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60271 Main Square Review

LEGO recently got in touch with me to ask if would like to review 60271 Main Square. I had seen the leaked images of the set so I accepted because it looked really cool. This was before the price was announced. If you missed it the Australian RRP for this set is $279.99, which has caused quite a bit of discussion (the discussion is about it being too high).


I think it is a real shame that the price is going to be thing most talked about with this set because the actual set itself is something really interesting and I love what LEGO are trying to do with it.

Opening up this box you are presented with a forest’s worth of printed LEGO instructions rather than just one thick instruction booklet. In total there are 8 different booklets. Why is there 8? Because the idea behind this set is that you build together – you sit down as a family, everybody gets their own little section to build and in the end you’ve created a Main Square for your LEGO City.

This set is $280 and LEGO wants me to share? I’m meant to build with my family? Fine. I guess I can share with them (kidding, I actually really like my wife and son).

LEGO Announces 60271 Main Square

Pictures of this one have been floating around for a little while but now we have official details and honestly they aren’t great.

Introducing 60271 Main Square – A City set that has about 1000 less pieces than this year’s modular but somehow costs $30 more.


This set, released on September 1st, features 1517 pieces and 14 minifigures. It also has an Australian RRP of $280. Not a typo.

Included in the set is a city hall, city square park, concert stage, classic diner and a tram station. You also get vehicles including a stretch limousine, a motorbike and a handyman wagon. Finally there is not a monorail, despite the implication from the box – you get a trackless tram instead.


You can find more details of the set here. [affiliate link]

As you might be able to tell I’m not overly impressed. What do you all think?