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Play Cubes are a great introduction to the world of LEGO Friends

Sometimes as AFOLs we overlook one fact about LEGO – There are new LEGO fans every year. Every year countless kids will make the transition from Duplo or 4+ sets to the standard LEGO range. It’s with that in mind that I think these play cubes are genius.

The LEGO Friends play cubes serve as a brilliant introduction to the world of LEGO Friends. LEGO Friends is a theme with clearly defined characters, each with their own interests. Having a series of vignettes for the characters just makes sense.


Each play cube features two sides each with small LEGO builds. The cubes themselves feature a glittery side and a solid colour. Each cube has a different solid colour.

The key elements of each cube are two 2×6 bracket plates that attach to the sides and provide platforms to build on.

There are stickers for each of the cubes, with the rear wall of the coloured sides featuring a large sticker to add extra detailing. The sticker sheet also include a bunch of extra stickers for you to do your own decorating.

Behind the scenes of the Extreme Bake-Off finale

After 10 weeks of extremely delicious competition tonight we will crown the Extreme Bake-Off champion. Good Morning Heartlake had the chance to head along to the taping of the final. Here’s your exclusive behind the scenes look at the epic baking action.


On team Banana we have Stephanie. A contestant who has blown us all away not only with the taste of her cakes but also with the beautiful decorating. “The decorating part is something that I spent a lot of time perfecting before coming on the show. My friend Emma is an amazing artist, so I think I picked up some artistic flair myself just by being around her.”


Over on team Apple we have David. The dark horse of the competition who has shocked us all with crazy flavour combinations that somehow all work. David definitely didn’t rate himself before coming on the show. “I was just a guy that liked cakes. Then I started making cakes. I never thought I’d get this far.”


Master Baker Lillie isn’t surprised that Stephanie and David will be battling it out in the final. “These two have really been stand-outs so far in the competition. Stephanie has very impressive technical skills while David is like some whacky scientist. They couldn’t be more different and it’s going to be a very interesting final.”


Lockdown restrictions eased: Glamping is back in Heartlake City!


Heartlake Heights Glamping and Nature Park hasn’t had any visitors for 6 weeks, but that doesn’t mean the team have been relaxing. The staff have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that when they could reopen they were able to provide the best possible experience for guests. Now with Stage 1 easing of lockdown restrictions they are once again taking bookings.

The Glamping sites are absolutely stunning and deliberately placed far enough apart that it will feel like you’ve got the whole forest to yourself.


I Built Emma’s Art Studio And Now I Have Questions…

I’m working through my backlog of sets to review. The other night I built Emma’s Art Studio and I have so many questions so let’s skip the traditional review…


So does Emma own this Art Studio?


I always assumed the Friends characters were teenagers. Are LEGO trying to tell me that one of them owns an art studio?

Can a teenager sign a commercial lease in Heartlake City?


Does Emma have a silent partner running things or is everything in her name? Maybe a parent?

Is the art scene in Heartlake City big enough to support this store long term? Does Emma have a business plan?


Isn’t Emma like the only artist in town? Is she getting paid for commissions or is the store the main income source?

This is a multi-level store and studio with a rooftop terrace. Seriously, how is Emma paying for all of this?


Does Emma pay well?


So clearly Andrea works at the store, but is she a casual? Does she get paid overtime or is Emma the George Calombaris of Heartlake City? Did the other friends apply for the job too? Did they get rejected? Do Andrea and Emma have all these work related in-jokes that frustrate the others?

Celebrate World Friendship Day With LEGO At Westfield Parramatta


In celebration of International Friendship Day on the 30th of July, LEGO Friends will be building the world’s largest LEGO heart at Westfield Parramatta on Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of July (10am to 6pm daily).

Kids and families are invited to help Australia’s Master Builder Ryan McNaught build this heart by making their own miniature LEGO hearts and adding them to the giant heart. The completed heart will be on display at Westfield Parramatta for International Friendship Day itself on the 30th of July.

Visitors will also have the chance to do a ‘heart mission’, pledging promises of friendship as well as sharing their friendship stories. There are also LEGO heart necklaces to create and bring home plus a free play area for kids.

Sabre Norris will be attending the event on Sunday the 29th between 11am-3pm to help finish of the heart and meet and greet all those attending.

You can learn more about the event here.

Review: 41333 Olivia’s Mission Vehicle

The Friends theme is getting a reboot in 2018. Not only are the characters redesigned but the theme has a new feel to it. Everything seems to be a bit more colourful and cartoonish than before.

The most radically different of the Friends characters is the 2018 version of Olivia, so I was keen to grab a set with her in it to review.

Here is my look at 41333 Olivia’s Mission Vehicle

41333 Olivias Mission Vehicle Main

Olivia Looks Different In The 2018 Friends Sets

Pictures have started appearing online for some of the 2018 sets. While I haven’t had a chance to collate these and share them I noticed something odd when checking out the 2018 Friends sets.

Olivia isn’t the Olivia we are all used to. In fact it seems that she has been completely redesigned.

Here is what Olivia currently looks like…

Olivia 2017

And here is what Olivia looks like in the 2018 sets…

Olivia 2018

There are numerous differences. New Olivia has a different hair colour and style, she now wears glasses and her skin tone is slightly darker.

I don’t have any issue with the Friends lineup having a bit more diversity in terms of skin tone but I feel like LEGO should have done that from the start. Completely redesigning an existing character is odd and likely to cause issues for kids when their favourite LEGO Friend suddenly looks completely different.

I also think the glasses are a bit disappointing. Why? Because Olivia has always been the nerdy character with an interest in science and technology. Giving the character with an interest in STEM glasses feels like a lazy stereotype.

What do you think of the change? Is this an outrage, or a non-issue?

You can see the 2018 Friends set images here.

Review: 30400 Gymnastics Bar

I make no secret of the fact that I am a big LEGO Friends fan. The sets are almost always well designed and I actually don’t have a problem with the Minidolls.

When my local Woolworths finally got in the polybag range they are now offering this was the first set I grabbed.

30400 Gymnastics Bar

30400 Gymnastics Bar (1)

This set contains a relatively small part count of just 26 elements, as well as a single minidoll.

The included minidoll is Naomi – who is not one of the main LEGO Friends characters. It’s nice to expand my Heartlake City citizen collection, but some buyers may be disappointed that it doesn’t include a more well-known character. Despite this the minidoll is great. Naomi features blue eyes, a freckled face and dark brown hair. She is presented here wearing a great green spotted top and purple shorts. Overall it’s a really nice minidoll.

LEGO Friends Make & Take At Myer

Myer LEGO Friends Make and Take April 2017

Myer aren’t always the first name that jumps to mind when you say “Make & Take” but they do host them occasionally.

One of those occasions happens to be April 22nd with a LEGO Friends themed make & take.

On offer is the 30399 Bowling Alley set from 2016. The set features a Stephanie minidoll and a cute amusement park themed bowling game.

Spots will fill quickly so register as soon as possible.

This link should allow you to register at your local store.


Thanks to Michelle for emailing me about this.

LEGO Friends Make & Take At Toys R Us

It’s hard to go past a LEGO Make & Take event, and this one from Toys R Us should be popular with Friends fans.

On Saturday February 18th Toys R Us VIP members will be able to head in store and build this cute Heartlake Pool slide and umbrella. Places are limited so you will need to register as soon as possible.

TRU Heartlake Pool Make and Take


To register sign in to your VIP account and head to http://www.toysrus.com.au/lego-friends-pool-make-take-rego/