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Double VIP Points Now Live


From today (July 13th) until July 19th you can get double VIP points on all of your orders.

It certainly makes some of those exclusives a little more tempting doesn’t it?

Head over to now and get shopping. [affiliate link]

Let me know in the comments if you are getting anything.

On Sale: 20% Off At Target

Target 200x200

Once upon a time Target proclaimed to have the “greatest toy sale on Earth”. These days things are a bit less hyperbolic.

Kicking off today is a regular 20% off LEGO (and a range of other toys). The offer is available both online and in-store until July 15th.

You can check out Target’s range here.

Myer 2020 Toy Sale – All The LEGO Deals


Myer have finally revealed the details of their mid-year to sale – by starting it immediately without any prior warning. The sale runs until July 19th.

They have a number of larger sets at reduced prices including usually excluded Creator Expert and Ideas sets. Unfortunately it looks like some of these are already out of stock (sorry everybody).

There is also 20% of City and Duplo, while Friends gets 25% off.

You can check out the catalogue here, or this page should feature the LEGO deals. I’ve included a table of the discounts below.

On Sale: Buy 1, Get 1 Half Price At Myer [25% Off]

Myer Super Weekend March 2015

Myer are having another Super Weekend sale and hidden among the clothes and makeup offers is one of the better LEGO deals that Myer offer.

From today until Sunday you can get 25% off most LEGO when you buy two or more items. It’s advertised as 50% off your second item but Myer still haven’t coded their website properly so you’ll get 25% off everything as long as you have at least 2 eligible items in your cart.

This type of sale probably leads to a weird spike in the sale of DOTS bands.

You can check out the full LEGO range here. [affiliate link]

As usual there are exclusions to the offer: Creator Expert, Ideas, and 71043 Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle and 76139 Batmobile.

Thanks to Nichole and Chris for letting me know about this.

Big W Toy Sale 2020 – Bonus Deals

Big W 2017 Logo

Big W has today released a new Toy Sale catalogue with a few extra LEGO offers. This one has the big stuff that is going to strike fear in to your bank accounts.

Both Hogwarts Castle and the Millennium Falcon are available at over 20% off RRP.

The offers are online only so they may be tricky to get. I suggest checking very early when the clock ticks over to June 16th.

You can find this additional catalogue here or see the offers below. The main Big W toy sale details can be found here.

New Releases Now Listed At Amazon

Amazon Australia Thumb

Amazon Australia have added listings for a heap of the new June releases. Prices seem pretty good for most of the sets, comparable to Kmart pricing for the most part.

Note that Amazon acts as a marketplace so once the Amazon AU sold item sells out you’ll see listing from other sellers. Check the price and seller before you make a purchase. Prices were accurate at the time I collated the information but Amazon often adjusts stuff.

Also some of these sets are “temporarily out of stock” so will be shipped when they become available.

This article features affiliate links.

Set #
Amazon Price
Amazon Discount
City60261Central Airport$79.99$61.0924%View
City60262Passenger Airplane$159.99$122.0724%View
City60263Ocean Mini-Submarine$15.99$15.990%View
City60264Ocean Exploration Submarine$49.99$39.7620%View
City60265Ocean Exploration Base$119.99$91.5424%View
City60266Ocean Exploration Ship$179.99$137.3424%View
Creator31107Space Rover Explorer$69.99$53.3924%View
Creator31108Caravan Family Holiday$119.99$91.5624%View
Creator31109Pirate Ship$159.99$122.0724%View
DC Super Heroes76158Batboat The Penguin Pursuit!$19.99$19.990%View
DC Super Heroes76159Joker's Trike Chase$69.99$60.2814%View
DC Super Heroes76160Mobile Bat Base$149.99$129.1714%View
DOTS41907Desk Organiser$29.99$28.296%View
DOTS41911Go Team! Bracelet$9.99$9.990%View
DOTS41913Bracelet Mega Pack$39.99$33.7416%View
DOTS41914Creative Picture Frames$29.99$26.9510%View
DOTS41915Jewelry Box$29.99$26.9510%View
DOTS41916Extra DOTS - Series 2$5.99$6.000%View
DOTS41917Magic Forest Bracelet$9.99$9.990%View
DOTS41919Power Bracelet$9.99$9.990%View
Duplo10922Ariel's Undersea Castle$39.99$36.688%View
Duplo10924Lightning McQueen's Race Day$49.99$43.7812%View
Duplo10931Truck & Tracked Excavator$29.99$27.0710%View
Friends413984+ Stephanie's House$49.99$39.7620%View
Friends41421Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue$29.99$25.7414%View
Friends41422Panda Jungle Tree House$49.99$39.7620%View
Friends41423Tiger Hot Air Balloon Jungle Rescue$69.99$53.4024%View
Friends41424Jungle Rescue Base$159.99$122.0824%View
Friends41425Olivia's Flower Garden$15.99$15.990%View
Friends41426Heartlake City Park Café$29.99$25.7414%View
Friends41427Emma's Fashion Shop$49.99$39.7620%View
Friends41428Beach House$79.99$61.0924%View
Friends41429Heartlake City Airplane$89.99$68.6624%View
Friends41430Summer Fun Water Park$179.99$137.3424%View
Friends41432Alpaca Mountain Jungle Rescue$89.99$68.6624%View
Friends41433Party Boat$159.99$122.0824%View
Harry Potter75966Hogwarts Room of Requirement$29.99$28.176%View
Harry Potter75967Forbidden Forest: Umbridge's Encounter$49.99$43.0514%View
Harry Potter759684 Privet Drive$99.99$86.1014%View
Harry Potter75969Hogwarts Astronomy Tower$179.99$155.0014%View
Harry Potter75979Hedwig$69.99$60.2814%View
Hidden Side70433J.B.'s Submarine$29.99$25.7414%View
Hidden Side70434Supernatural Race Car$49.99$39.7620%View
Hidden Side70435Newbury Abandoned Prison$59.99$46.0323%View
Hidden Side70436Phantom Fire Truck 3000$99.99$76.3024%View
Hidden Side70437Mystery Castle$159.99$122.0724%View
Marvel76152Avengers Wrath of Loki$89.99$77.5014%View
Marvel76153Avengers Helicarrier$199.99$172.2214%View
Ninjago70685Spinjitzu Burst - Cole$15.99$15.990%View
Ninjago70686Spinjitzu Burst - Kai$15.99$15.990%View
Ninjago70687Spinjitzu Burst - Lloyd$15.99$15.990%View
Ninjago71703Storm Fighter Battle$49.99$39.7620%View
Ninjago71704Kai Fighter$79.99$61.0524%View
Ninjago71705Destiny's Bounty$199.99$152.5924%View
Ninjago71717Journey to the Skull Dungeons$49.99$39.7520%View
Ninjago71718Wu's Battle Dragon$29.99$25.7414%View
Ninjago71719Zane's Mino Creature$79.99$61.0324%View
Ninjago71720Fire Stone Mech$99.99$76.3024%View
Ninjago71721Skull Sorcerer's Dragon$119.99$91.5624%View
Ninjago71722Skull Sorcerer's Dungeons$169.99$129.7024%View
Super Mario71360Adventures with Mario Starter Course$89.99$89.001%View
Technic42107Ducati Panigale V4 R$89.99$77.5014%View

Big W Toy Sale 2020 – All The LEGO Deals

I think Big W are the only retailer that still go to a lot of effort for a big mid-year toy sale. Despite all of the challenges that 2020 has presented, this year’s sale is still going ahead.


With the catalogue now officially available I’ve collated all of the LEGO deals so you can see what is worth getting and what’s worth leaving on the shelf.

The Big W toy sale kicks off online on June 16th and in-store on June 18th. The sale runs until July 15th so you’ve got plenty of time.

Check out the catalogue for yourself here and see all the details in the table below. Please note that discount and discount percentage are based off RRP and not regular Big W pricing. There are a lot of sets included so you may want to use the search function on the table to find what you are after.

On Sale: 20% Off At Myer


Myer have kicked off their mid-year Stocktake Sale and they are offering a discount on LEGO.

From today (May 28th) until June 1st you can get 20% off most LEGO. It’s Myer so of course there are exclusions to mention: Creator Expert, Ideas, and 71043 Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle and 76139 Batmobile.

You can find the online range here. [affiliate link]

I know that stock seems to be very limited, as it is everywhere, but hopefully you can find something you are after.

On Sale: 20% Off At David Jones

David Jones Logo

David Jones have just kicked off a 20% off sale both in-store and online. There are no exclusions S anything and everything is included.

The biggest issue is probably that stock seems very limited. For example online there are no Creator Expert sets listsd.

You can find what is available online here.

The sale runs until June 8th.

On Sale: Super Weekend At Myer


It’s another Super Weekend at Myer!

The advertised offer is 50% off your second item when you buy two or more. What you actually get is 25% off everything when you buy two or more items. I really hope Myer never manage to fix this glitch.

There are the usual exclusions: Creator Expert, Ideas, and 71043 Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle and 76139 Batmobile.

You can find the full LEGO range here. And you might want to head straight to the DOTS theme for something cheap. [affiliate links]

The sale ends Sunday May 17th.