31116 Safari Wildlife Tree House – Should you buy it?

Creator is probably one of my favourite LEGO themes. It was the theme that really led me out of the dark ages and as such I’m generally pretty keen on anything Creator that shows up. So the answer to the question of whether you should buy 31116 is obviously going to be yes, right? Well my verdict may surprise you.


The main build of 31116 is pretty simple. Its a tree house, used for watching wildlife. It’s pretty much all there in the name.

June releases up on Amazon Australia

Amazon Australia Thumb

Amazon have added listings for a heap of the June releases. At this early stage the prices seem to be around RRP for most of the sets but hopefully as other retailers start listing them too Amazon will match and the prices will come down.

If you want to check out what Amazon has listed you can find them all here [affiliate link].

If you want to keep an eye on prices then be sure to regularly check the Amazon deals page.

LEGO announces LEGO CON – An online experience for LEGO fans everywhere!


The other day LEGO teased a something big happening on June 26th, and there were some pretty wild guesses from lighting kits to a new Stranger Things set. Well today I can reveal that the tease was for LEGO CON. What is LEGO CON I hear you ask. Well it’s a 90 minute online “experience”.

The event promises to have live entertainment, world-first reveals, behind-the-scenes access and never-tried-before build attempts.

The event will take place live from LEGO House but us Australians may want to wait and watch it back later. The event kicks of at 2am AEST on June 27th here in Australia. That’s an early morning for some LEGO reveals.

With global travel still a bit of a pipe dream it’s great that LEGO is trying something cool online but I don’t think this is going to be an event primarily aimed at AFOLs.

You can find out more about the event on the LEGO CON 2021 landing page.


On Sale: 20% off at David Jones

David Jones Logo

What better way to celebrate the first day of winter than with a LEGO sale.

David Jones is currently offering 20% off all LEGO, and in classic David Jones style there are no exclusions and no hoops to jump through. Just add an item to your cart and enjoy the discount.

This is quite a long running sale too; running until June 20th. This means you’ll have ample chance to get involved and hopefully you’ll also be able to get 20% off some of the June releases when they show up.

You can check out the LEGO range here.

All the June releases


Twice a year we get an avalanche of new set releases and with tomorrow being the first day of June it’s that time again.

There are over 100 sets in this batch including some highly anticipated releases such as Everyone is Awesome and the Infinity Gauntlet.

A lot of these releases will show up in retail stores soon but if you can’t wait I have included LEGO online links for everything below.

Let me know what you are excited about in this batch!

On Sale: Mid-year sale at Amazon

Amazon Australia Thumb

Today Amazon have launched a mid-year sale with a number of offers across their range. It looks like there are quite a few different LEGO deals available within the toy category.

You can check out this page to see all of the current deals. Amazon sales usually have rolling deals with new stuff added during the duration of the sale. Check back regularly to see if anything new is added.

Alternatively, head on over to the Bricking Around Amazon offers page where you can search and sort all Amazon Australia listings to find the biggest discounts.

Build your own flat Earth with 31203 LEGO Art World Map

The LEGO Ideas World Globe is still in the pipeline but if you prefer your representations of Earth a little less spherical then do I have the set for you.

Introducing 31203 World Map


With 11695 pieces this is officially the biggest LEGO set ever in terms of overall parts. It also proves why Price Per Part doesn’t always make sense as almost all of those 11695 parts are 1x1s.


I think this is going to be one of those sets you either love or have no interest in at all.

If you do plan on getting this one be aware you are going to need a lot of space with the finished model measuring 65cm by 104cm. Thankfully you can mount this on a wall with ease.


The set will be released on June 1st and cost $399.99.

More info here. 

Reminder: 76178 Daily Bugle released for VIPs May 26th

Are you are LEGO VIP and Spider-Man fan? Well if you are then there’s a good chance you are up late waiting for the VIP release of 76178 Daily Bugle.


As far as I know the VIP release should be kicking off at 12am on May 26th, which is less than an hour away.

You can get yours here for $499.99 [affiliate link]

If you are using the affiliate link please allow 3rd party cookies. This will enable your purchase to support Bricking Around via a commission that costs you nothing.


Official details of 40516 Everyone is Awesome

Today LEGO has officially revealed a fantastic new exclusive set – 40516 Everyone is Awesome.


Paraphrasing the iconic Everything is Awesome from the LEGO movie this set celebrates the diversity of AFOLs around the world.

The buildable display model is inspired by the iconic rainbow flag which is used as a symbol of love and acceptance by the LGBTQIA+ community and features 11 monochrome minifigures each with its own individual hairstyle and rainbow colour.

This really is a beautiful display piece and I love what it represents.

The set will be released on June 1st and has an Australian RRP of $59.99. This is an exclusive set so may not be coming to retailers in the near future.


Check out additional images and the press release below.

LEGO VIP Coin now available


Get in quick as the last LEGO VIP collectible coin is now not available.

This won’t didn’t last long.

Redeem yours here.

Edit: This lasted about 30 seconds.