On Sale: 20% off at Big W Online

Big W are having a limited time flash sale with a range of offers. The one that I think will interest you is 20% off toys.


It looks like not all LEGO is having the discount applied but there should be lots that is included. It seems the newer stuff is what’s not getting the discount.

The offer runs today and tomorrow (Feb 9 & 10) only.

You can check out Big W’s LEGO range here.

The latest LEGO Ideas review results – 34 rejected, 1 successful

The latest LEGO Ideas review results are in and it’s bad news for almost all of the fan creators.

This was a record breaking review results with 35 projects up for consideration. With so many potential sets I think a lot of people were expecting a couple of approved, but the end result was just one…

Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night


A huge congratulations to Truman Cheng as his Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night recreation has been selected as one of the next LEGO Ideas sets. Truman’s fan concept of one of the most famous paintings and painters illustrates a whole new way to think about LEGO art, which is truly remarkable.

34 projects rejected


Unfortunately there are 34 projects that didn’t make the cut. There are certainly some in that 34 that would have made a great set and some that I don’t think really had a chance.

Bonus surprise announcement… Sonic Green Hill Zone approved


This one was still under review from last round but LEGO have now officially approved this project. That’s right, Sonic will be back in LEGO form in the future.

What do you think of the overall results? You can read more about the review on the LEGO Ideas blog.

The 90th Anniversary Set “Top 3” vote will have 4 options

The LEGO Ideas team have tonight announced the top 3 themes from the first round of voting for the 90th Anniversary Set.

That top 3 is… Bionicle, Classic Space and Pirates.


However LEGO have admitted that they stuffed up by splitting the castle vote across so many sub-themes and to make things right they are adding Castle as a forth entry to the top 3 vote.

Which theme will take out the most votes? We’ll never know because this second round is secret with LEGO just picking the winner.

You can read more about the announcement, including round 1 numbers, on the LEGO Ideas blog.


Trying on a LEGO Ninjago x Hype t-shirt

Back in November 2020 LEGO sent me an email asking if I would be interested in reviewing a range of LEGO clothing for adults. It sounded like an interesting new range and I excitedly agreed. I was not expecting the LEGO Ninjago x Hype collaboration. A theme I don’t really follow combined with a UK streetwear brand clearly not well suited to overweight guys from Brisbane in their 30s. This is going to be something.


LEGO releases White Noise album

Do you love the sound of LEGO bricks and wish you could enjoy it even when you aren’t building? LEGO has you covered with a new album of white noise tracks all created using LEGO bricks.


There’s over 3 hours of audio across a variety of songs. There’s night time building and even 30 minutes of somebody pouring out bricks.

I’m not sure why you’d need to listen to this while building but it might be something to go to sleep to.

You can find the playlist on Spotify here but it is also on a number of other platforms such as Apple Music.

More information about LEGO White Noise can be found here.

Reminder: LEGO Ideas Blacksmith goes on sale tonight

It’s January 31st, New Years resolutions are in tatters and our bank accounts are finally starting to recover from Christmas. In just a few hours it will officially tick over to February and the LEGO Ideas Blacksmith will become available.


You’ll be able to pick this up here for $249.99. [affiliate link]

Who’s planning on picking this up?

The Porsche 911 joins LEGO’s car collection

The Creator Expert range has lead to fantastic reproductions of some true motoring icons, and while the Creator Expert branding is gone the range isn’t…

Introducing 10295 Porsche 911 TURBO and 911 TARGA


Unlike most of the large scale LEGO vehicles the 911 is a 2-in-1 build, allowing you to create either the fixed roof 911 Turbo model or as the open-roofed 911 Targa. Of course you could always buy two and have both models.

I think LEGO have done a great job of creating the shape of the 911.


The set features 1458 pieces and will cost $229.99 here in Australia.


VIPs will be able to get their hands on this from February 16th, while everybody else will have to wait until March 1st.

There is also an extra special treat for VIPs. While stocks last VIPs who order the set will receive a special Porsche owners pack. The pack contains a certificate of ownership, an official LEGO Porsche card wallet and a set of four unique art prints based on contemporary Porsche 911 adverts, all presented in a smart collector’s wallet. This highly collectible gift with purchase is available in limited numbers.


Check out additional images and the official press release below.

Official details of LEGO Vidiyo

Last year we got a tease that LEGO and Universal Music Group were working on a collaboration. Today we have official details of the new theme – LEGO Vidiyo – to be released on March 1st.


Here’s how LEGO describe it…

“Accessed through a unique mashup of LEGO elements, minifigures, music, augmented reality and a vibrant new App, LEGO VIDIYO will be filled with endless combinations of editing options unlocked through new special effect ‘BeatBits’. Young creators can enjoy and experiment with their own individual styles and ways of bringing music videos to life.”

Here’s a quick video overview

So how does it work?

  • Choose one of the many songs in the App from a broad variety of established artists – both contemporary chart toppers and instantly recognisable classics.
  • Create your band from a vibrant collection of new, physical minifigures, which can be customised and brought to life in different scales through AR technology in the VIDIYO App.
  • Line up special effects in the form of ‘BeatBits’ and place them on the scanning stage. BeatBits are decorated 2×2 square LEGO elements, which once scanned unlock digital effects that let you control everything from video and music styles to scene effects. Creators can see their vision realised by choosing anything from black and white bling effects, to confetti showers and even X-ray vision. They can also add audio effects such as DJ scratching, mouse voice or sax solo, as well as fun signature character moves and gimmicks, from breakdancing to surfing on a shark…
  • Set the stage. From parks to bedrooms and backyards to brick-built models, LEGO VIDIYO music videos can live anywhere. In just three seconds, your location is scanned and production countdown starts.
  • Hitting the selected BeatBits in the App, children then take creative control of their own music video production, triggering dance moves and audio/video effects in an amazing 60 second performance, which can be trimmed down to 5, 10, 15 or 20 second shareable clips.
  • Clips can then be uploaded to the App feed, but only once the content has passed moderation. Any content featuring personally-identifiable information, such as children starring in the video, will not be approved for App feed upload, but can be stored locally in-App, to be enjoyed in-person with friends or family members.

Check out a gallery of additional images and infographic below.

Should you buy it? 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech

Ah Monkie Kid. When the theme was first announced I was pretty excited. I haven’t loved every original IP that LEGO has created in the last few years but I thought Monkie Kid was an interesting idea. A mix of a futuristic looking setting and an ancient Chinese fable. No augmented reality just cool looking sets. Then we heard the most feared words a LEGO consumer can hear – no general retail release. What looked like a promising new world was relegated to the discountless shelves of LEGO Stores and LEGO.com.

But in 2021 that is changing – Monkie Kid is coming to retail. So after a lengthy delay today I am looking at 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech and answering the question – should you buy it?


Pricing and release date for the IKEA +LEGO BYGGLEK range

While most of the world got the BYGGLEK range late last year Australian’s were told that we’d have to wait until early 2021 before we could get them.

Well now we have an official release date and Australian pricing.

The range will be available from February 17th in IKEA stores around the country, and hopefully also online.


Here are the various prices:

  1. BYGGLEK 201-piece LEGO® brick set, mixed colours, $35
  2. BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid 35x26x12 cm, $22
  3. BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid, white 26x18x12 cm, $20
  4. BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid, set of 3, white, $20