Brickvention 2015

Event Details

Brickvention is an Australian based convention for LEGO® fans.

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Brickvention is a volunteer-run, Australian-based convention and public display for LEGO® fans. It is a two-day event that brings together LEGO fans of all ages from all over Australia to view original and unusual creations built by Australian modelers and collectors. So, if you love LEGO, come along and view the amazing creations and models made out of LEGO.

The event features a huge collection of LEGO models including trains, castles, pirate ships, Star Wars™, space ships, planes, buildings, sculptures and many more. There will also be competitions and LEGO sets and merchandise for sale.

Session Times

Saturday 17 JanuarySunday 18 January
9:00 AMSold out9:00 AMSold out
9:40 AMSold out9:40 AMOpen
10:20 AMSold out10:20 AMSold out
11:00 AMSold out11:00 AMSold out
11:40 AMSold out11:40 AMOpen
12:20 PMOpen12:20 PMOpen
1:00 PM< 20 Available1:00 PMOpen
1:40 PMOpen1:40 PMOpen
2:20 PMOpen2:20 PMOpen
3:00 PMOpen3:00 PMOpen
3:40 PMOpen3:40 PMOpen

Ticket Prices

  • Adult: $14
  • Child: $7

You can learn more about this event at

Session information correct as on 18/12/2014


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