LEGO Announces 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

Those of us LEGO fans that love everything space have been spoiled in recent years, and that continues with this exciting announcement.

Introducing 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery


This 2,354 piece sets recreates both the iconic Discovery Space Shuttle orbiter and Hubble Telescope. The orbiter features functional landing gear, payload bay doors, elevons and rudder.


The Hubble Telescope can be folded and contained within the payload bay or expanded with its solar array and displayed separately. There are two stands and plaques included.


This looks like an absolutely fantastic display piece.

It will set you back $299.99 here when it is released on April 1st.

Check out additional images and the official details below.

Review: Periodic Table of LEGO Colors

If you are an AFOL there’s a decent chance you have seen the original Periodic table of LEGO colours product. It was kind of all over the internet last year and I know a lot of people grabbed one. The people behind the product – We Love What You Build – have now released a new version.


The WLWYB team was kind enough to send me a copy of the 2021 product and over an exclusive deal for Bricking Around readers that you can find at the end of this article.

The concept of the periodic table of LEGO colours is simple: a chart with all of the LEGO colours. The key to a simple idea is the execution. So have they nailed it? Yeah they have.


It’s Pooh time!

After some initial confusion regarding the release time I am pleased to announce that LEGO Ideas 21326 Winnie the Pooh is now available for VIPs.


You can order yours here [Affiliate link]


Easter Bunny’s Carrot House promotion now live

The super cute Easter Bunny Carrot House promotional set is now available.


To get your GWP you’ll need to spend over $139. The promotion runs from today (15th March) until 5th April, or while stocks last.

It’s quite rare that you get two promotions happening at the same time at the LEGO online store, but if you get in quick that’s exactly what you’ll get at the moment as the Amelia Earhart GWP is still running. Technically there are 3 promos running but the other requires a Monkie Kid purchase.

You can find the details of all current promotions here.

Brickman exhibitions are kicking off across the country

Brickman Ryan McNaught and his team of builders have been hard at work on a new exhibition launching in Melbourne, while past displays are returning to Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Here are the details…

Jurassic World by Brickman – Melbourne


The major new exhibition from Ryan and his team sees millions of bricks used to recreate the world of Jurassic World. From the iconic entry gate to iconic dinosaurs like the T-Rex this event is a must see for LEGO and Dinosaur fans.

The event runs from 1st April – 31st May at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. For more information and to book your tickets head to

No dates have been confirmed but I assume this will come to other cities, pending any border closures etc.

Brickman LEGO Cities – Sydney Tower Eye


As part of the 40th anniversary celebrations the Sydney Tower Eye will be hosting the LEGO Cities exhibition. This display features over 30 builds including eight massive never-before-seen-in-Sydney LEGO® brick skyscrapers. The Sydney Tower Eye Ticket also features: LEGO® 4D Movies, Emmet Meet & Greet Sessions, LEGO® Make & Take Experience, and more interactive experiences in front of the best views of Sydney!

This event runs from 26th March – 11th July. You can find out more information and get your tickets here

Brickman Wonders of the World – Dreamworld


If you are heading to Dreamworld these school holidays you will be able to take in the historical Brickman Wonders of the World display. This exhibition includes over 45 large scale displays.

This event runs from 27th March – 18th April. Entry is included with your Dreamworld ticket (unlike the LEGO store you’ll need to go in to the park to access this exhibition). More information can be found here

Amelia Earhart GWP now available

While the LEGO stores around the country offered this a few weeks ago I know a lot of people were hanging out for an online store release. Well now LEGO have pulled the trigger and the Amelia Earhart Tribute set is available.


You’ll need to spend $199 or more to get your hands on this one. The offer ends March 14, if it lasts that long.

All the details can be found here.

LEGO was kind enough to send me one of these so keep and eye out for my thoughts soon.

Official details of 21326 Winnie the Pooh

Tonight LEGO have officially revealed the highly anticipated LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh set.


The set comes with all of the characters you’d expect – Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, and Eeyore each with their own accessories.


At 1265 pieces this looks like a fantastic build full of details.

The set will be available March 18th for VIPs and April 1st for everybody else. Australian RRP is $159.99

Honestly this just looks amazing and I’m not sure what else to say. Check out the official press release and pictures below.

On Sale: 20% off Duplo and Creator at Target

Target 200x200

Target is having a 20% off sale on a random selection of toy brands. Unfortunately it doesn’t include all LEGO but both Creator and Duplo are included. Perfect time to pick up some 3-in-1 builds and some bricks for the little ones.

The offer kicks off today (March 4th) and runs until Monday March 8th.

You can find all of the included sets here.

Who has the best Vidiyo prices?

LEGO Vidiyo has officially been released, with sets now widely available in stores across the country and online.


But who has the best prices? There are 7 different products in the range (not counting the total number of different bandmates) and across all of them Kmart and Big W have the best prices.

Kmart and Big W are charging $19 for the BeatBox sets and $5 for the blind box Bandmates.

Target have priced themselves right out of the fight by charging $3 more for the BeatBox sets.

Surprisingly Amazon still have these at RRP and haven’t matched the Kmart/Big W pricing. If you are looking for quick and easy delivery it might be worth keeping an eye on the Amazon listings to see if they are lowered.

Here are the links for each store

Bricking Around newsroom in crisis as Facebook bans us

Did you know that Bricking Around is created by a team of journalists, working around the clock to bring you the latest LEGO news? Me either, but Facebook has decided that the Bricking Around Facebook page had to go as part of their response to the Australian Government’s proposed Media Bargaining Code legislation.

Pictured: Not the Bricking Around newsroom. Just a random photo I found

Pictured: Not the Bricking Around newsroom. Just a random photo I found

I am hoping that this was just a over-enthusiastic move by a rapidly written algorithm and the page will be restored soon. But if not be assured that there are other ways that you can make sure you don’t miss any Bricking Around content.

You can subscribe to emails from Bricking Around in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page on mobile. Subscribers will receive an email every time a new post goes up. If the Facebook move becomes more permanent and long term I might look in to doing a more structured weekly newsletter, but for the time being this subscribe option is a great way to not miss anything.

The Twitter page is still up and posts automatically get posted there.

It appears that Bricking Around content can still be shared by other users at this stage. This means that if you see a post that you like you can still share that yourself. For example you could post this article on your personal feed. You could even tag your grandmother! You can also share posts in Facebook Groups that you are part of.