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LEGO To Re-Release Taj Mahal For $499.99

LEGO continues their latest trend of re-releasing huge sets with 10256 Taj Mahal. Officially released on November 27th, this model features 5923 pieces (one more than the original).


Usually when LEGO announce a new set I get a press release and have to wait for the Australian product page to go live hours later. This time LEGO have mixed things up with the product page going live first. This means we already know the Australian RRP – $499.99.

The original Taj Mahal was a flagship piece in many AFOL collections, and this remake is likely to prove just as popular.

Read on for more images and the official set description.

10258 London Bus Announced [Updated]

While the Mini Cooper has already had the Creator Expert LEGO treatment, an even bigger British icon is now becoming a LEGO set – introducing 10258 London Bus.

10258 London Bus

With 1680 pieces this set is designed to be displayed with the other large Creator Expert sets – The Mini, Beetle and VW Camper. The London Bus features realistic external styling and a detailed interior on both the upper and lower levels. The roof and upper level can be separately removed to allow a closer look inside.

You will be able to chose how you’d like to display this set as it has been designed with modern and classic decoration options. The advertising banner on the side features an alternative vintage style ad for biscuits.

To make the set a little more realistic there are also some nice little touches like wear and tear on the seats and items left behind by passengers (a can, newspaper and forgotten umbrella).  Some fun LEGO touches have been added with the destinations Yellow Brick Road, Brickadilly Circus and Twobytwo Square.

There are lots of details to check out so read on for the official product description, designer video and gallery below.

The set will be officially released on August 1st, with a VIP pre-release on July 17th. No Australian pricing at this stage but I will update you once I know. The Australian price has been confirmed as $199.99.


LEGO Announces 10257 Carousel

When the Fairground Mixer set was first announced a lot of LEGO fans hoped it was the start of a new sub-theme. Well after the Ferris Wheel last year LEGO have just announced the third ride in their growing fairground – 10257 Carousel.

10257 Carousel

The set features a fairytale inspired design with animal rides instead of the more traditional horse and carriage. Included is a swan, tiger, frog, elephant and flamingo. There is also a small ticket booth build included too.

Design wise there are plenty of blue elements with lots of gold decorations. The central pillar of the ride features gold mirrors (unfortunately achieved with stickers). Topping off the ride is six new fabric panels in yellow.

There are no included Power Functions, but turning the crank will spin the ride. The animals will also move up and down as the ride spins, with the exception of the swan. For those of you who already own Power Functions elements they can very easily be connected.

It’s undeniable that this set is going to be compared to 10196 Grand Carousel, which is a set that is well loved by the AFOL community. It seems LEGO have made a conscious decision to not reproduce the older set but instead make something new. The Grand Carousel featured included power functions and a sound brick. Neither is included here. This new carousel is smaller in overall dimensions and pieces but I actually really like the overall design.

No Australian price as yet, but expect this to be around $300 when it is released on June 1. Hopefully we will see a VIP pre-release in late May but this is not confirmed.

Check out the full gallery, press release and designer video below.

Official Details Of 10253 Big Ben

LEGO have just released the details of their latest Creator Expert set and it looks fantastic. After a brief detour down under for the Sydney Opera House LEGO are returning to London for an impressive set that will look great alongside the 10214 Tower Bridge.

Introducing 10253 Big Ben

10253 Big Ben Box Front

One of London’s most iconic landmarks Big Ben has been faithfully recreated with this massive 4,163 piece set. A detailed section of Westminster Palace facade combines with the Elizabeth Tower to create a visually impressive display piece.

The set will cost $249.99 in the US. No Australian price as yet but fingers crossed it’s closer to $399.99 than $499.99. With a VIP pre-release on June 15th we don’t have to wait too long for pricing details. Michael from Outer Rim Trading Co. has let us know in the comments that the Australian RRP is $349.99 and it will be released locally in October. The VIP online release will be June 15th.

You can check out the press release, designer video and additional images below.