Should you buy it? 75979 Hedwig

After my first taste of the world of Harry Potter with Diagon Alley I am back with my second Wizardy set review.  As part of my latest order from LEGO I decided to add in 75979 Hedwig simply because it seemed to be really popular. It’s also pretty cool looking.

In the opinion of somebody who doesn’t know his butterbeer from his Buckbeak, should you buy it?


LEGO Certified Store coming to South Australia

Despite the fact that some South Australians insist on pronouncing LEGO weirdly (Lay-go? What?) Alceon have decided that Westfield Marion will be the location of the next LEGO Certified store.

Opening some time “in the coming weeks” the store will be the first in South Australia.


While this is great news for our South Australian readers hopefully it’s a sign that more stores may start opening in other areas like Perth and Canberra.

Check out the official press release below, and if any South Australian readers spot hoardings up at Westfield Marion send me through a pic!

On Sale: 20% Off 2 or more at Myer


I missed this one earlier today when it started but I’m here now to let you know about the latest offer from Myer.

From today (October 8th) until October 11th you can get 20% off when you buy two or more toys. You don’t have to get two LEGO sets but why would you get anything else?

There are of course some exclusions: Art, Creator Expert, Ideas, Super Mario, 51515 Mindstorms, 71043 Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, 76139 Batmobile and 42115 Lamborghini Sian Fkp 37.

If those exclusions haven’t put you off head here and check out the range. [affiliate link]

Thanks to everybody who reminded me about this one.


Double VIP Points from October 8-20

Double VIP Thumb New

People who have been LEGO fans for a few years won’t be shocked to learn that LEGO is once again doing a Double VIP point period in October. It really has become something of an annual tradition.

This year the Double VIP period runs from October 8th until October 20th. Which means it ends just before the VIP release of the Batwing, weird.

I’m not sure exactly what you are going to buy to earn your double VIP points as most of the popular exclusives are out of stock again/still. If you do find something worth getting let me know.

Head over to now to start shopping [Affiliate link].

Celebrate Spring in Australia with 40424 Snowball Fight

As we all know, LEGO is based out of Denmark. A country that is in the Northern Hemisphere. As such, a lot of their releases don’t make a lot of sense seasonally here in Australia.

Allow me to introduce you to 40424 Snowball Fight. A set that I built on a 28 degree day here in Brisbane.


31107 Space Rover Explorer makes me want to rewatch The Martian

31107 Space Rover Explorer is not an officially licensed set related to the book or film The Martian. It kind of feels like there was some inspiration though.


Be warned – this article is going to contain spoilers for The Martian so if you haven’t seen the movie or read the book you might want to go do that first.

LEGO sent me Diagon Alley – Don’t tell them I’ve never read the books or seen the movies

A few weeks ago LEGO reached out to me with an offer – “Hey Michael, want to review something Harry Potter related?” Sure I said, assuming it was probably going to be the new Harry Potter minifigures. What arrived was the $599.99 Diagon Alley set. So let’s all agree not to tell LEGO that I’ve never actually seen a Harry Potter movie or read one of the books.


Welcome to a review of Diagon Alley unburdened by concerns about accuracy, powered by quick Google searches and wiki pages.

Diagon Alley apparently has a lot of shops but included here are 6, split across 4 separate sections. You essentially get 4 half-modulars. With the street split over 4 baseplates you do have some flexibility in terms of how you present the finished model.

LEGO X Levis products now available

Just a quick FYI – The LEGO Levi’s products are now available to order.




You can find the full range here.

October GWP promotion is now live

A new promotion has just gone live at Spend over $99 and receive a free “Build Your Own Vehicles” set. The set itself looks fairly small but hey, it’s free!


More details of the promotion can be found here. [affiliate link]

The only issue is going to be what to actually buy…

  • Diagon Alley™ – Out of stock
  • Grand Piano – Out of stock
  • Mos Eisley Cantina™ – Out of stock
  • Nintendo Entertainment System™ – Out of stock

The latest LEGO Ideas results are in…

LEGO Ideas has just shared the results of the first 2020 review. This review featured a record number of sets for consideration with so many people using lockdowns to vote and submit their own ideas.

I am sure there will be some disappointed people as only one product has passed the review…

Earth Globe


Sonic still under consideration…


If the Sonic project is one that had you excited it might not be over. This project is still under consideration and may yet become a project.

Music to our Ears Contest Review Results - Legendary Stratocaster


It may not have been part of the review but there is another Ideas product coming – Legendary Stratocaster. This one was part of the Music to our Ears contest.

Check out the details of what didn’t pass review on the LEGO Ideas blog.