Ulysses Space Probe available at 9am AEST… hopefully

After a confusing email yesterday it appears that the Ulysses Space Probe VIP reward will be going live shortly at 9am AEST.


The set will cost you 1800 VIP points to redeem. Now is a great time to put in an order, get this set and earn double VIP points.

You’ll be able to get yours via the VIP rewards centre.

Hopefully this does actually go live when it is meant to.

Meet the LEGO Masters Season 3 contestants

LEGO Masters Season 3 starts on Monday April 19th and I for one can’t wait to see what incredible creations we’ll get this year. While we will have to wait and see what gets built we at least now know who will be building it… introducing the LEGO Masters Season 3 contestants (after this picture of Hamish, for anybody trying to avoid anything about the show before it airs).


Get Double VIP Point on your LEGO purchases right now

What’s better than lame single VIP points? Double VIP points! It’s twice as good. That’s just basic maths.

If you head over the the LEGO online store from today until April 20th you’ll get twice the regular VIP points on all purchases.


Is anything good in stock? It doesn’t actually look too bad. At the time of writing this the following are all available…

After something else? Head over to the store now before this offer ends.

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Looney Tunes CMF Series officially revealed

After leaks and early sales all over the world LEGO has today officially shared the full line-up of the highly anticipated Looney Tunes CMF series.


There are no chase Minfigures in this series so it should be possible to split a box with your friends.

Overall I really like these. Obviously there are some characters better suited to the minifigure format than others. There are also probably characters that people wish were included.

Do you plan on picking these up? Let me know in the comments.

Amazon’s Autumn Sale features some LEGO deals

Amazon Australia Thumb

Amazon Australia is having an Autumn Sale and there are several LEGO deals included across several themes. There are no set percentages for these offers. Also Amazon has grouped stuff weirdly not me.

Technic and Super Mario

City, Creator and Classic

Star Wars and Harry Potter

There may be other offers appearing in the future. You can find the sale overview page here.

This article features affiliate links.

These LEGO Adidas shoes go on sale at midnight

It looks like the next LEGO Adidas shoes will be going on sale from midnight tonight.


The ADIDAS ULTRABOOST DNA X LEGO® PLATES SHOES are up on the Australian Adidas website with a price of $320. The “remind me” feature of the page set a calendar reminder for midnight AEST tonight (when it ticks over to April 8th).

I like the design of these a lot more than the previous LEGO Adidas shoes, especially the way these integrate the actual LEGO elements. I’m just not sure I like them enough to spend $320.

Let me know what you think of these!

Grab yours here.

What do you think of the Batman Cowl?

The buildable Batman Cowl is now up on the LEGO website, which means we’ve got a heap of pictures and the Australian RRP.


The set will cost $89.99 when it is released on April 26th. [affiliate link]

Honestly, I’m a bit mixed on this one. I like the concept but I don’t know if the gaping hole where Batman’s mouth would be works.

I’d love to you know what you think of it?

Additional images below.

Has the location of Western Australia’s first LEGO store been revealed?

I like to keep track of LEGO related job listings because it can provide some interesting news. Well it seems like something has popped up overnight that might be exciting for those of you in the West.

A seek job listing has potentially revealed the location of Western Australia’s first LEGO store – and it is not where I would have predicted…


That’s right, Western Australia’s first LEGO store is headed to Broome. More specifically Broome Boulevard Shopping Centre.

Hopefully we get an official announcement soon.

On Sale: 20% off at Big W

Big W 2017 Logo

This is not an April Fools post. Big W are really offering 20% off toys starting today.

This is a pretty straightforward one. From today (April 1st) until April 7th you can get 20% off all full priced toys including LEGO. This offer is available both online and in-store.

You can check out the online range here.

Reminder: 10283 Space Shuttle Discovery on sale tonight

This is your friendly reminder that 10283 Space Shuttle Discovery goes on sale on April 1st, which is soon!


I suspect this one will sell out pretty quickly.

Grab yours here for $299.99 [affiliate link].