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Ninjago Meets D&D

Ninjago. A theme so popular that even LEGO couldn’t kill it. A theme that has now been running for 9 years. A theme that had it’s own big screen adaptation. Surely, by this point, the people at LEGO are well and truly out of ideas? Nope.

The 2020 Ninjago sets represent something new and in my opinion is really interesting.


When the Ninjago sets for the second half of 2020 were revealed they promised that you would be able to use the sets as the basis of a board game experience. That sounded pretty interesting so I made sure to include one of those sets in my latest LEGO order. The set that I got was the smaller of these board game sets – 71717 Journey to the Skull Dungeons.


This set comes in at 401 pieces and has an Australian retail price of $49.99. Being a Ninjago set it’s easy to find at cheaper prices (see the end of this post for some links).