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LEGO Announces New Duplo App

I’m a big fan of Duplo so I was excited to see this press release from LEGO about a new Duplo app. Then I checked and noticed it was already in the app store and got a bit less excited. The app features one free area with the other two hidden by in-app purchases.


To unlock the remaining 2 areas of the app you are looking at spending $12.99 on a bundle or $7.99 for each. $12.99 isn’t that much in the scheme of things but I personally hate free apps that get you hooked and then ask for money. It’s not fun explaining to a little kid that not all of their game works. The press release also says there will be more content made available in the future, which is good – but it also means future cost.


I spotted the app in the Apple App store before the embargo lifted so I have downloaded it and checked it out. The free section is based on the Duplo Number Train set, and what is there is a very polished play experience. There are 4 different activities:

  • Put the number bricks in the correct order
  • Build using a selection of bricks
  • Match bricks to the same coloured train carriage
  • Finally there is an open play area

It’s fun and cute and I can see toddlers enjoying it. The app is available for iOS and Android.

You can check out the press release below.