LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 10 – Recap

It’s the second last episode! One team will be going home and the remaining three will return tomorrow night to battle it out for the title.

There are two builds tonight, the first one is for an advantage.

Hamish reveals that the first build has something to do with a full sized Harley that Brickman and his team build.

While inspecting the model Hamish knocks it over. Everybody is shocked. But SURPRISE – that was planned all along. The Harley was a pinata. Danni is the first to figure it out.

The first challenge is called Smash & Grab. The brickpit is shut and all they’ve got to build with is what they can grab off the floor.


It’s just like building at home. Kind of.

Monkie Kid Is Expensive – But More Expensive Elsewhere

LEGO’s latest theme – Monkie Kid – has been officially released. The sets look cool but the biggest shock seems to be that the sets are really expensive. I thought I’d have a look at a couple of questions that have come up – particularly are we getting a raw deal here in Australia? Short answer – No. For the long answer we’ve got to have a look at the data.

Monkie Kid

For this analysis I used the current exchange rate I found on at the time of publication.

Chinese Prices

As this theme is clearly targeted at the Chinese market you may assume that they are getting better pricing on these sets than we are. Turns out that isn’t true. A conversion of Chinese prices to AUD shows that the equivalent prices are a lot higher.

AU Equivalent
80006 White Dragon Horse Bike$49.99¥299.00$65.67
80007 Iron Bull Tank$79.99¥449.00$98.62
80008 Monkie Kid’s Cloud Jet$79.99¥499.00$109.60
80009 Pigsy’s Food Truck$99.99¥599.00$131.57
80010 Demon Bull King$129.99¥799.00$175.49
80011 Red Son’s Inferno Truck$169.99¥999.00$219.42
80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech$229.99¥1,299.00$285.32
80013 Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ$259.99¥1,599.00$351.21

Euro Pricing

Another straight conversion of the pricing reveals that the Euro pricing is actually worse than the Australian pricing for most of the sets.

AU Equivalent
80006 White Dragon Horse Bike$49.99€29.99$50.58
80007 Iron Bull Tank$79.99€44.99$75.89
80008 Monkie Kid’s Cloud Jet$79.99€49.99$84.32
80009 Pigsy’s Food Truck$99.99€59.99$101.19
80010 Demon Bull King$129.99€79.99$134.92
80011 Red Son’s Inferno Truck$169.99€99.99$168.66
80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech$229.99€129.00$217.59
80013 Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ$259.99€169.99$286.73

US Pricing

The US are getting screwed on these sets. The conversion I’ve done below makes it look better than it is, as the US prices do not include any sales tax while the Australian prices do.

AU Equivalent
80006 White Dragon Horse Bike$49.99$34.99$54.55
80007 Iron Bull Tank$79.99$49.99$77.93
80008 Monkie Kid’s Cloud Jet$79.99$59.99$93.52
80009 Pigsy’s Food Truck$99.99$69.99$109.11
80010 Demon Bull King$129.99$89.10$138.90
80011 Red Son’s Inferno Truck$169.99$119.10$185.66
80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech$229.99$149.10$232.43
80013 Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ$259.99$169.10$263.61

Are you going to pick any of these up? If so the sets are now available online or in LEGO Stores around the country.

This post features affiliate links.

Meet Monkie Kid – LEGO’s Newest Theme

Today LEGO has officially revealed details of their newest theme – Monkie Kid.

Inspired by the 500-year-old story of the Monkey King, LEGO Monkie Kid is a new, untold chapter of the legendary tale.


LEGO is going all in on this one – There is eight initial sets, an animated mini movie and TV series. It’s a very deliberate attempt to appeal to the growing Chinese market. Just because these sets are inspired by Chinese culture doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them though. The sets look crazy in a good way. Let me know what you think of this one.

There’s a lot to go through so lets get stuck in to it (click read more to see everything in detail). Here are the 8 initial Monkie Kid sets.


On Sale: Super Weekend At Myer


It’s another Super Weekend at Myer!

The advertised offer is 50% off your second item when you buy two or more. What you actually get is 25% off everything when you buy two or more items. I really hope Myer never manage to fix this glitch.

There are the usual exclusions: Creator Expert, Ideas, and 71043 Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle and 76139 Batmobile.

You can find the full LEGO range here. And you might want to head straight to the DOTS theme for something cheap. [affiliate links]

The sale ends Sunday May 17th.

LEGO Announces 10273 Haunted House

Today LEGO has officially confirmed the latest addition to the Creator Expert Fairground Collection. Oh, you didn’t realise the Fairground Collection was an official thing? Well that’s the official terminology LEGO are using in their press release now.

Introducing 10273 Haunted House


Coming in at 3231 pieces this set features a fantastic haunted house fairground attraction. This isn’t just a haunted house though – it’s actually a working drop ride. Think Dreamworld’s Giant Drop but on a slightly smaller scale. Out of the box the set is hand powered but it can be upgraded with Power Functions elements if you happen to have them.

The overall design is amazing, modelled on the fictional Manor Von Barron, the spooky home of one of the world’s greatest villains – Samuel Von Barron. There are lots of little ancient Egyptian touches and a fantastic brick built organ.

I also really love that this ride includes a character in a wheelchair, highlighting that unlike other rides this one is wheelchair friendly.

The set is labelled as 18+ and has the more subdued style that LEGO has started using for the 18+ sets such as the Star Wars helmets.

I hope to get my hands on this set soon for a full review, but in the meantime check out the product description and images below.

The set will be released for VIPs on May 20th, with general release on June 1st. Australian RRP is $349.99.

LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 9 – Recap

It’s the final elimination before finals week and the stakes are high for the four teams building tonight.

The teams arrive and there is a new fancy black curtain, clearly hiding something.

After winning yesterday Damian and Andrew hand back their golden brick and head off for the day.

The curtain drops and we get… four giant fish tanks. It’s an underwater build!


On Sale: 20% Off Two or More At Myer


We don’t usually get a sale on Monday at Myer but here we are!

Currently you can get 20% off LEGO when you add two or more items to your cart. They don’t have to be the same price for this one so you can grab a bit set and then just a DOTS bracelet or something.

There are of course the usual exclusions: Creator Expert, Ideas, and 71043 Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle and 76139 Batmobile. The sale ends on May 14th.

You can find Myer’s LEGO range here. [affiliate link]

Thanks to Nichole for the heads up.

LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 8 – Recap

As great as it would have been to have this episode last Monday, it’s still awesome that we finally get it – that’s right its Star Wars night tonight on LEGO Masters.


The contestants arrive and the room provides no hint as to what is coming. After a bit of a chat the roller door opens and in comes a squadron of Stormtroopers. And in the most amazing scene in the entire last two series of LEGO Masters one of the stormtroopers hits his head on the door on the way in. Whoever was responsible for that gag deserves a Logie.

Happy Mother’s Day

A very happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there. I know there are lots of AFOL mums and I hope you all got lots of LEGO.


LEGO Family Forced To Live In A Tree – The Results Will Shock You

LEGO City is currently experiencing a housing crisis. A crisis with no end in sight as the government continues to prioritise the never ending expansion of our emergency services. When LEGO City officials decided to invest in a mission to Mars instead of tackling affordable housing John Clayton had enough.


“I had always been a LEGO City guy, born and bred. It was home – even though I knew it wasn’t perfect. I mean what city needs that many fire stations? But the thing that really pushed me over the edge was the Mars mission. Why is a small town funding a mission to Mars? Why are we building a bloody launch facility 30km from the CBD!”

John wanted something more for his kids. He began to investigate a more rural option for his family.