that plans can change and somebody will be stocking Monkie Kid in the future, but the current plan is definitely no general release.

On Sale: 20% Off At Target

Target 200x200

Once upon a time Target proclaimed to have the “greatest toy sale on Earth”. These days things are a bit less hyperbolic.

Kicking off today is a regular 20% off LEGO (and a range of other toys). The offer is available both online and in-store until July 15th.

You can check out Target’s range here.

DOTS – Weird or Wonderful?


LEGO surprised a lot of people this year with the announcement of LEGO DOTS. It was in some ways an evolution of what they attempted with Scala’s jewellery sets, but those similarities were fairly surface level. DOTS is something a bit different.

The theme is not just LEGO branded jewellery, it’s essentially a full range of art and craft projects that just happens to include some bracelets. There is a reasonably broad range of items on offer, all with the common denominator of being customised by LEGO elements.

It’s those elements that makes DOTS something interesting. Rather than featuring weird new parts the customisation and decoration happens primarily with a variety of 1×1 elements. There are 1×1 round tiles, 1×1 quarter tiles, 1×1 square tiles. There’s just a lot of tiny elements. Thankfully the larger sets include sorting trays.

To get enough of a play to really form an impression of the theme I got a collection of items: 3 of the bracelets (41900 Rainbow Bracelet, 41912 Love Birds Bracelet and 41903 Cosmic Wonder Bracelet), 3 packets of 41908 Extra DOTS, 41904 Animal Picture Holders and 41906 Pineapple Pencil Holder.


RRP for the collection that I got is $107.92 but each part can be found cheaper than RRP pretty easily.

LEGO Ideas Review Results – 3 New Sets Announced

Overnight the LEGO Ideas team announced the results of the latest review. This review covered sets from the third 2019 period.

In total there were 12 sets included in the review and 3 have passed, meaning they will eventually hit shelves.

Here are the 3 sets coming soon…

Home Alone. McCallister’s House


This is one that I did not expect at all. While I like Home Alone I never really thought that it needed a LEGO set. The build looks great and should end up being a fairly big set if LEGO doesn’t change it too much.

LEGO Typewriter


I quite like when a non-licensed project manages to get over the line in LEGO Ideas. I think the typewriter could be an interesting set when the final product lands.

Seinfeld 30th Anniversary


Congratulations to Australia’s own Brent Waller, the designer behind this project. Brent’s name may be familiar to people who have been following LEGO Ideas for a while – he is the designer of the Ghostbusters ECTO-1 product.

I am personally not a huge Seinfeld fan but I know it has a huge following out there.

Which of these 3 sets are you most excited to get?

My International Space Station Came With A Bonus Play Feature


The LEGO Ideas International Space Station is not really intended to be a playset. It’s a serious set for people who like space and want a cool display piece. It’s marked 16+ on the box for a reason. It does a fantastic job of being a display piece, with a high level of accuracy to the source. It’s also huge – much bigger than I expected it to be.


While this set looks great on a shelf, it’s not the sort of thing you give to a little kid for them to play out their ISS role play games.

That’s true for most of these sets – but my International Space Station came with a bonus play feature that I think makes it way cooler.

On Sale: 20% Off At David Jones When You Buy 2 or More

David Jones Logo

David Jones don’t usually bother with criteria for their sales. They’ll pick a percentage and that’s it. This time however they are making things just a little bit more difficult.

On offer is 20% off toys, including LEGO, if you buy two or more full priced items. It should be pretty easy to qualify for this one at least.

The sale ends July 19th.

You can find the David Jones LEGO range here.

Myer 2020 Toy Sale – All The LEGO Deals


Myer have finally revealed the details of their mid-year to sale – by starting it immediately without any prior warning. The sale runs until July 19th.

They have a number of larger sets at reduced prices including usually excluded Creator Expert and Ideas sets. Unfortunately it looks like some of these are already out of stock (sorry everybody).

There is also 20% of City and Duplo, while Friends gets 25% off.

You can check out the catalogue here, or this page should feature the LEGO deals. I’ve included a table of the discounts below.

Should you buy them – Ninjago Arcade Pods

I’ve never kept up with the lore of Ninjago, so when I got the Ninjago Arcade Pods it wasn’t because of how they tied in to the larger Ninjago universe, it was because they looked interesting.

So, in the opinion of a guy who has no idea what is going on… should you buy them?


To be honest I’d say probably skip these, unless you really want the parts or minifigures.

There are 3 different Arcade Pods in the range, each in a different colour to tie in to the specific character included. Each arcade pod comes with two full minifigures.


Each arcade pod includes a slightly different weapon made with a translucent green element and a game controller handle. The game controller weapon handle is an interesting concept and a cool element.

The pods themselves are really interesting. Comprised of a large front piece, a rear panel that clips in to form a hinged opening and a 6×6 plate to create a floor. The front ‘screen’ is also a separate trans clear panel piece.