Quick Take: 21057 Singapore

The LEGO architecture line is one that I don’t actively seek out but I have found that whenever one of the sets crosses my path I end up having a …

Beyond the butthole

I assume by now that you are familiar with the butthole tiger, or as LEGO likes to call it “31129 Majestic Tiger”. This 2022 Creator set has become iconic for it’s attention to detail. I’m talking about the butthole. The same way that everybody is talking about the butthole.

But I want to go beyond the butthole. Because there is way more to this set than the butthole.

41707 Tree Planting Vehicle – Should you buy it?

Today I am going to be looking at a set the celebrates the beauty of nature and also comes with an awesome ute. Oh, and did I mention it’s a Friends set?

Critics of the Friends theme like to say that the sets are too girly and use outdated gender stereotypes. While that might have been valid in the early days of the theme 41707 Tree-Planting Vehicle is a great example of where the theme is now.

Quick Take: 40450 Lion Dance Guy

LEGO has really embraced Chinese New Year over the last few years with some absolutely fantastic sets. Is it a cynical ploy to win over the Chinese market? Of course. …

21325 Medieval Blacksmith review (but mainly about goats)

The LEGO goat has become one of the more valuable pieces lately. In fact I’m hoping to retire early thanks to the two I own. But as interesting as the goat market is, there was meant to be a crash this year with the LEGO Ideas Blacksmith pitched with at least one goat.

The final product is sadly goatless. Or is it? Join me as I review the LEGO Ideas Blacksmith but specifically looking for goats.