South Australia’s first LEGO Store opens Saturday

Great news for South Australian LEGO fans (or should I say LAYGO fans?) – the Marion LEGO Certified store officially opens this Saturday December 12th. Perfect for those of you looking to get some exclusives and PAB cups for Christmas.


Who is going along? If you do, let me know what you think of the store.

On Sale: 20% off at Big W

Big W 2017 Logo

Here’s a nice surprise to get more of your Christmas shopping done.

Big W have just kicked off 20% off toys, including LEGO.

The offer runs from today (December 3rd) until December 9th.

You can check out the Big W LEGO range here.

Highpoint LEGO Store now open

Surprise news today with Victoria’s newest LEGO store officially opening at Highpoint shopping centre.

Highpoint LCS

You will of course need to follow COVID rules in store, such as wearing a mask.

Anybody in Victoria heading along? Let me know what you think.



Official details of Collectible Minifigures Series 21

Overnight LEGO has shared images of the latest series of collectible minifigures. Unlike previous series there are just 12 minifigures in this range rather than the usual 16. This may mean more complete sets per box or perhaps smaller sized boxes.

CMF Series 21

CMF Series 21

CMF Series 21

Which of these is your favourite? They are all pretty great.

Not sure exactly when these are released but hopefully it’s January 1st.

Elf Club House back in stock

UPDATE: Already sold out in the 5 minutes it took me to post. Sorry!

It’s a Christmas miracle! The Elf Club House is currently back in stock.


I know a lot of people have been hoping it would show up again before Christmas and this is probably your last chance.

You can get yours here. [affiliate link]

You’ll also get the Ice Skating Rink GWP, which I have reviewed here.

Want to know if the Elf Club House is worth getting? I’ve also reviewed that.

40416 Ice Skating Rink Review – December’s GWP

I don’t want to alarm you but it’s actually December. What a year.

If, somehow, you still have some money left after all the recent sales then you may want to check out this latest GWP offer. You can get a free Ice Skating Rink set with any purchase over $209.


LEGO was kind enough to send me this one ahead of time so here are my thoughts…

With international travel off the table this year the only chance we have for enjoying a white Christmas is to live vicariously through the lives of LEGO minifigures. It has been over 30 degrees here for days and I am pretty jealous of these two minifigures. You get a man and woman and I’m a romantic so I’m going to go ahead and assume that this is a scene from a cheesy Christmas rom-com.


Cyber Monday Deal: Get a $30 VIP Voucher for half the normal points


UPDATE: Sorry everybody – this offer is somehow sold out. It seems that LEGO has been caught up in the great binary shortage of 2020. So stupid.

The LEGO VIP Rewards Centre is currently offering a pretty great deal for anybody with some VIP points to us.

For today only you can get a $30 voucher for just 1350 points. This is half the normal cost of the voucher. This is a great way to save a bit on your next order.

The voucher has a 30 day expiry so you could potentially get the voucher today and spend it tomorrow when a great new GWP set gets released.

You can find this voucher offer in the VIP Rewards Centre. [affiliate link]

Thanks to Andrew for the details.

Amazon Cyber Monday deals are live


Did you survive Black Friday? Not completely broke? Well Amazon is back for Cyber Monday.

On offer is 20% off a limited selection of sets. The most interesting offer is probably 71043 Hogwarts Castle for $520. Not the deepest discount but this one is quite often excluded from sales.

There is also a few other sets included but probably nothing that will blow you away.

You can check out the offer here [affiliate link]

60266 Ocean Exploration Ship – Should you buy it?

There is a lot going on in LEGO City. There’s a lot of crime, way too much fire and some very odd characters (according to the LEGO City Adventures TV show). Quite often the LEGO City sub-themes that step away from that urban setting end up having the most interesting sets. That is no exception with 2020′s ocean exploration range.

Developed in partnership with National Geographic, the 2020 Ocean Exploration sub-theme contains a range of sets that celebrate the exploration of our oceans.


Today, I am going to be checking out the flagship of the theme (pun intended) Ocean Exploration Ship 60266 and answering the question… Should you buy it?

10278 Police Station is 2021′s new Modular Building

January 1st is traditionally the day the new modular building goes on sale, which means late November or early December we get official details. Well that is exactly what is happening now…

Introducing 10278 Police Station


The latest modular comes in at 2923 pieces and 5 minifigures. As expected it will be released on January 1st 2021 with an Australian RRP of $299.99.


It’s always fun to see if a new modular will be split or a corner but in 2021 we are getting a single straight building. When I say single I just mean that it’s a single base plate; there are actually 3 different sections. The main section is obviously the police station, but you also get a donut shop taking up a small section on the left, and on the lower right section you get a news stand.


The front façade is a little misleading as the donut shop is wider at the rear than the front, while the news stand takes up part of the lower level but the police station extends behind it.


While police may not be having the best year in terms of PR I am quite impressed with this one. As always there are a heap of photos and the press release below.