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Official details of LEGO Ideas Seinfeld

LEGO continues to mine the bottomless money pit that is 90s nostalgia with the release of 21328 LEGO Ideas Seinfeld.

I know there are a lot of people hanging out for this one. In particular Australian fan designer Brent Waller.


The set consists of 1326 pieces and 5 minifigures; Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Benes and Newman.

LEGO VIPs will be able to grab this on July 21st, with regular release scheduled for August 1st. Australian RRP is $129.99.

Check out the press release and additional images below.

LEGO is making a foosball table

One of the few new things we learned from LEGO Con is that LEGO will be producing a Foosball Table set at some point in the future. This was the winning entry from a recent LEGO Ideas competition themed around sport.

I think this could be a really interesting set once it comes out.

This was just a coming soon announcement so no actual details, just the original submission pictures.

Latest LEGO Ideas review results – Third 2020 Review

The latest LEGO Ideas review results are in and I sure hope LEGO is getting a good price on red sharpies..

Of the 25 sets up for review just one has made it through… Motorised Lighthouse.


Here’s what LEGO had to say about the result:

A huge congratulations to Sandro Quattrini (aka Roses Must Build) as his Motorized Lighthouse recreation has been selected as the next LEGO Ideas sets. Sandro’s lighthouse is a timeless beacon that evokes a sense of adventure and mystery. To top it off the LEGO Group has never created one with such incredible details and at such a scale!

Final model, pricing and availability still to be determined.

Meanwhile here’s an overview of all the projects that didn’t make it.


What do you think of the result?

More info can be found on the LEGO Ideas blog.

Official Details of 21327 LEGO Ideas Typewriter

Great news for Tom Hanks today^ with the official announcement of 21327 Typewriter – the latest LEGO Ideas set.

I wasn’t sure about this one when it was first approved and to be honest, I am still unsure about it.


This 2079 piece set features some very faithful typewriter inclusions such as a center typebar that rises each time a letter key is pressed, linked to the carriage which moves across as you type, as well as a platen roller that real paper can be fed into. I got that from the press release. I have no idea what that means.

A special feature of this set is that each one comes with a letter written and signed by Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, chairman of the LEGO Group.

If you are somebody who fits on that Venn diagram overlap of LEGO fans and Typewriter fans then you’ll be able to grab this set for $329.99 when it is released on 16th June 2021 via LEGO VIP early access. Full availability from 1st July.

Check out additional images and the press release below.

^Tom Hanks is a well known collector of typewriters.

LEGO set challenge of rejecting over 50 Ideas projects

Somebody get a box of red sharpies to Billund on the double – LEGO has some rejecting to do!

LEGO has officially announced that 57 projects will be included in the next review. I can’t see the Ideas team picking more than 3 sets in a review, so this is going to be a bloodbath.

Looking through the projects, which you can do here, I think LEGO has probably pre-rejected a heap of these. Here is my take on all 57 projects.

1. The Princess Bride: The Guilder Frontier by FSLeinad


It’s Pooh time!

After some initial confusion regarding the release time I am pleased to announce that LEGO Ideas 21326 Winnie the Pooh is now available for VIPs.


You can order yours here [Affiliate link]

Official details of 21326 Winnie the Pooh

Tonight LEGO have officially revealed the highly anticipated LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh set.


The set comes with all of the characters you’d expect – Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, and Eeyore each with their own accessories.


At 1265 pieces this looks like a fantastic build full of details.

The set will be available March 18th for VIPs and April 1st for everybody else. Australian RRP is $159.99

Honestly this just looks amazing and I’m not sure what else to say. Check out the official press release and pictures below.

The latest LEGO Ideas review results – 34 rejected, 1 successful

The latest LEGO Ideas review results are in and it’s bad news for almost all of the fan creators.

This was a record breaking review results with 35 projects up for consideration. With so many potential sets I think a lot of people were expecting a couple of approved, but the end result was just one…

Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night


A huge congratulations to Truman Cheng as his Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night recreation has been selected as one of the next LEGO Ideas sets. Truman’s fan concept of one of the most famous paintings and painters illustrates a whole new way to think about LEGO art, which is truly remarkable.

34 projects rejected


Unfortunately there are 34 projects that didn’t make the cut. There are certainly some in that 34 that would have made a great set and some that I don’t think really had a chance.

Bonus surprise announcement… Sonic Green Hill Zone approved


This one was still under review from last round but LEGO have now officially approved this project. That’s right, Sonic will be back in LEGO form in the future.

What do you think of the overall results? You can read more about the review on the LEGO Ideas blog.

The 90th Anniversary Set “Top 3” vote will have 4 options

The LEGO Ideas team have tonight announced the top 3 themes from the first round of voting for the 90th Anniversary Set.

That top 3 is… Bionicle, Classic Space and Pirates.


However LEGO have admitted that they stuffed up by splitting the castle vote across so many sub-themes and to make things right they are adding Castle as a forth entry to the top 3 vote.

Which theme will take out the most votes? We’ll never know because this second round is secret with LEGO just picking the winner.

You can read more about the announcement, including round 1 numbers, on the LEGO Ideas blog.

Reminder: LEGO Ideas Blacksmith goes on sale tonight

It’s January 31st, New Years resolutions are in tatters and our bank accounts are finally starting to recover from Christmas. In just a few hours it will officially tick over to February and the LEGO Ideas Blacksmith will become available.


You’ll be able to pick this up here for $249.99. [affiliate link]

Who’s planning on picking this up?