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It’s Happening Again – The LEGO Movie 2 Delayed In Australia


48 Days. That is the difference between the US release date (February 8th) and the current Australian release date (March 28) for The LEGO Move Part 2.

I’d love to pretend to be shocked by this, but I’m not. Village Roadshow co-CEO Graham Burke continues to make a mockery of his own statements on Australian release dates - ”Our policy go forward, is that all of our movies will release day and date with the United States”. On September 9th 2014 Mr Burke told the Online Copyright Infringement Forum that holding the LEGO Movie back 54 days was a mistake. It’s a mistake they keep making.

Village Roadshow is one of the most active participants in the battle against piracy here in Australia. Their strategy is simple – get stuff blocked. If sites are blocked then there is no way at all people will able to access pirated content according to their logic. The problem is that blocks are incredibly easy to get around.

People in Australia will pirate The LEGO Movie Part 2. I am willing to put money on that. Then Village Roadshow will come out and say that piracy really hurt the release and that more needs to be done. They might even say that they made a mistake. They won’t mean it. Not really.

The Australian release date is listed as March 28 in the Warner Bros media portal. This is subject to change but Roadshow also told me via Facebook that it will be March or even possibly April.

First Teaser Footage of The LEGO Batman Movie

LEGO Batman Movie Thumb

While it’s not a full trailer this clip gives us our first look at LEGO Batman in action in his own movie. It certainly looks like we are going to get a good mix of humour with some action.

The LEGO Batman movie features Will Arnett back as the voice of everybody’s favourite Batman* for an all new adventure in 2017.

* Sorry Ben. You might be a good Batman but LEGO Batman is the best.

Via Facebook

Everything Is Awesome Performed At The Oscars

LEGO Oscars

As many of you will know, The LEGO Movie, missed out on a nomination for Best Animated Film. While the film may have missed out on a nomination the super catchy theme song Everything Is Awesome did get a Best Song nomination, and that may just have been the best thing to happen to the Oscars in years.

Every year the Best Song nominees get to perform during the broadcast, and this gave The LEGO Movie one chance to make their presence felt. For many, this was the highlight of the 2015 Oscars.

Given the choice we’d take a LEGO Oscar over a real one every time.

Here’s a quick timelapse of how the LEGO Oscars were made by LEGO Artist Nathan Sawaya.

The LEGO Movie Misses Out On Oscar Nomination


We are reluctant to use the word snub, but we were certainly surprised this morning to discover that The LEGO Movie has missed out on an Oscar nomination in the Best Animated Feature category. If the reaction we have seen online is anything to go by, then we aren’t the only ones who think it should have been included. We wanted to break down the points, both for and against, in a little more detail.

Note: There are spoilers for The LEGO Movie below.

Pro: Critical Reception

Currently on review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes The LEGO Movie is the 2nd best movie of 2014. It has a 96% Fresh rating with only 9 negative Critic reviews. On raw numbers The LEGO Movie should be a top contender for awards. Here is what Rotten Tomatoes has as the Critics Consensus;

Boasting beautiful animation, a charming voice cast, laugh-a-minute gags, and a surprisingly thoughtful story, The Lego Movie is colorful fun for all ages.

Emphasis added.

Con: Branding

This one probably counts as a major blow against the film. We strongly suspect that a lot of voters could not look at the movie as anything other than a 2 hour toy commercial. As a LEGO blog we are keenly aware that LEGO used the movie to sell products, but we also appreciate the movie for the story as well.

As for being nothing more than a toy commercial – is a film that is aggressively merchandised better than one based on an existing brand? The toy sections were flooded with Big Hero 6 toys in the lead-up to Christmas, and there were plenty of How To Train Your Dragon 2 toys released as well.

Pro: The Animation

We felt that The LEGO Movie was incredibly well animated. As LEGO fans the attention to detail was absolutely outstanding.

LEGO Movie Trailer Still

Check out that screenshot from the trailer above. That looks like something really built out of LEGO. The way they used the real range of bricks to create the film’s environment was something unique.

Con: The Animation

In terms of movies that beat out The LEGO Movie there is one nominee that use real stop-motion and another that is hand-drawn. Some of the voters may have felt that The LEGO Movie’s digital stop-motion style was cheating. We find it hard to give this reasoning a lot of merit – the animation on The LEGO Movie was no less impressive than Big Hero 6 or How To Train Your Dragon 2 (both of which were also fully computer animated).

Pro: The Story

When reading about The LEGO Movie missing out this morning we spotted one criticism popping up on other news sites – the movie is just jokes and lacks any substance. Having seen the movie a few times we can’t help but wonder if those people watched it all the way through. Some people seem to get caught up in the frenzied action of the film and miss the core message – play.

The LEGO Movie Screenshot


Our favourite scene in the movie is when Will Ferrell’s character looks over the incredible things his son has built. To us the movie isn’t screaming “buy LEGO”, it’s message is more fundamental than that – play with your kids.

Con: The Story

The emotional ending to the LEGO Movie takes place in live action sequences, and that may be a very simple reason why The LEGO Movie didn’t quite make the cut in a year with a strong field of contenders.


The LEGO Movie may not be nominated for an Oscar, but that doesn’t detract anything from what is in our opinion a great film. We will continue to enjoy it for years to come.

Will The LEGO Movie 2 Be About The Dark Ages?


Empire Magazine in the US have done a large spread on The LEGO Movie, including an interview with the directors of the first film Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

The full article isn’t accessible online but there is a snippet of the interview; and it may give us a huge hint about the plot of the sequel.

Warning: There are spoilers for the first movie past this point

Village Roadshow Admits LEGO Movie Mistake


I think it’s fair to say that Australian LEGO fans were annoyed about the delayed release of The LEGO Movie. This delay lead to a lot of people obtaining the movie from illegitimate sources. It has taken a while, but Village Roadshow are finally owning up to their mistake.

At a Piracy Forum yesterday Graham Burke, the Co-CEO of Village Roadshow told the audience that they stuffed up when it came to The LEGO Movie;

We made one hell of a mistake with LEGO. It was made here in Kings Cross and because it was so important, we held it until the holidays which caused it to be pirated widely. No more. All of our movies we’ll now make all our movies day in date with the US.

It’s not exactly an apology, but it seems clear from his statement that we won’t have to deal with the same thing when The LEGO Movie 2 comes out.

Via http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2014/09/malcolm-turnbulls-anti-piracy-forum-live-blog-follow-the-news-as-it-happens/

New LEGO Movie Sets Available From Shop For Me

Australian LEGO retailer Shop For Me has just listed the highly anticipated new LEGO Movie sets, and they are priced at 20% off RRP. There have been a few sightings of these sets elsewhere, but currently these prices can’t be beat.

Shop For Me are also offering all three sets (Spaceship, Contruct-o-Mech and Police Dropship) in a bundle with a free DJ Robot polybag.

Here are all the details

70814 70815 70816 Awesome Pack With Bonus DJ Robot

The LEGO Movie Awesome Pack S4M
$359.97  $287.98
Save: 20% off

70814 Emmets Construct-o-Mech

70814 Thumb
$89.99  $71.99
Save: 20% off

70815 Super Secret Police Dropship

70815 Thumb
$119.99  $95.99
Save: 20% off

70816 Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!

70816 Thumb

$149.99 $119.99
Save: 20% off

Via Shop For Me

Who Won Our LEGO Movie Blu-Ray Competition?


We would like to say a huge thanks to everybody who took the time to enter this competition. We really enjoyed reading through all of your awesome LEGO moments. Unfortunately there can only be 5 winners; and here they are, including their awesome LEGO moments.


Reliving childhood memories of playing lego as a late 20 year old and being able to afford any lego set without my parents permission :D


My awesome LEGO moment was when my English teacher gave me a blue permanent marker which has a yellow Lego lid. I use it all the time because it is awesome!


The morning my daughter got up to see the awesome Lego dolls house my husband and I had made her! Her face was priceless.


My husband and my daughter spend a whole day making me a Lego dinner! I came home from work and it was set and on the table! (Unfortunately – I still then had to make the real tea!)


When I discovered that the flat plates can connect orthogonally between the studs of other bricks. I had previously thought this was only possible by using a third piece, like the angular brick (407023).

We will be in touch shortly to organise delivery of your prize.

Win A Copy Of The LEGO Movie On Blu-Ray + Ultraviolet


The LEGO Movie is officially out on DVD and Blu-Ray July 3rd 2014, and to help celebrate the folks at Roadshow Entertainment have provided 5 copies of The LEGO Movie on Blu-Ray + Ultraviolet for us to give away!

Reminder: Competition closes 12:00 PM AEST on 10/07/2014

So what do you have to do to win?
When it comes to The LEGO Movie everything is awesome, and at Bricking Around we love awesome things.

To enter all you have to do is tell us about an awesome LEGO moment using the form below

Michelangelo & Lincoln: History Cops

Abraham LEGO

What better way to ease into the weekend than with a LEGO video.

One of the extra features of The LEGO Movie Blu-ray release has been uploaded to the official Warner Bros. YouTube page.

Join Michelangelo and Abraham Lincoln as they team up to fight crime in “History Cops”