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10278 Police Station is 2021′s new Modular Building

January 1st is traditionally the day the new modular building goes on sale, which means late November or early December we get official details. Well that is exactly what is happening now…

Introducing 10278 Police Station


The latest modular comes in at 2923 pieces and 5 minifigures. As expected it will be released on January 1st 2021 with an Australian RRP of $299.99.


It’s always fun to see if a new modular will be split or a corner but in 2021 we are getting a single straight building. When I say single I just mean that it’s a single base plate; there are actually 3 different sections. The main section is obviously the police station, but you also get a donut shop taking up a small section on the left, and on the lower right section you get a news stand.


The front façade is a little misleading as the donut shop is wider at the rear than the front, while the news stand takes up part of the lower level but the police station extends behind it.


While police may not be having the best year in terms of PR I am quite impressed with this one. As always there are a heap of photos and the press release below.

Review: 10270 Creator Expert Bookshop

On January 1st LEGO officially released the latest modular building – 10270 Bookshop. Today I will be having a look at this beautiful addition to the modular collection.

Despite only being a few months old the Bookshop feels like it belongs to a different era. Enter a world where you can casually browse a bookstore without worrying about social distancing and how many people can fit inside based on how many square metres it is.


Like 10218 Pet Shop before it the Bookshop is a split modular, meaning that you get two smaller buildings rather than the single 32×32 build. I really like split modulars as they give you a lot of flexibility in your modular layout, assuming of course that you’ve already got a few of them.

LEGO Announces The 2020 Modular – 10270 Bookshop

Every year in early December LEGO announced the new entry to the modular building line. Today we have the official details of the 2020 modular.

Introducing 10270 Bookshop


This set features 2504 parts and 5 minifigures. The bookstore is a return to the split modular with the build containing two distinct buildings – there is the bookstore as well as a really cute apartment.

Both builds look fantastic and I think they are a good return to something more grounded after the garage and diner of previous years.

LEGO was kind enough to send me a copy of this set to review but it only arrived late today. I’ll have a detailed review for you before this set is released for sale on January 1st 2020. No Australian price as yet. Australian RRP is $249.99.

In the meantime check out the full image gallery and press release below.

The Next Modular Building Is 10264 Corner Garage

Every year in late November people get excited for the announcement of the latest modular building, and while this year’s announcement is a little later I think it’s well worth the wait.

Introducing 10264 Corner Garage – Available January 1st 2019 for $299.99


The ground level features a gas station and garage, complete with a vintage style Octan gas pump.


The second level features a vet, with what seems to be a hilarious Indiana Jones reference.


The top level features a nicely detailed apartment.


There are a great line-up of minifigures: Two mechanics, one male and one female; A very cool looking woman, with a jacket and aviators; a man with a nice knitted sweater print torso; Doctor Jones, the vet; and a short legged female minifigure.

There is also an impressive line-up of animals: Frog, Fish, Dog, Parrot and a Rabbit.

Check out the full image gallery and press release below.

Review: 10260 Downtown Diner

Since 2007 LEGO fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of each new modular building. Last year we got the Assembly Square set – a celebration of 10 years of the range. This year we get what in a way feels like a new chapter with 10260 Downtown Diner.

10260 Downtown Diner Review Banner

When leaked images first surfaced of the set some people proclaimed it to be a fake because of not only how different it looked but the inclusion of detailed minifigure faces.

There’s a lot to discuss with this set, so let’s get stuck in to it.

LEGO Announces The Next Modular – 10260 Downtown Diner

LEGO has just announced the latest edition to the modular building line-up and things are going retro.

10260 Downtown Diner


The set is packed with retro charm: the vintage car, the 50s style facade and the rollerskating waitress to name a few.

There are three levels to the building, starting with the ground floor diner.
10260_Back_08 10260_Back_10

The middle level features a gym with boxing ring, punching bag and weight bench.

10260_Back_13 10260_Back_14 10260_Back_15

The top level features a recording studio.

10260_Back_11 10260_Back_12

There are 6 minifigures included. A chef and waitress;  boxer and a bodybuilder; rock star and a manager.

10260_Top_02 10260_Top_01 10260_Top_03

If you are familiar with the previous modular buildings then you may be surprised to see the detailed faces on the minifigures. Previous modulars have exclusively featured the classic smiling minifigure but after 10 years it appears LEGO is going in a new direction.

There are so many fantastic details to look over so be sure to check out the full image gallery below. You’ll also find the official press release.

The set is released on January 1st 2018, with no early VIP release. I have asked about Australian RRP and will report back once I know. The Australian RRP is officially confirmed to be $249.99

Win The Ultimate Modular Prize Pack

Modular Contents Main Small

This is amazing. I’m usually a pretty positive guy who is fairly generous with superlatives, but calling this amazing is probably an understatement.

LEGO are holding a competition that is only being promoted to LEGO fans through RLUGs or RLFM sites (like this one). The prize is ALL OF THE MODULARS. No, that doesn’t just mean the modulars that are currently available, I mean all of the modulars. It seems that somebody at LEGO has been doing some digging through their secret vaults.

This is the full prize:

  • 10230 LEGO Mini Modulars
  • 10182 LEGO Café Corner
  • 10190 LEGO Market Street
  • 10185 LEGO Green Grocer
  • 101097 LEGO Fire Brigade
  • 10211 LEGO Grand Emporium
  • 10218 LEGO Pet Shop
  • 10224 LEGO Town Hall
  • 10232 Palace Cinema
  • 10251 Brick Bank
  • 10246 Detective’s Office
  • 10243 Parisian Restaurant
  • 10255 Assembly Square

Yep – all of that. Two runners up will win a 10255 Assembly Square.

It’s the dream of a lot of LEGO fans to own the full set of modular buildings, and now is your chance to get the older ones new in a box from LEGO directly. Buying all of those sets new in box would cost you thousands.

How do you win? To enter this competition you need to create your own LEGO Mini Modular building. There are some specific specifications that you will need to comply with:

  • Your model should be 8 x 8 studs.
  • Must include two stud wide footpath/sidewalk.
  • The model must feature two “Technic Brick 2×1 with 1 Hole” so that it can connect to other models. These should be positioned 2 studs in from the back and four from the front
  • Can be either a straight or corner building.
  • There is no restriction on height.
  • Should be a similar scale to 10230 LEGO Mini Modulars and not include LEGO Minifigures.
  • Do not make a licensed mini modular.
  • You can build with real bricks or use LEGO Digital Designer software
  • Some photo editing is allowed, for example to replicate a printed brick.

There are a few more rules that you can check on the competition page. There are also some restrictions on who can enter, but none that should affect Australian entrants.

You can submit your entry via the competition page here. Entries close on May 13th 2017 so you’ve got a little bit of time to plan and build something awesome. Good luck everybody.

Here’s that prize list again…

Australian Price For 10251 Brick Bank

The Australian LEGO store has just been updated with a listing for 10251 Brick Bank, which means we now know the official Australian price.

10251 Brick Bank Australian Price

The Australian RRP is $249.99 which seems to be what a lot of people expected. This is slightly more expensive than last year’s 10246 Detective’s Office but the Australian dollar has dropped. Brick Bank also has more pieces.

10251 Brick Bank will be available on January 1st 2016.

Via http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/Brick-Bank-10251

Official Details Of The Next Modular: 10251 Brick Bank

LEGO has just released details of the next entry in the modular building line.

Introducing 10251 Brick Bank

10251 Brick Bank

The Brick Bank set features a large bank and laundromat in a corner building. The set looks to have a good level of internal and external detail. From the additional images it seems that the Brick Bank vault may not be safe for long.

The set features 5 minifigures and 2,380 pieces. No official Australian price yet but we’ll share that as soon as we know.

Be sure to check out the press release and gallery of high resolution images below.

January Offer Now Available

Just as we predicted, a new offer is now available from the Australian online LEGO store.

Orders over $100 will receive 40140 Flower Cart.


This set is actually related to the Detective’s Office modular that should be available soon. The story with the Detective is the clandestine distribution of baked goods, and this flower cart is hiding a secret shipment of sweet treats.

Click on the image above to view the promotion details.