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The re-release Saturn V is available for backorder

The re-release of the Saturn V was meant to go live on November 1st but stock has been delayed here in Australia.


Rather than making you wait for stock to arrive LEGO has now opened up backorders on the set. You can order it now and it will ship when stock arrives (likely next week).

You can get yours here. [affiliate link]

21318 Tree House now available from Kmart online

It look like the LEGO Ideas Tree House is now available for purchase from the Kmart website.


It had appeared a few days ago but was showing as out of stock. Now you can actually buy it!

The set will set you back $239.

Get yours here.

Thanks to Trevor for the tip.

Reminder: 123 Sesame Street is released tonight

Just a friendly reminder that the latest LEGO Ideas set 21324 123 Sesame Street is released tonight!


The set should become available some time around midnight AEDT.

There’s been a lot of interest in this set so I am certain that it will sell out quickly.

You can get yours here when it becomes available. [affiliate link]

Official Details of 123 Sesame Street

Today’s press release is brought to you by the letter A – for Awesome – and the number 199.99.

After months of waiting today we officially have details of LEGO Ideas 21324 123 Sesame Street.


The set contains, count them – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 5 full minifigures! There is Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie and of course Big Bird. You also get Oscar but he doesn’t want to come out of his trash can so you can only see his head.



There are so many characters in Sesame Street so I don’t think everybody is going to happy with the line-up but I think they chose wisely.

The set itself comprises of 1367 pieces and will give you two buildings – the 123 Sesame Street apartment building and a smaller Hooper’s Store. Each building features a detailed interior with lots to explore for Sesame Street fans.

The one thing that is a little odd is the 18+ branding on this.

I am super excited for this one when it launches November 1st for $199.99 here in Australia.

Check out the full image gallery and press release below.

The latest LEGO Ideas results are in…

LEGO Ideas has just shared the results of the first 2020 review. This review featured a record number of sets for consideration with so many people using lockdowns to vote and submit their own ideas.

I am sure there will be some disappointed people as only one product has passed the review…

Earth Globe


Sonic still under consideration…


If the Sonic project is one that had you excited it might not be over. This project is still under consideration and may yet become a project.

Music to our Ears Contest Review Results - Legendary Stratocaster


It may not have been part of the review but there is another Ideas product coming – Legendary Stratocaster. This one was part of the Music to our Ears contest.

Check out the details of what didn’t pass review on the LEGO Ideas blog.

The votes are in and a new AFOL book is coming soon

You may recall a little while ago I posted about a LEGO Ideas fan vote on the subject of a new AFOL focused book. There were three options and I can announce today that the winning book is…

The Secret Life of LEGO Bricks


This book is available to pre-order via the book crowdfunding site Unbound, but it isn’t going to be cheap.

You can read the official announcement below.

Official Details of 21323 Grand Piano

As you may have guessed from the LEGO Facebook teaser, it’s time to officially unveil the final product version of the LEGO Ideas piano.

Introducing 21323 Grand Piano

$529.99 – Available August 1st


Coming in at 3,662 pieces and measuring 22.5cm high, 30.5cm wide and 35.5cm deep when closed this is a big model.


That large size has allowed the designers to integrate Powered Up elements, taking this model from a display piece to something that you can interact with. You can either play a tune yourself or put it on automatic mode. This interactivity is created with a motor, hub and a sensor element. Obviously you will also need a compatible smart device.


While the original Ideas submission featured strings I think the Powered Up approach is an interesting one. It does drive the price up though.

I’m not a very musical person so this one isn’t going to make my must have list but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments if this is one you’ll be grabbing.

The full image gallery and product description can be found below.

LEGO Ideas Review Results – 3 New Sets Announced

Overnight the LEGO Ideas team announced the results of the latest review. This review covered sets from the third 2019 period.

In total there were 12 sets included in the review and 3 have passed, meaning they will eventually hit shelves.

Here are the 3 sets coming soon…

Home Alone. McCallister’s House


This is one that I did not expect at all. While I like Home Alone I never really thought that it needed a LEGO set. The build looks great and should end up being a fairly big set if LEGO doesn’t change it too much.

LEGO Typewriter


I quite like when a non-licensed project manages to get over the line in LEGO Ideas. I think the typewriter could be an interesting set when the final product lands.

Seinfeld 30th Anniversary


Congratulations to Australia’s own Brent Waller, the designer behind this project. Brent’s name may be familiar to people who have been following LEGO Ideas for a while – he is the designer of the Ghostbusters ECTO-1 product.

I am personally not a huge Seinfeld fan but I know it has a huge following out there.

Which of these 3 sets are you most excited to get?

My International Space Station Came With A Bonus Play Feature


The LEGO Ideas International Space Station is not really intended to be a playset. It’s a serious set for people who like space and want a cool display piece. It’s marked 16+ on the box for a reason. It does a fantastic job of being a display piece, with a high level of accuracy to the source. It’s also huge – much bigger than I expected it to be.


While this set looks great on a shelf, it’s not the sort of thing you give to a little kid for them to play out their ISS role play games.

That’s true for most of these sets – but my International Space Station came with a bonus play feature that I think makes it way cooler.

Should you buy it – 21320 Dinosaur Fossils

I think it’s fair to say that almost everybody loves dinosaurs. They are these giant mysterious creatures that walked the Earth an almost incomprehensibly long time ago. They feel like mythical creatures, something dreamt up in a story.

It’s no surprise that LEGO approved the Dinosaur Fossils Ideas set. It’s a platform designed for flushing out great ideas for LEGO sets. Dinosaurs are a great idea.


LEGO and Dinosaurs aren’t a new combination but this approach is something different. Here we don’t get clone dinosaurs or time travel. No, we get the dinosaurs how we see them today – as bones on display for our wonder.

Should you buy it?