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Think you could do better? Applications are now open for LEGO Masters Season 4


Have you been watching LEGO Masters from the comfort of your couch, screaming at the TV that you could do better than the teams on LEGO Masters? Now is your chance to prove your building skills on national television.

Nine have now opened applications for Season 4 of LEGO Masters. The show should be filming late this year so you should still have a few months to work on your skills after you apply.

Anybody who has watched the show will know that they are looking for a broad range of personalities. You can also apply as an individual (a lot of this years teams were paired up by producers).

You can find more details about the application process here.

There must be some Bricking Around readers who are good enough to take out the title in 2022.

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 9 Recap

We are back for another night of building, with more teams!

Our teams arrive to find something covered with a mysterious black cloth. The teams seem to guess pretty quickly what today’s build is.


Today is an immunity build. I thought after adding two teams today that they’d go straight in to an elimination so this is a pleasant surprise.

Hamish pulls back the cloth and its an empty arcade machine. Each team will have to build an original arcade game. All the details and a game.

The only twist is that this is a minifigure pick build. Which I am not fussed on. I would love to see what the teams could come up with without this additional constraint.


Gabby reveals that she has never played an acrade game. Ryan is shocked and confused.

Fleur also has limited experience with arcade machines.

The options are… Daredevil, Space Warrior, 80s Rockstar, Zombie Cheerleader, Skater Girl and Dragon Boy.

  • Owen and Scott get 80s Rockstar
  • Ryan and Gabby get Space Warrior
  • Jess and Anthony get Daredevil
  • Sarah and Fleur get Zombie Cheerleader
  • Michael and Harrison get Skater Girl
  • David and Gus get Dragon Boy

Teams have 12 hours for this build.

Ryan is super excited about today. Space is a pretty good get with this one. Their idea is Galaxy Girl, who will be battling a giant alien boss. Ryan is going full nerd.

Scott discusses rockstars taking magic potions. I feel like this is code for something…


Their idea is Strum King. It will cover the journey of a rockstar from his garage to superstardom. I like it.

Owen is working on a mechanism for their build. Having moving stuff isn’t a key part of today but it could set them apart.

Michael and Harrison are working on a skating game sk8 racer. Their main character is skating against a giant sewer rat. Neither Michael or Harrison were skaters kids.


Jess and Anthony have the daredevil and they are doing Jump Start. The premise of their game is that the daredevil jumps over busses and you have to do cool tricks.

Brickman stops by to discuss the difficulties of forced perspective. He helpfully suggests they draw it out before getting too far in to a build that is wrong.


Hamish has a copy of Forced Perspective for Dummies. This does not seem to be a real book.

Fleur is offering free cheerleading services.

Sarah and Fleur are thrilled to have the Zombie Cheerleader. Their idea is Zombie High. The premise is that their hero progresses through a high school setting to collect lipsticks and hairbrushes to turn her friends back to normal. Their big bad is an evil science teacher.

Gus and David are doing Dragon War. They are doing an old school side-scroller where their hero – Dragon Boy – has to summon his dragon powers to battle another dragon. Their dragon heads are looking awesome.

Brickman is questioning their very premise. They scrap their second dragon and just have dragon boy fighting a dragon by himself. I really liked that red dragon.

Scott’s band scenes are all looking good. They decide to add a levelling system to their build. Using lighting to indicate what level you are on. This is a great idea.


Owen does not like the technical challenge that Scott has just geven him. Brickman says he’s never seen it done. Now Owen really wants to get it done. I hope he can crack it.

Sarah and Fleur’s zombie high school is looking great all lit up.

Hamish has an arcade machine for Fleur and Gabby to test out. For research purposes. Everybody else just wants to play arcade games now.

Both of Gabby and Ryan’s characters are looking good but they don’t have a lot of “game” elements yet. They add a moving spaceship to gamify their build. It’s very space invaders-ish.

Owen is going insane trying to get their lights working the way they want. It appears they’ve got it! There is dancing.

Lets just hope they haven’t used up too much time.

Gus and David are Power Functionless. They are adding a mechanism to have the score go up on their build. They are having problems getting that working. Maybe ask Owen for some help?

Jess and Anthony are finished with their busses, and the forced perspective is looking good. Now they have to get their character in on his bike. The character is looking great. He’s got chicken drumstick eyebrows. Unfortunately he is a too heavy. It’s falling apart and time is running out.


Gabby and Ryan’s build is looking really great. They’ve got a cool GAME OVER sign.

Gus and David seem to be in trouble today. This is a rare sight for the team that is usually at the front of the pack.

I am a huge fan of Scott and Owen’s build. It’s got so much motion and the lighting is genius from a technical perspective. They are going to win this one for sure.

Anthony is still having daredevil issues. The rest of their build is not looking as impressive as the others anyway to be honest.

Time is up. Let’s check out the builds…

First up there is a special guest… it’s 80s Hamish!


Gabby and Ryan


Really great build. The premise is simple but it didn’t need to be anything more. There is enough detail on the rear and sides of the build and they’ve got all the tropes they need to. The mechanism is great. Probably top two.

Jess and Anthony


Bet these two are glad this is not an elimination build today. This is… not good. Even if they had of got the daredevil on the bike this would not have won it. The forced perspective idea was a great idea, but they just didn’t pull it off.

Sarah and Fleur


I like the build. I think they’ve got the game tropes in there well with a clear story. I have a feeling this one will come out in the middle of the pack.

Michael and Harrison


I almost forgot these two were on the show today. They got zero screen time except for the mandatory bit where they explain their idea.

Their build looks a little cluttered but I like the details when you look in to it.

David and Gus


Rare fail from these two. The dragon looks great but there is clearly unfinished parts of the build. It looks like this arcade machine would have an OUT OF ORDER sign stuck on it.

Scott and Owen


No Scotty Smash today, just solid building and a build that rocks (I’m sorry, I had to).

Really clear game premise, great minifigure scale builds and outstanding technical building to get all of those functions working.

This is amazing and has to be the winner today. Just end the episode now.

Now to see who wins it…

The top two teams are Ryan and Gabby, and obviously Scott and Owen. I liked Ryan and Gabby’s build but come on, it’s clearly Scott and Owen.

Scott and Owen get the night off on Sunday.

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 8 Recap

It’s Monday night, which usually means a nice relaxing immunity build day with nobody going home. Let’s see what is in store for us today…

The teams arrive and Hamish teases a big mid-season twist.


LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 7 Recap

After a rough few LEGO Masters-less days its time once again for some prime time LEGO building.

We know that today is Kale day. If that means you didn’t watch this and just want to find out who goes home feel free to jump to the end of the article. I won’t blame you.

I promise that I will try not to pick on Kale too much in this. He is still a person and deserves to be treated that way. In saying that I have had interactions with Kale online where I have personally found him to come across just like he does on TV. Sorry Kale if you are reading this.

Let’s begin…

The teams arrive to find Hamish preforming his one man show version of Disney’s Up.


LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 6 Recap

Unfortunately not every episode can be a fun relaxing immunity challenge. Tonight one team will go home and all we know is that it won’t be Michael and Harrison.

The teams arrive to find Hamish in a box. The classic magician style box that is.

Sarah and Fleur are feeling confident that they won’t have to play the Platinum Brick.

Meanwhile Gabby and Ryan are just hoping to finally break the curse.

Michael and Harrison head home and it’s time for Brickman to cut Hamish in half.


LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 5 Recap

After not being particularly thrilled with last nights results it will be good to have a nice relaxing reward challenge tonight. I’m not ready for another elimination just yet.

Before we get in to the building we have to stand around and have a bit of a chat.


Hamish confirms that this is not an elimination today. Up for grabs is immunity.

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 4 Recap

It’s Sunday night and depending on where you live it could be a long weekend. The only way tonight could be better is with some LEGO. Let’s get in to LEGO Masters Episode 4.

The door is up and our teams are presented with two wheels. The gameshow type that is.

Today there are two builds. The second of today’s builds will be an elimination. Yep, we are losing another team tonight.


The first build is called Fantastical Beasts. Each team will spin both wheels and have to combine the two animals they spin up.

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 3 Recap

It’s elimination night. Always tough to see a team go home but unfortunately we can’t just watch every team build night after night with no outcome.

The teams arrive to discover Hamish and Brickman enclosed in a giant bubble. Do they have COVID? Is this a quarantine thing? No it’s the theme of tonights build. Each team will have to build something inside a snow globe.


Scott and Owen get to head out for the day. I hope they have a nice time.

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 2 Recap

It’s time for episode 2 and this one is going to get messy!

If you haven’t watched the episode yet turn away now, there are spoilers below!

Tonight is Castle’s vs Cannonballs. That’s right it’s more slow motion destruction. These episodes are always fun but it can come down to the luck of whether your slow-mo looks good or bad.


The teams arrive and are confronted by a bowling lane and some brick built pins. But that’s just to demonstrate the concept of destruction. They will all have to build a massive castle.

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 1 Recap

And we are back! Just like last year I am going to try my best do a recap of each episode of LEGO Masters Season 3. If you haven’t watched the episode yet turn away now.

We open with Brickman and Hamish and a little bit of COVID awkwardness.


And here are our teams. They come in and all stand 1.5m away from the other teams. Welcome to the COVID edition of LEGO Masters.