Competition: Win A Full Set of The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigures

The LEGO Movie 2 collectable minifigure series is officially out now, and if you’ve read my review then you’ll know that I am a big fan of the entire series.

Thanks to the LEGO community engagement team sending me a full box, I happen to have enough figures to share a little bit of the minifigure awesomeness with you.

I am giving away a full set of all 20 minifigures to one lucky Bricking Around reader. All you need to do to be in the draw is enter your details in the form below.


On Sale: 15% Off Ideas, Star Wars & Creator Expert At Myer

Myer Logo Generic 200px

Myer is going to be running a special limited time sale this evening with a modest discount on a lot of stuff that is usually excluded from their sales.

From 5pm to midnight AEDT tonight you can get 15% off Ideas, Star Wars and Creator Expert.

As mentioned in the comments you’ll need the code AFTERHOURS to get the discount.

There are however still some exclusions – 10257 Roller Coaster, 10261 Carousel and 75222 Cloud City are not covered by the discount.

This isn’t the biggest discount percentage wise but it does have the added advantage that you’ll also get the Year of The Pig bonus set.

Here are some links to the various themes:

Review: 76113 Spider-Man Bike Rescue


Last year a new Spider-Man movie hit cinemas and everything that I’ve read says that it’s amazing (it’s won a Golden Globe and is up for an Oscar). Unfortunately for LEGO they don’t have a range of tie-in products related to the movie like they do for other IPs. What LEGO does have is a series of unrelated Spider-Man sets that are officially available in stores from today.

If you’ve seen the trailers you’ll know that Into The Spider-Verse features the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man as the main character, as well as various other versions of the character. I picked this set because, while it’s not a direct tie-in, it seems like a good match for the film as you get a Miles Morales and a Peter Parker Spider-Man.

Read on to see if this set is as much of a hit as the film.


Overwatch Sets Now Listed At Amazon


If you were hanging out for the retail release of the Overwatch sets then you may have had mixed feelings about the news that they were going to be Amazon exclusives.

If you are still hanging out for these sets then you will be pleased to know that the full range is now listed on the Amazon Australia site.

Prices are, as expected, RRP or near enough to that. There’s a minor discount on the Bastion and Watchpoint sets.

I’ve included handy direct links to each set below.

Set #
75970Tracer vs. Widowmaker$19.99View
75971Hanzo vs. Genji$39.99View
75972Dorado Showdown$49.99View
75973D.Va & Reinhardt$59.99View
75975Watchpoint: Gibraltar$136.07View

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Free Year of The Pig Set Available At Myer

I was sure that I had posted this earlier but it seems that it slipped through.

If you spend $88 or more on LEGO you will receive the awesome Year of The Pig promotional set to celebrate the Chinese New Year.


This promotional set may not be the Chinese New Year set that people are really craving but I think it’s pretty cute.

The offer runs while stocks last.

You can check out Myer’s LEGO range here.

Thanks to everybody who emailed me about this.

On Sale: 10% Off At eBay

eBay 200

The second half of January has been pretty slow with sales but it looks like it’s ending with the return of a regular – 10% off at eBay.

If you spend over $150 and enter the code PIXIES you’ll get 10%. It looks like they’ve dramatically slashed the maximum discount down to $50 for this one and you can only use the code once.

This is one of those offers where eBay will end it when they feel like it, so get in quick.

Unfortunately Target are excluded again.

View the eBay Australia LEGO portal here.

Happy 50th Birthday Duplo


Today marks the 50th birthday of Duplo. These big blocks don’t get a lot of coverage here on Bricking Around, but for so many kids they are their first introduction to the world of LEGO.

The team from LEGO sent through a huge treasure trove of images, videos and infographics to celebrate this special occasion and I’ve included a bunch of that below. But firstly I want to talk about what Duplo means to me personally.

I have a young son and being the massive LEGO fan that I am I have slowly been introducing him to Duplo. The Duplo Steam Train was probably one of my favourite sets from last year because it offered something that no other set did – it made my son happy. Seeing his eyes light up when the train first went around that track was one of those awesome dad moments.

I actually spent my day off yesterday playing with that set as well as a whole bunch of other bits and pieces. We had Spider-Man driving the train, while the carriage was full of bricks and the roof was covered in a mix of people and animals. Where else but Duplo can you have Hulk, a little girl, two cats and a dog all going on a train ride together.

Here’s the only MOC I have built this year – I call it “House”. It’s where Spider-Man lives when he’s not driving his train (sorry for the low quality photo. I didn’t realise at the time that I’d be using it in a post).


To me, that build and those moments playing trains with my son speak more about the value of Duplo than anything else. Duplo is a toy that brings creative play to a younger group of kids. It’s genuinely awesome.

Before we get into the stuff that LEGO sent through, I’d love to hear your Duplo experiences.

On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Big W

Big W 2017 Logo

The latest Big W catalogue is out and it features a small selection of introductory offers on 2019 sets. Don’t get too excited though as the range is very limited and the prices are nothing that will blow your mind.

On offer is mainly the new City range with a few Star Wars sets on the side.

You can check out the catalogue for yourself here, or see the full list below.

The sale runs from today (January 24th) until February 6th.

Review: The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigure Series

The LEGO Movie was a cornucopia of crazy characters and the sequel looks just as weird and wonderful. To help make more of those background characters available LEGO are releasing a new series of 20 minifigures from the film.

In this review I’ll be looking at each minifigure, providing a feel guide and also looking at the box distribution. If there’s something in that list that particularly interests you feel free to jump to that.

General Information

Normally a box of minifigures will contain 60 individual packets. With 20 in this series people were hopeful that meant each box would contain 3 full sets of minifigures, and I’m super pleased to be able to confirm that is the case. That’s right this series doesn’t have any stupid chase figures that there’s only one of per box.


Something else to note with this series is that the packets are slightly different than you are probably used to. These packets are larger and slightly thinner than the previous series. If you purchased any of the Unikitty blind bags than you’ll know what these are like. You’ll also find that quite a few of the minifigures come with an additional bag inside the outer bag. I’m not sure why some have this and others don’t. Luckily I didn’t find that the inclusion of an inner bag affected the ability to feel the contents at all.

The flyer that comes inside the packet is also taped for most of these minifigures. It’s another odd change that I can’t really think of why they’d bother.

My earlier Facebook post about these minifigures contains some more general information.

This series is officially released February 1st, so should be in-store early February.

The Minifigures

Remix Emmet


It seems that Emmet is handling the apocalypse better than most of the other characters. This version features a headphone and hair piece, coffee cup and printed phone (playing an Everything is Awesome remix). Emmet has dual face prints but both are pretty cheerful. I like the eyes closed grin.


LEGO Reveals 70839 The Rexcelsior! At London Toy Fair

The London Toy Fair has just kicked off and while it’s probably too early to be getting news of 2HY 2019 sets, LEGO has used the event to reveal a previously unknown LEGO Movie 2 set – 70839 The Rexcelsior!


Despite the inclusion of two minifigures, the set is actually meant to be microscale. It includes 5 micro builds: Emmet’s house, a forklift, 2 interaptors and a dropship. You also get Emmet and Rex microfigures and 5 micro raptor figures (3 metallic, 2 dark blue).

The ship takes the shape of a giant fist, and according the box you can hold it and shoot the rapid-fire, 6-missile spring-loaded shooter.

I really like the colour scheme of the Rex related vehicles and I like the over the top design of this. No Australian pricing or release information yet but as soon as I know more I’ll let you all know.

Check out some additional images and the official press release below.