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LEGO Announces The 2020 Modular – 10270 Bookshop

Every year in early December LEGO announced the new entry to the modular building line. Today we have the official details of the 2020 modular.

Introducing 10270 Bookshop


This set features 2504 parts and 5 minifigures. The bookstore is a return to the split modular with the build containing two distinct buildings – there is the bookstore as well as a really cute apartment.

Both builds look fantastic and I think they are a good return to something more grounded after the garage and diner of previous years.

LEGO was kind enough to send me a copy of this set to review but it only arrived late today. I’ll have a detailed review for you before this set is released for sale on January 1st 2020. No Australian price as yet. Australian RRP is $249.99.

In the meantime check out the full image gallery and press release below.

The Next Modular Building Is 10264 Corner Garage

Every year in late November people get excited for the announcement of the latest modular building, and while this year’s announcement is a little later I think it’s well worth the wait.

Introducing 10264 Corner Garage – Available January 1st 2019 for $299.99


The ground level features a gas station and garage, complete with a vintage style Octan gas pump.


The second level features a vet, with what seems to be a hilarious Indiana Jones reference.


The top level features a nicely detailed apartment.


There are a great line-up of minifigures: Two mechanics, one male and one female; A very cool looking woman, with a jacket and aviators; a man with a nice knitted sweater print torso; Doctor Jones, the vet; and a short legged female minifigure.

There is also an impressive line-up of animals: Frog, Fish, Dog, Parrot and a Rabbit.

Check out the full image gallery and press release below.

Review: 10260 Downtown Diner

Since 2007 LEGO fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of each new modular building. Last year we got the Assembly Square set – a celebration of 10 years of the range. This year we get what in a way feels like a new chapter with 10260 Downtown Diner.

10260 Downtown Diner Review Banner

When leaked images first surfaced of the set some people proclaimed it to be a fake because of not only how different it looked but the inclusion of detailed minifigure faces.

There’s a lot to discuss with this set, so let’s get stuck in to it.