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On Sale: 15% Off At eBay [Selected Sellers]

eBay 200

It seems like ages since I’ve posted an eBay sale. That’s probably on me rather than eBay but we’re back with a new 15% off code.

This one is for selected sellers only but there is a few stores that offer LEGO included in the mix.

To get your discount enter the code POTENT15 at checkout.

This link should give you a heap of LEGO listings covered in the sale [affiliate link].

The offer ends at 11:59pm (AEST) on May 3rd. There is a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

As always be aware of pre-discount prices on eBay listings.

On Sale: 15% Off For eBay Plus Members

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Are you an eBay Plus member looking to take advantage of your subscription? Well this offer may be of interest.

eBay Plus members can currently get 15% off a range of products including heaps of LEGO. The offer is quite broad so you may need to be careful that the pre-discount prices aren’t over inflated.

To get your discount you’ll need to enter the code PEACHY15 at checkout and spend over $120. The offer runs from today (September 2nd) and ends at 11:59 PM on September 9th. You can use the code on up to four transactions, up to a maximum discount of $200 per transaction.

This link should be a good starting point for your browsing [Affiliate link].

On Sale: 10-15% Off At eBay

eBay 200

eBay have a new 10% off code, but this one has a little something extra if you happen to be an eBay Plus member.

Spend over $120 or more on eligible items and enter the code PAPPY at checkout to get 10% off, or 15% off for eBay Plus.

The extra discount is a good offer if you happen to already be part of eBay Plus.

This is one of those offers with no set end date so don’t muck around.

View the eBay LEGO portal here.

You can only use the redemption code 4 times with a maximum discount of $200 per transaction.

On Sale: 15% Off Selected LEGO At eBay

eBay 200

eBay have a new code specifically for LEGO. Unfortunately it’s not everything but the range is quite extensive and should include something across most themes.

As always with eBay codes be careful that the seller hasn’t jacked up the price before the discount.

To get your discount you’ll need to use the code PBRICK15 at checkout. There is no minimum spend but the maximum discount is $200 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions.

The offer ends April 7th.

View the included items here.

On Sale: 15% Off Selected LEGO At eBay

eBay 200

Generally eBay like to start their sales on a Tuesday, but here we are with a surprise Thursday offer.

From today (March 14th) until March 20th you can get 15% off a selected range of LEGO listings.

The code unfortunately doesn’t apply to everything LEGO, but there is an extensive range of listings.

Be careful of price-jacking with these sort of sales, where the retailer has jacked up the price before the discount so you don’t actually save as much or any.

View the sale range here.

Thanks to everybody who let me know about this.

On Sale: 15% Off Selected Themes At Myer [Stacks with eBay code]

Myer Logo Generic 200px

Myer is finally reducing the prices of some of the sets they keep excluding in their other sales.

From today (December 13th) until Sunday (December 16th) Myer are offering 15% off Ideas, Creator Expert, Star Wars and Technic sets.

It’s not the biggest discount but it’s better than nothing for those sets.

You can find the included sets on the Myer website here.

The best part is that these prices are live on the eBay store too, so you can get an extra 20% off the discounted prices with the eBay code PMYERGIFT at checkout. That works out to be some very cheap LEGO prices, like a Bugatti for just $407.99.

View the Myer eBay range here.

Thanks to everybody who contacted me about this today.

On Sale: 15% Off At eBay

eBay 200

eBay have just gone live with a new site-wide offer of 15% off.

This is one of those offers with no set end date, so I suggest getting in quickly.

To get your discount enter the code PYIPPEE at checkout. The minimum spend is $150 to qualify.

Head over to the eBay LEGO portal now.

On Sale: 15% Off Ideas & Creator Expert At Myer

Myer Logo Generic 200px

You know how all of Myer’s recent sales have excluded Creator Expert and Ideas (among others)? Well it looks like that strategy has backfired with Myer now offering 15% off those sets.

This sale is online only, so you’ll need to look at their fairly limited online range.

There doesn’t seem to be an end date left – it may be a case of it running until they’ve moved enough stock.

You can view the range included in the sale here.

On Sale: 15% Off eBay Plus Items

eBay 200

In an effort to catch people before they sign up for Amazon Prime, eBay are offering some weekend specials for their “eBay Plus” service.

There are a few hourly offers but the more interesting deal is 15% off Plus items.

You’ll need to be a Plus member to take advantage of the offer but there is a 30 day free trial. eBay Plus is $49 per year ($25 for the first year) and gives you free shipping as well as access to exclusive offers like this sale.

To get your 15% off you’ll need the code PLUS15 at checkout and spend over $50. This offer ends 11:59 PM AEST on Sunday June 24th.

Unfortunately the Big W listings don’t seem to be covered under the Plus banner but it looks like the Myer listings are. You can get a further 15% off their 20% off prices. View the Myer listings here.

Here is a general listing of LEGO listings in the Plus category. That result is fairly broad so be sure to check that prices before the discount aren’t a ripoff.

There are certainly listings from well known sellers that are worth checking out. This UCS Falcon listed at RRP would be nice with a 15% discount.

App users may want to use a different device to check this out. I am not sure how well any of those links will work with the app.

On Sale: 15% Off At eBay For Click Frenzy [32% Off At Target]

eBay 200

Click Frenzy is slowly gaining traction as an annual thing that people are interested in. There doesn’t seem to be any amazing LEGO offers but this deal from eBay might make some sets more appealing.

You can get 15% off items in the toys category using the code PUZZLE24.

The code should be active now and runs until 19:00 (AEDT) on 15 November 2017. The minimum spend is $75 and the maximum discount is $300.

You can check out the LEGO product category here, but remember that eBay listing prices can be all over the place.

Extra Savings At Target

Target currently has 20% off City & Friends, including at their eBay store. Combined with the 15% off code you can get 32% off those themes.

You can view the Target eBay range here. but remember that the 20% off sale is only on City & Friends.