On Sale: Save up to $150 at David Jones

Are you a David Jones member? Me neither. But now could be the time to sign up.

From today (August 4th) until Sunday August 9th you can save up to $150 on your LEGO purchase.


Here’s how the deal works:

Spend >$500, save $150
Spend $300-$500, save $75
Spend $150-$300, save $30

These aren’t percentage discounts so if your order is sitting at $290, you’ll want to bump it up to $300.

Obviously the best deal is $150 off $500, so it might be time to stock up.

You can find the David Jones LEGO range here.

Getting started with LEGO Mario

LEGO Mario is here. The icon of the gaming world now has his own LEGO theme. If you know Nintendo then you know that they like to do weird stuff. They released a range of accessories for the Switch that you make yourself out of cardboard. A lot of people wanted this collaboration to be standard minifigure sets, but I don’t think Nintendo were going to go with the safe option.


LEGO was awesome and sent me the full product line-up to review. Today I am going to be looking specifically at 71360 Adventures with Mario Starter Course. I’ll be checking out the expansion sets in a separate post soon.

And here’s a quick video showing you how it all works:

The key to this whole theme is the interactive LEGO Mario figure that can only be found in 71360 Adventures with Mario Starter Course. He’s big and blocky and definitely not a minifigure. I did think it was a bit weird when I saw that first teaser, but once I realised the tech he was filled with I understood the decision. Opening up the set and putting Mario together I immediately found him a lot cuter than I expected. Yes he’s big but he’s not that big.

Get ready – August has some big releases!

Tonight July wraps up and we officially kick over in to August. It just so happens that August 1st is the official release date of a heap of exciting LEGO products. Now’s the time to get all your tabs ready because I think a lot of this stuff is going to sell out super quick.

Here’s what is coming up…

[affiliate links below]

71374 Nintendo Entertainment System – $349.99


This homage to the original NES can be yours for $349.99. The set includes a vintage style TV and the NES itself. The TV features a scrolling Mario level and if you place the LEGO Mario figure on top it will provide sounds for you.

21323 Grand Piano – $529.99


One for music enthusiasts, the Grand Piano is a Power Function enabled creation that looks massive.

LEGO Super Mario Range


LEGO are releasing a LOT of LEGO Mario sets tomorrow. If you want to get involved in the fun the key is going to be the starter pack – you need that to use any of the other sets.



Have you been watching that blank spot on your wall eagerly awaiting the release of the LEGO Art range? Well the wait is almost over. There’s Iron Man, The Beatles, Marilyn and Star Wars.

New Monkie Kid


It’s not just the big ticket items released tomorrow. There are 3 new Monkie Kid sets released too; The Flaming Foundry for $229.99, Monkie Kid’s Cloud Roadster for $99.99, Sandy’s Speedboat for $79.99

New Technic


The Osprey might be cancelled but there are still two new Technic sets released; 6×6 Volvo Articulated Hauler for $379.99 and Concrete Mixer Truck for $179.99.

New Star Wars


Do people still like Star Wars? For those of you who do the following new sets will be released tomorrow;

  • AT-AT™ for $249.99
  • Death Star™ Final Duel for $169.99
  • Resistance I-TS Transport for $159.99
  • General Grievous’s Starfighter™ for $119.99
  • Knights of Ren™ Transport Ship for $119.99
  • Armored Assault Tank (AAT™) for $59.99
  • LEGO® Star Wars™ Advent Calendar for $49.99
  • Anakin’s Jedi™ Interceptor for $44.99
  • The Razor Crest for $199.99
  • The Mandalorian™ & the Child for $29.99
  • 501st Legion™ Clone Troopers for $44.99

On Sale: 15% Off Selected Items With eBay Plus

eBay 200

If like me you keep forgetting to cancel your eBay Plus membership, you might be interested in this exclusive eBay Plus offer.

From today (July 27th) until August 3rd you can get 15% off a range of items including a bunch of LEGO listings.

To take advantage of the offer you will need to enter the code P15SAVE at checkout on eligible items and have an active eBay Plus account.

This link should give you a heap of LEGO listings, but I am not sure if it’s everything included [affiliate link]. It looks like Toys R Us and Hobby Warehouse are the main sellers involved.

As always with eBay offers check the listing price before discount as price jacking does happen.

LEGO Ideas launches fan vote for a new book aimed at AFOLs

LEGO Ideas is asking for your help to pick the subject of a new book aimed at the AFOL community. The title that wins the fan vote will then be published via the crowdfunding book platform Unbound.

There are three different titles up for consideration… ”Brick Museum”, “100 bricks that built LEGO history” or ”secret life of LEGO bricks”.


They all seem like topics that would make for interesting reading for AFOLs.

The official voting page should be up soon on https://ideas.lego.com/. The voting period will end at 16:00 p.m. CEST on Sunday 9th August, 2020, after which the winning book will be announced on LEGO Ideas. From there the winning title will be listed on Unbound where those who pre-order will get their name in the book, along with some other perks on offer.

Check out the full press release below for more details.

LEGO®? Ideas launches fan vote for a new LEGO book aimed at AFOLs (Adult Fan of LEGO)

LEGO Publishing, a division of the LEGO Group, is excited to announce a public vote on LEGO Ideas to choose the direction for a new book celebrating the rich history of the iconic LEGO brick, made in collaboration with AFOLs.

Will fans want to wander the pages of the “Brick Museum”, discover the “100 bricks that built LEGO history” (are your favourites included?), or uncover the “secret life of LEGO bricks”?

Developed with input from a group of AFOL “ambassadors,” each of the three book ideas is a different spin on showcasing the extraordinary variety of LEGO elements, from monorail tracks and wheels to smart bricks, the Mask of Life from BIONICLE®?, and many more. These elements and the beloved sets they appeared in will provide the springboard to tell stories from the designers, managers and technicians who brought them to life, showcased with artefacts from the LEGO Archive in Billund, Denmark.

Three book titles and brief descriptions will go live on LEGO Ideas at 16:00 p.m. CEST on 24 July, 2020, and fans will be invited to vote for the book they would most like to see made. They can even suggest favorite LEGO elements they’d like to see included in the book. The winning book will be written by lifelong LEGO fan and US editor of Blocks magazine Daniel Konstanski. The voting period will end at 16:00 p.m. CEST on Sunday 9th August, 2020, after which the winning book will be announced on LEGO Ideas.

A collaboration between AMEET, the LEGO Group’s global strategic publishing partner, and crowdfunding publisher Unbound, the book is an exclusive, once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of LEGO’s history! It will become available for crowdfunding through Unbound’s website. Every fan who pre-orders will get their name printed in the back of the book, with further opportunities to pledge for additional must-have rewards from the LEGO Group.

Robin James Pearson, Head of Publishing at The LEGO Group, said: “We are thrilled to be working closely with the AFOL community to identify, co-create, and publish unique books that satisfy the great thirst for knowledge of our adult fans. There have been a number of books published about The LEGO Group and the LEGO brick over the years, but this is the first time we have had the opportunity to work directly with the adult fan community to discover what titles that they would like to see on their bookshelves.”

What are you waiting for? Make your choice on LEGO Ideas!

Official Details of 21323 Grand Piano

As you may have guessed from the LEGO Facebook teaser, it’s time to officially unveil the final product version of the LEGO Ideas piano.

Introducing 21323 Grand Piano

$529.99 – Available August 1st


Coming in at 3,662 pieces and measuring 22.5cm high, 30.5cm wide and 35.5cm deep when closed this is a big model.


That large size has allowed the designers to integrate Powered Up elements, taking this model from a display piece to something that you can interact with. You can either play a tune yourself or put it on automatic mode. This interactivity is created with a motor, hub and a sensor element. Obviously you will also need a compatible smart device.


While the original Ideas submission featured strings I think the Powered Up approach is an interesting one. It does drive the price up though.

I’m not a very musical person so this one isn’t going to make my must have list but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments if this is one you’ll be grabbing.

The full image gallery and product description can be found below.

Update: LEGO Technic Osprey Officially Cancelled

After yesterday’s news that the Technic Osprey was postponed there was still a little bit of hope that the set may be released at a later date. Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen. LEGO have now confirmed that the set will not be released.


Here’s the official updated statement from LEGO:

The LEGO Technic Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey was designed to highlight the important role the aircraft plays in search and rescue efforts. While the set clearly depicts how a rescue version of the plane might look, the aircraft is only used by the military.?We have a long-standing policy not to create sets which feature real military vehicles, so it has been decided not to proceed with the launch of this product.

We appreciate that some fans who were looking forward to this set may be disappointed, but we believe it’s important to ensure that we uphold our brand values.

With the cancellation happening so close to release, it seems highly likely that these sets are going to show up in random places over the coming months. It’s going to be a real collectors item.

This feels like a bad decision to me. LEGO have been pretty loose with the rules about what is or is not acceptable for a long time. I get not having military vehicles but I don’t understand why that rules out private sector versions of vehicles with military use.

Let me know what you think of this move.

Review: 10273 Haunted House

Since 2014 LEGO has been releasing amusement rides under the Creator Expert range. This year LEGO has killed the Creator Expert theme but introduced a new name for all of their amusement ride sets -The Fairground Collection. The latest addition is 10273 Haunted House.

Should you add this one to your collection or give this a miss? Read on to hear my thoughts.


When I first heard that LEGO was producing a Haunted House set I thought it would be a standalone set, possibly even a remake of 10228 Haunted House from 2012′s Monster Fighters theme. That would have been cool but the fact that this is actually a fairground ride is actually a more interesting take in my opinion.

The Build

This set is an 18+ set with 3231 pieces so as you would expect it’s a complex build, here split over 18 sections. I think the breakdown of the set is fairly good with each section containing enough parts to be engaging, but each bit won’t take too long.

Technic Osprey Postponed, Possibly Cancelled

I’ve got some bad news for LEGO Technic fans this morning.

Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey (42113)

42113 Bell™ Boeing™ V-22 Osprey™ has officially been postponed, and possibly cancelled.

While this version of the Osprey is based on search & rescue work, the fact that the Osprey is primarily a military aircraft has become an issue.

Here’s the official statement from LEGO…

The LEGO Technic Bell Boeing Osprey V-22 was designed to highlight the important role the aircraft plays in search and rescue efforts.

While our set depicts a rescue version of the plane, the aircraft is predominately used by the military. We have a long-standing policy not to create sets which feature military vehicles and in this case we have not adhered to our own internal guidelines.

As a result, we are currently reviewing our plans to launch this product on August 1.

Free Mini Gingerbread House Now Available

I’m not sure if it’s a Christmas in July thing or if LEGO is just wanting you to be super prepared for real Christmas but right now if you spend $159 or more at the Australian online LEGO store you will get this cute little Gingerbread House for free.


This promotional set first appeared last year and is a great shrunk down version of the larger Creator Expert Gingerbread House released last year.

The offer ends July 31st 2020. You can find more details of the offer and start shopping here [affiliate link].