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Amazon’s Autumn Sale features some LEGO deals

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Amazon Australia is having an Autumn Sale and there are several LEGO deals included across several themes. There are no set percentages for these offers. Also Amazon has grouped stuff weirdly not me.

Technic and Super Mario

City, Creator and Classic

Star Wars and Harry Potter

There may be other offers appearing in the future. You can find the sale overview page here.

This article features affiliate links.

Check out the new Amazon Offers page

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I have recently been playing around with the Amazon API to create a tool that will list Amazon offers and I just wanted to share the progress with you all.

Currently this is a standalone page but I will be working to integrate this better in to the main Bricking Around site.

The offers page will list items sold by Amazon Australia with a discount of over 25%.

If you’ve got any suggestions for how to improve this let me know.

You can check it out for yourself here.

Some 2021 sets up on Amazon

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Just a quick heads up to let you know that a heap of 2021 sets have been added to Amazon Australia.

This link should give you all the latest ones sold by Amazon directly. [affiliate link].

As always with Amazon be aware that when a set sells out they’ll show third party sellers who may charge more than RRP. Best to stick with sets sold by Amazon.

Once some more retailers have stuff online I’ll try and do a price round-up.

Amazon’s Boxing Day sale is live now

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It’s only Christmas Eve but Amazon have already gone live with a heap of Boxing Day deals! There are a few different LEGO offers currently active and possibly more going live over the next few days.

Here’s an overview of what I can currently see…

Save on selected sets

This one is a bit of a random mix of stuff.

Up to 22% off selected Star Wars and Harry Potter

A very small selection across these two themes.

Up to 30% off selected City, Creator and Architecture

Again, a very small selection

Up to 29% off selected LEGO

Another random mix. There’s some Mario stuff in this batch.

Up to 31% off selected Friends and Duplo

A couple of the larger Friends jungle sets are included and could be worth checking out.

This article contains affiliate links.

Thanks to Matt for the heads up.

On sale: Up to 30% off selected sets at Amazon

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It’s currently that awkward period where the pre-Christmas sales have mostly wrapped up and the post-Christmas ones haven’t really kicked off yet. But don’t worry, because Amazon is here with some discounts.

This is a bit of a random line-up of sets but I’ve definitely seen worse sales.

You can check out the range for yourself here. [affiliate link]

Please note that you probably won’t get these delivered by Christmas. If you want to take a gamble on it you can though.

Amazon Cyber Monday deals are live


Did you survive Black Friday? Not completely broke? Well Amazon is back for Cyber Monday.

On offer is 20% off a limited selection of sets. The most interesting offer is probably 71043 Hogwarts Castle for $520. Not the deepest discount but this one is quite often excluded from sales.

There is also a few other sets included but probably nothing that will blow you away.

You can check out the offer here [affiliate link]

Amazon’s Black Friday Deals

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Here’s what is happening with Amazon for Black Friday 2020…

Up to 30% off RRP on selected LEGO Creator and Architecture
A nice selection of Creator and Architecture sets on sale.

Up to 30% off RRP on selected LEGO Mario sets
A great offer for anybody after something from the Mario range.

New offers may be going live at different times over the weekend.

This article features affiliate links.

Amazon has the Tree House for $239

Looks like Amazon have matched Kmart with 21318 Tree House listed for $239.


Get yours here. [affiliate link]

Thanks to Stephen for the tip.

The LEGO Mario Starter Course is going cheap at Amazon

Looking to get your kids started with LEGO Mario this Christmas? You may want to head over to Amazon as they currently have the Adventures with Mario Starter Course 71360 on sale for just $59.


This is about 34% off the $89.99 RRP for this set.

As this is the only way to get Mario it makes sense to look out for the best possible deal and I don’t think I’ve seen it lower than $59. This listing is from Amazon Australia so is eligible for Prime and should ship pretty quickly.

You can get yours here. [affiliate link]

Reminder: Check Amazon During Sales

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Here is just a friendly reminder with all the sales kicking off this week – Amazon will usually lower their prices to match other sales.

If there is something that you are after it is usually worth checking Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime you should also get quick delivery direct to your door. With the advice to stay at home as much as possible I suggest using online ordering as much as possible.

This link should give you all the Amazon Australia listings. [affiliate link]