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LEGO Botanical Collection coming in 2021

It’s that time of the year where we start getting details of next years sets, and pictures have shown up online for an exciting new range – The Botanical Collection.

There are two sets in the range…

10280 Flower Bouquet


10281 Bonsai Tree


No official details as yet but don’t they look awesome? I’ll share more once I know it.

10275 Elf Club House Review

LEGO is an organisation that from time to time lends their support to certain social issues. Finally in 2020 The LEGO Group is tackling an issue that far too many people overlook – the appalling treatment of Christmas Elves.

You may be thinking “But Michael, the Elf Club House is just a fun Christmas set!” Wrong. It is a wake-up call showing us all the horrors faced by Santa’s indentured servants.


Let’s start with the simple fact that this set is meant to represent a “Club House” for the Elves. To me, a club house suggest something social, a place where you can unwind. Right? Why then is there so much emphasis on work related activities?

LEGO announces 10274 Ghostbusters ECTO-1

This year we were meant to get a new Ghostbusters movie which was a direct sequel to the original films rather than a reboot. Then COVID hit and pretty much every movie got pushed back to 2021. Why I am giving you movie trivia? Because LEGO produced an amazing ECTO-1 set as a tie-in to the movie, and here it is…

Introducing 10274 Ghostbusters ECTO-1


Available from November 15 for $299.99 here in Australia, this 18+ set features 2352 pieces.

As I mentioned this set was meant to be a tie-in for the Ghostbusters: Afterlife film so it includes some additions that relate to that film. But thanks to Afterlife’s continuity this is the ECTO-1 you know and love. Just a bit weathered (thanks to some rust print stickers).

The set is scaled the same as other Creator Expert/18+ vehicles so you can expect a great build experience and an end result that looks stunning on display.

Check out the pictures and press release below.

Review: 10273 Haunted House

Since 2014 LEGO has been releasing amusement rides under the Creator Expert range. This year LEGO has killed the Creator Expert theme but introduced a new name for all of their amusement ride sets -The Fairground Collection. The latest addition is 10273 Haunted House.

Should you add this one to your collection or give this a miss? Read on to hear my thoughts.


When I first heard that LEGO was producing a Haunted House set I thought it would be a standalone set, possibly even a remake of 10228 Haunted House from 2012′s Monster Fighters theme. That would have been cool but the fact that this is actually a fairground ride is actually a more interesting take in my opinion.

The Build

This set is an 18+ set with 3231 pieces so as you would expect it’s a complex build, here split over 18 sections. I think the breakdown of the set is fairly good with each section containing enough parts to be engaging, but each bit won’t take too long.

10277 Crocodile Locomotive Coming July 1st

The last Creator Expert train set was the Horizon Express, released all the way back in 2013. Sure train fans have had other sets to help keep them busy but now there is something new. Coming soon under the new 18+ categorisation is…

10277 Crocodile Locomotive


The Crocodile locomotive comes from Switzerland and according to the included plaque was in operation from 1918 – 1986.

You will be able to add in Power Functions elements to turn this from a display piece in to a fully functional train, including app control.

I didn’t get a full press release for this just confirmation that it will be released on July 1st. Australian price is $169.99 and according to LEGO Australia will be a David Jones exclusive (and probably the LEGO certified stores).

What do you think of this one?