21325 Medieval Blacksmith review (but mainly about goats)

The LEGO goat has become one of the more valuable pieces lately. In fact I’m hoping to retire early thanks to the two I own. But as interesting as the goat market is, there was meant to be a crash this year with the LEGO Ideas Blacksmith pitched with at least one goat.

The final product is sadly goatless. Or is it? Join me as I review the LEGO Ideas Blacksmith but specifically looking for goats.

Retail release schedule for 1HY 2022

I have something of a New Year’s day tradition – searching for the new LEGO catalogue and spending hours writing up when you’ll find all the cool 2022 sets in store.

It’s late but I have compiled a list of everything listed in the new catalogue and when you’ll find it in stores.

This year seems to follow the general trend of when sets appear in stores. The biggest surprise might be the City space sets not appearing until March.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of the Bricking Around community. May your stockings make the unmistakable rattle of LEGO sets. I’ll be doing my best to cover all the the Boxing …